Traveller News Service 1110

Arden/Vilis (0201-C5549CB-8) Date: 004-1110

A short and bloodless coup on Arden has replaced the local pro-Zhodani government with a pro-Imperial coalition representing commercial interests both on and off-world. Unofficial sources indicate that the coup was because of the war's detrimental effects on trade in the region.

No further information is available at this time. [JTAS #19]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 010-1110

Admiral Lord Santanocheev, former commander of Imperial forces during the current hostilities, is reported by unofficial sources to have requested a formal board of inquiry into the reasons for his recent relief.

The details of the Admiral's relief from command remain unknown, as does the exact whereabouts of the Admiral himself. [JTAS #20]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 023-1110

After months of speculation by informed sources, the Admiralty revealed that a major operation to relieve Jewell has been undertaken by combined Imperial and Colonial forces.

No further data is available. [JTAS #20]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 039-1110

The public relations office of the Imperial Navy refused to deny or to confirm rumors of Zhodani atrocities against the citizens of Ruby and Emerald during the recent occupation of those worlds. [JTAS #20]


Quar/Chronor (0808-B532720-B) Date: 099-1110

In a joint press release, the Zhodani Consulate and the Imperial Admiralty announced that an armistice is in effect as of 120-1110 Imperial reckoning. All hostilities are to cease, and all belligerents are to remain in their positions as of the above date.

The press release went on to announce that negotiations for the cessation of hostilities have begun on Quar. Imperial officials declined to comment further on the announcement. [JTAS #20]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 143-1110

Despite a few minor incidents, the armistice between Zhodani and Imperial forces is holding, and negotiations are proceeding. All reporters have been excluded from the negotiations, at the request of the chief Zhodani negotiator.

No further information is available. [JTAS #21]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 146-1110

Admiral Lord Santanocheev, who has been out of sight since for several months after his relief from command, made a brief appearance today at an Admiralty news conference to announce that regardless of the outcome of the inquiry into his conduct of the war he intends to retire at the end of the year.

The Admiral declined to answer questions at the end of his short announcement, which was quite unexpected. This is the Admiral's first public appearance since his relief from command. [JTAS #21]

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) Date: 160-1110

Rumors persist of Zhodani atrocities against citizens of Ruby and Emerald during the recent occupation of those worlds. No first hand accounts of the occupation have been made available, as access to these worlds (indeed, to all worlds occupied during the recent hostilities) is restricted. [JTAS #21]

Dentus/Regina (0601-C979500-A) Date: 166-1110

A small force of Vargr raiders today struck an outlying outpost in this system, killing three and wounding another seven. It is believed that the raiders are the remnants of a former military unit, now renegades, since the primary purpose of the raid seemed to be to acquire supplies and spare parts for starships.

A spokesman for the Admiralty stated that such raids are to be expected since a number of Vargr units refused to surrender, and evidently intend to continue hostilities. Forces from Vice-Admiral Elphinstone's command have been detached to run down and destroy the renegades. [JTAS #21]

Quar/Chronor (0808-B532720-B) Date: 360-1110

In separate announcements issued today, the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate announced the cessation of hostilities between all belligerents, to begin on 001-1111. Borders will be returned to the status quo ante bellum, and all military forces have begun their withdrawal from opposing territories.

Despite the fact that neither side achieved territorial gains, both the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate are claiming victory in their announcements. The Fifth Frontier War is over. [JTAS #22]

Dentus/Regina (0601-C979500-A) Date: 362-1110

A spokesman for the naval forces under command of Vice-Admiral Elphinstone stated today that a number of Vargr renegades are still at large in the Spinward Marches, despite the best efforts of the Navy to hunt down and destroy them. These renegades are remnants of military units which did refused to surrender upon the withdrawal of the Vargr from the war.

A spokesman reports that 90% of the Vargr forces have been dealt with, but admits that a small core remains to threaten shipping in the region. [JTAS #22]

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