Traveller News Service - 1109

Regina/Regina (0310-A788899-A) Date: 021-1109

In a recorded message to the press, the office of Admiral Lord Santanocheev announced that the Naval Base at Ghandi (Lanth 0205) is under attack by Zhodani naval and ground forces, including several units of the elite Zhodani Consular Guard. The statement indicated that the garrison at Ghandi had recently been reinforced because of the Zhodani presence at Calit (Vilis 0705).

This announcement has fuelled speculation that a major Zhodani push is underway, with Rhylanor as its most likely target. If Ghandi falls, it will be a major blow to the Imperial war effort, possibly a fatal one. [JTAS #15]

Regina/Regina (0310-A788899-A) Date: 029-1109

Operation Iedshrpr, several months in secret preparation, was launched by elements of the Imperial Navy's Corridor Fleet in a drive to break the siege of Efate and force back the Zhodani forces currently operating in Regina subsector.

Commander Aia Resortin, fleet press officer, stated, "Admiral Santanocheev has planned a brilliant campaign for the relief of Efate. Denial of Efate to the Zhodani means denial of the whole subsector. This operation is the turning point of the war."

Regrettably, the meeting was cut short by a Zhodani hit-and-run raid, which partially damaged some buildings, but had no other effect. [JTAS #16]

Inthe/Regina (0810-B575776-9) Date: 059-1109

A ship from Imperial Scout Squadron 497 (recently based at Jewell) arrived at Inthe after successfully running the Zhodani blockade. Military security would not permit interviews with its crew, but a statement was later issued that Jewell has not fallen, and continues to defend against Zhodani attacks. [JTAS #16]

Kinorb/Regina (0602-A663659-5) Date: 083-1109

Operations against the Vargr force invading Yorbund and Heya achieved a considerable success recently. It was announced today that Battle Squadron 203 and several cruiser squadrons, under Vice-Admiral Elphinstone, were able to destroy a Vargr battle squadron after a prolonged engagement.

Having regained orbital supremacy of the world, the Imperial 85th Infantry Field Army was moved in to secure the surface of Heya. [JTAS #16]

Lanth/Lanth (0109-A879533-B) Date: 096-1109

Only days after the Imperial 193rd fleet left Lanth for a reported assembly of Sword World forces at Tavonni the Sword Worlders appeared in the Lanth system and immediately began landing forces. Local resistance was fierce, but futile.

The return of the Imperial fleet after failing to find the enemy in Tavinni, however, caught the Sworld Worlders by surprise, and resulted in severe losses to the enemy. Imperial forces continue to mop up in the Lanth system. [JTAS #16]

Beck'a World/Regina (0604-B883349-D) Date: 122-1109

The last remnants of the Vargr battle fleet from Yorbund were run down and destroyed in the Beck's World system today. Although all enemy forces are not yet accounted for, Vice-Admiral Elphinstone's staff was optimistic that the threat from the Vargr forces has been countered. [JTAS #17]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 128-1109

Dispatches received from Regina indicate that a major Imperial raid against Zhodani military and industrial installations at Ninjar (Chronor 0608) has been accomplished by means of secret caches at the old Imperial naval base in the Quar system (Chronor 0808).

No further details are available at this time. [JTAS #17]


Regina/Regina (0310-A788899-A) Date: 132-1109

In a terse communique, his Grace the Duke of Regina announced that Admiral Lord Santanocheev has been relieved of command immediately. Acting with the authority of an Imperial Warrant, the Duke has taken personal command of the 1st Provisional Fleet.

Members of the Duke's staff declined to comment further other than to confirm that the change of command has taken place. Nothing is known as to the reasons for Santanocheev's relief, or his present whereabouts. [JTAS #17]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 147-1109(delayed)

Imperial naval forces and attached army and marine units have retaken Calit (Vilis 0705), according to a highly placed source at the Admiralty. News of the victory was delayed because the local commander did not feel he could spare any vessels to carry the news out of system until recently.

No reports of the battle, or of any casualties among the forces involved are available. [JTAS #18]

Lanth/Lanth (0109-A879533-B) Date: 241-1109

The commander of the Imperial 193 Fleet has officially declared the mopping up of Sword World forces in the Lanth system to be complete, after months of heavy fighting.

"Reports of atrocities against the civilian populace are unfounded," the fleet public relations officer declared in a press release, "The enemy forces were too heavily involved in fighting us to be able to have committed any crimes against the locals." The officer went on to note that rumors of atrocities are common after any battle, because of the high degree of emotion generated.

No information is available on casualties, either military or civilian, but a highly placed source indicated that 193 Fleet has requested large numbers of ground reinforcements, indicating heavy casualties, at least in its ground forces.

Porozlo/Rhylanor (0305-A867A74-A) Date: 231-1109

According to unofficial reports, a major battle is taking place at Rhylanor, involving both fleet and planetary elements of Imperial and colonial forces. [JTAS #18]

Porozlo/Rhylanor (0305-A867A74-A) Date: 239-1109

Informed sources have revealed that major fleet and ground forces arrived in this system last night, and are presently refuelling and refitting for immediate transfer to Rhylanor, to reinforce Imperial forces there. [JTAS #18]


Kinorb/Regina (0602-A663659-5) Date: 252-1109

All Vargr forces allied with the Outworld Coalition have been instructed by their supreme commander to cease hostilities and surrender to the Imperial military or present themselves to a neutral power for internment. Unconfirmed rumor states the Vargr forces have withdrawn from the Coalition, and are now negotiating a separate peace agreement.

Speculation is rampant in all governmental circles as to the ramifications of this action, both with regard to the war and with regard to post-war policies in the Vargr Extents. [JTAS #18]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 310-1109

Rumors continue to circulate concerning a major assault by Imperial forces in the near future. No single objective is noted in any of these rumors, and official sources have refused to comment on any of the rumors, but experts believe that an attempted relief of Jewell is in the offing. [JTAS #19]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 312-1109

The battles for Rhylanor are over. In an official press release dated today, the Imperial Navy announced that enemy action in-system had ceased, with the exception of minor engagements in the outer fringes.

"Mopping up of these forces is proceeding apace," one official stated off the record. [JTAS #19]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 348-1109

A major Zhodani task force was badly mauled in the attempt to retake the Calit system (which was liberated by Imperial forces earlier this year.) Enemy forces were "dealt a serious blow" in the words of one officer. Imperial and Colonial forces in the Calit system were evidently heavily reinforced after the battle to retake the system.

No information is available concerning the battle or any casualties among the forces involved. [JTAS #19]

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