Riftspan Reaches            001-1120
(c)1989 by GDW, Inc. and Digest Group Publications.
A Aulryakh
B Hwiwuiyo
C Tyehlai
D Ewasya'
E Trawo
F Aokiylair
G Ryuhleiea
H Iyhaseakh
I Yuhiyah
J Jikhyrleirla
K Hrehkhtyei
L Aoheiroiao
M Ftyoauial
N Ioihlehwa
O Tuistao
P Wahtoikoeakh
Areiha'is     0102 B5484HA-C    Ni                 900 As M9 VI
Triwayah      0103 C7831G4-7    Lo Ni              820 As G2 V
Ftyayu        0104 A6647M5-E    Ag Ri              702 As A4 V
Yolrilao      0108 B69A6M7-9    Ni Wa              712 As M2 V
Khtyeai       0124 A6455L6-B    Ag Ni              102 A8 M4 V
Aouakh        0133 E0003G9-7    Lo Ni As           200 As K4 V
Ehaosah       0201 B5624H8-C    Ni                 903 As M1 V
Staikhah      0204 B1403GB-B    Lo Ni Po De        413 As M1 V
Uaka          0236 E6736N5-8    Ni                 905 As K1 V M2 D
Iohfou        0303 C1307J5-C    Na Po De           204 As K0 V
Yailaw        0306 B1108M5-E    Na                 803 As K3 V
Aletoli       0339 B9843J7-8  T C2 Lo Ni           100 As K5 V M5 D
Fahaiye       0402 B6334N7-A    Ni Po              712 As M0 V
Oilraroi      0403 C4866JB-8    Ag Ni Ri           300 As A3 V G7 D
Teikhahfauoa  0404 B3625KA-A    Ni                 600 As M3 V
Hastaofta     0407 B2004J7-C    Ni Va              213 As M0 V M4 D
Wyoyohku'     0503 C2107JA-C    Na                 904 As M4 V M0 D
Aulryakh      0507 A242AN4-E    Hi In Po           502 As K1 V
Seihueiakh    0602 C3672G4-D    Lo Ni              504 As G8 V M2 D
Uistihwoa     0630 A7671N9-E    Lo Ni              520 As G3 V
Eioiye'       0701 A7A87H7-E    C0 Fl              704 As M4 V
Ieafe         0703 B3108L5-E    Na                 602 A3 G4 V M8 D
Eao           0711 C94A4H5-C    Ni Wa              304 As G2 V
Teirikh       0722 A5478HC-E  T                    311 As G0 V
Stoafaohail   0804 E0007K5-B    Na As              902 As G4 IV M0 D
Aistektao     0901 D6377M4-9                       612 As K4 D M0 D
Yeryorlo      0902 C6664J6-7    Ni                 105 As M3 V
Kouaoriy      0904 A5365H4-B    Ni                 425 As M3 V
Wehwilaw      0905 A67A1N9-C    Lo Ni Wa           704 As K0 V
Tleae'ah      0913 C7567L7-E    Ag                 413 A9 M2 V
Iyraweis      1002 D2215H6-A    Ni Po              403 As M2 IV
Uasiwea       1017 B8A72G8-C    Lo Ni Fl           213 As K9 IV
Ftuaktaol     1037 D5974L8-9    Ni                 815 A0 M1 V
Yutawe        1101 B3525J3-B    Ni Po              210 As M5 VI
Aoikhekh      1103 B5634N7-A    Ni                 205 As M8 IV M9 D
Wou'iwyar     1113 B9AA3J9-A    Lo Ni Fl Wa        804 As K9 V
Souyehkeahte  1115 B5656L8-B    Ag Ni              602 A9 M0 V
Trahoheair    1118 B6639H6-B    Hi                 313 As K7 V M8 D
Hkorou        1201 B8796L5-9  R Ni                 624 A7 G0 V
Liylaeahal    1202 B1205H8-A    C0 Ni Po De        304 As A3 V M0 D
Tikaorlu      1204 D0008M9-9    Na As              713 As G0 V M5 D M6 D
Aiolol        1209 B79A4H5-B    Ni Wa              104 As K4 V
Ryurarai      1304 B6448L7-E  R                    504 A2 M4 V
Hfarauo       1314 B3612G9-E    Lo Ni              613 As G4 V M0 D
Auih          1315 B57A4N7-C    Ni Wa              500 As M3 III
Toawi         1316 B4007KB-E  R Na Va              800 As K2 V M1 D
Htyeh         1401 C7892L8-A    Lo Ni              724 A8 M4 V
Hyarlih       1415 B7C61G6-E    Lo Ni Fl           511 As K5 V
Waikhta       1420 C6392G7-B    Lo Ni              713 As M7 V K7 D
Iraua         1502 B4716H7-C    Ni              A  903 As M0 VI
Seisyaftao    1515 B3443J7-C    Lo Ni              104 As G8 III
Ehyeiyaw      1516 D5389MA-8    Hi                 410 As F4 V
Hkurlei       1517 A3409JB-E    Hi In Po           404 As K2 V
Elei'eah      1608 B4364L8-E  R Ni                 505 A4 K2 V
Oisewarla'    1614 C4006M7-C    Na Ni Va           504 As M1 V
Arleaya       1615 C7977JA-A    Ag                 725 As M1 V
Ouohlolr      1624 C89A5H6-8    Ni Wa              504 As M0 V
Uikhyrleirla  1629 B400AH5-C    Hi Na In Va        614 As M3 V M1 D M6 D
Ityerleira    1638 BAF77L6-E  R Fl                 522 A7 G2 V
Wiyeare       1714 A2765M5-B    Ag Ni              622 As M7 IV M2 D
Iukheaw       1715 D2005H5-7    Ni Va              203 As K3 V
Aufusyah      1716 B6831HB-B    Lo Ni              812 As K9 V
Ktelrahe      1731 A6492G8-E    Lo Ni              605 As F2 V
Iktaitlow     1801 E5666M7-A    Ag Ni Ri           622 As M2 V
Ruhkei        1815 C5862H4-6    Lo Ni              600 As M6 V
Aoki          1816 B8883G3-C  T Lo Ni              604 As M3 V M8 D
Khoiriyrl     1837 E6155M9-7    Ni Ic              603 As M3 V
Tarealao      1838 B4648N4-D    Ri                 313 As M6 IV
Ouououa       1839 D8748JA-B                       103 As K7 IV
Earawalr      1840 B2304HA-9    Ni Po De           805 As M1 III K0 D
Youiar        1914 B5A72M4-9    Lo Ni Fl           703 As M1 V
Atliyai       1927 B5120H6-C    Lo Ni Ic           404 As K4 V
Hfeae'yo      1937 B5498K3-D                       704 As K9 IV
Htoisofea     2137 D4655J6-A    Ag Ni              903 As F4 V
Stiyseakhih   2139 B6768HC-B  R                    500 As M3 V
Ahfatre       2219 B2414N9-E    D1 Ni Po           502 As F0 V M3 D M7 V
Ta'ali        2226 B1301HA-9    Lo Ni Po De        202 Na M9 V M4 D
Stiyteatiru   2238 C9A59H7-D    Hi Fl              211 As M4 V K2 D
Resoi         2239 C5898NA-D                       713 As M1 V
Aoukeiwar     2306 A0000G3-C    Lo Ni As           820 Na K0 V
Iyakhoryeh    2419 B6396H5-D    Ni                 404 As F3 V
Uihwayu       2423 B3342MA-8    Lo Ni              305 As F4 V
Eaiyr         2427 E3202J7-8    Lo Ni Po De        212 Na M2 VI
Staoiya       2437 A7964M8-B    Ni              A  520 As F0 V M9 D
Oiharael      2439 C2446K6-A    Ag Ni              523 As M2 V M4 D
Feoael        2440 A9A84J3-E    Ni Fl              803 As K0 V M1 D
Stairearlehfa 2521 C422AH9-9    Hi Na In Po        305 Na M4 V
Teakhiru      2539 A7358L9-D    D0                 300 A1 K4 V M6 D
Oraorya       2639 B2031HB-B    Lo Ni Va Ic        312 As M8 D
Reaoarl       2640 B5548H5-B                       700 As M4 V M7 D
Uiryo'yahoh   2726 B1206K7-D    Na Ni Po De        203 Na M8 IV M7 VI
Esui          2729 B2004K6-E    Ni Va              202 As M1 V M4 D
Heakht        2738 B4534HA-C    Ni Po              400 As M0 V M8 D
Kewyewa       2740 B3336M7-9    Na Ni Po           810 As K3 V
Khiaita       2838 B5376J8-A    Ni                 924 As K1 V M6 D
Uafaya        2840 A1001MC-E    Lo Ni Va           503 As K8 V
Oisyasais     2933 A9AA8HA-E    Fl Wa              414 As G4 V
Wahtoikoeakh  2936 A773AL7-E    Hi In              902 A4 M1 V
Elyayol       2940 A5808JA-E    Ri De           A  913 As G3 VI
Hluarelai     3030 B4613M7-9    Lo Ni              804 Na M6 V
Iyw           3038 A6596LA-A    Ni                 705 A5 K4 V
Auhahkei      3039 A8675MB-B    Ag Ni              220 As K4 V
Oyoiy         3121 B6985JA-A    Ag Ni              400 Na M1 V M3 VI
Hasawe'i      3131 B7A81K8-B    Lo Ni Fl           223 As G1 V M9 D
Kaiktal       3139 B6481G4-E  R Lo Ni              602 As M7 V M6 D
Ahoahea       3219 A2406M4-A    Ni Po De           202 Na K2 V M7 D
Ihlahyohao    3239 B6835H8-D  R Ni                 810 As M1 V M4 D
Iheiu         3240 B5605J2-A    Ni De              704 As M4 V

Cs: Client state (Imperial)
Na: Non-aligned

A: naval base and scout base (Imperial)
C: corsair base
D: naval depot (Imperial)
G: naval base (Vargr)
H: naval base and corsair base (Vargr)
J: naval base (non-Imperial)
M: military base (non-Imperial)
N: naval base (Imperial)
S: scout base (Imperial)

UWP Format
 1-13: Name
15-18: HexNbr
20-28: UWP
   31: Bases
33-47: Codes & Comments
   49: Zone
52-54: PBG
56-57: Allegiance
59-74: Stellar Data

Additions applied by L.W.L.Guatney 9 Dec 92 (from TD19)
Corrections applied by L.W.L.Guatney on 20 May 93 (see End-Of-File)
Updated file per Traveller's Digest #19. Mostly involved adding system names,
updating UPP for Aslan Government, Law level and Tech level. Some allegiance
codes were changed to reflect Tlaukhu bloc's per same. One system's physical
stats actually changed hydrograph from 1 to 0 (Hkurlei/1517). Since the Atlas
shows Hkurlei solid (i.e. hydrograph > 0), this was explained in the Library
data in TD19 by evaporation due to peak solar activity. The published data in
TD19 shows no travel zone codes. I have left them in for now until I have
further researched this difference.

I have made every effort to properly type the names, however the small print
in TD19 has made it sometimes difficult to distinguish between i and l. I
have completed a two pass edit. I am confident of the results since the 2nd
pass involved enlarging a copy of the map included in TD19. I caught one UWP
error and a couple of names spelled wrong in my final overall edit.

Corrections applied by Clay Bush 27-Apr-94
    Size VI stars changed to size V, per TNE errata.