Traveller News Service - 1108

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 014-1108

In a press release made available today, the Admiralty has classified the following systems as combat zones: Dentus (Regina 0601), Kinorb (Regina 0602), Yorbund (Regina 0703), Yres (Regina 0202), Pixie (Regina 0303), Boughene (Regina 0304)), Uakye (Regina 0205), Whanga (Regina 0206), Knorbes (Regina 0207), Forboldn (Regina 0208), Hefry (Regina 0309), Ruie (Regina 0209), Regina (Regina 0310), Jenghe (Regina 0210), Extolay (Lanth 0101), Lanth (Lanth 0109), D'Ganzio (Lanth 0310), Phlume (Vilis 0801), Denotam (Vilis 0603), Edinina (Vilis 0403), 728-907 (Vilis 0404), Frenzie (Vilis 0306), Saurus (Vilis 0510), Asgard (Vilis 0709)), and Tavonni (Vilis 0710).

The Admiralty declined comment at this time on the progress of the war, or to issue any reports of losses. [JTAS #12]

Lanth/Lanth (0109-A879533-B) Date: 000-1108

Only days after the Imperial 193 Fleet left Lanth for a reported assembly of Sword World forces at Tavonni, the Sword Worlders appeared in the Lanth system and immediately began landing forces. Local resistance was fierce, but futile. The return of the Imperial fleet after failing to find the enemy at Tavonni, however, caught the Sword Worlders by surprise, and resulted in severe losses to the enemy. Imperial forces continue to mop up in the Lanth system. [JTAS #12]

Regina/Regina (0310-A788899-A) Date: 035-1108

In a recorded statement to the press today, Admiral Santanocheev announced that Yorbund (Regina 0703) has fallen to Vargr forces after a long, hard-fought battle. Most Imperial and colonial forces were successfully withdrawn from the system.

Admiral Santanocheev's statement went on to announce the fall of Ruby (Jewell 0205), Emerald (Jewell 0206), and Lysen (Jewell 0507)) to Zhodani forces, but added that fighting continues on Jewell and other worlds of the subsector, as well as on Kinorb (Regina 0602).

A representative of the Imperial Navy declined to comment when asked if this fighting involved regular fleet or ground forces. Observers have speculated that some Imperial units have been badly mauled in the Jewell subsector, and their remnants have joined with local forces to fight a guerilla war in that subsector. [JTAS #13]

Aramis/Aramis (0710-A6B0556-B) Date: 122-1108

Equipment, records, and personnel of Imperial Research Station Beta are reported by unofficial sources to have been evacuated from Yori (Regina 0510), and are now said to be under heavy guard somewhere in the Aramis system. The station will almost certainly be reopened, but it is not known where the station will be relocated, or when it will resume operations.

No information is available on the fate of Imperial Research Station Delta, located on Retinae (Querion 0406). While the exact nature of station Delta's research is classified, the information in such stations is in the forefront of Imperial technology, and thus is extremely interesting to other powers. [JTAS #13]

Equus/Lanth (0807-B55A858-B S) Date: 204-1108

Equus authorities have learned that the disappearance of the merchant vessel Harun-al-Rashid was due to barratry, not terrorism as had been originally suspected. Testifying in admiralty court today, in return for immunity from prosecution, the navigator of the vessel stated that he, along with the captain and engineer, wrecked the ship after surreptitiously selling its ship's cargo. The crew, transferred off the vessel before it was set on a collision course with an outsystem planetoid, were offered a cut of the profits to keep quiet.

The two officers were convicted on the basis of the navigator's testimony, and were each sentenced to 25 years on Equus' penal island. Charges against the ship's navigator were dropped. [JTAS #14]

Bendor/Glisten (0706-A756656-C) Date: 228-1108

An Imperial Naval Intelligence spokesman, in a press release issued today, announced the interception and arrest of an Ine Givar cash courier. The courier was transporting an undisclosed amount of money in the form of precious stones. Intended to finance local terrorist activities, the stones are rumored to be worth in excess of cr25,000,000.

The release stated that the stones were of Sword Worlds origin, although no definite proof of the culpability of the Confederation government was discovered. The Sword Worlds government has been suspected of financing Ine Givar activity for many years. [JTAS #14]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 338-1108

The TNS has just reports that Heya (Regina 0802) and Beck's World (Regina 0604) have fallen to Vargr forces. This information was obtained from an anonymous, highly-placed source.

The Office of Naval Intelligence declined to comment, and Army Vice-Marshal Adam Lord Bryor could not be reached. [JTAS #15]

Regina/Regina (0310-A788899-A) Date: 362-1108

The office of Admiral Santanocheev announced to the press that Mirriam (Vilis 0505) and Calit (Vilis 0705) have fallen to overwhelming Zhodani forces. It was further announced that communications with the naval bases at Denotam (Vilis 0603) and Frenzie (Vilis 0306) have been cut off due to fighting in those systems.

The officer reading the announcement declined to comment further, or to answer any questions on the progress of the war. [JTAS #15]

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