Traveller News Service - 1112

DENTUS/REGINA (0601-C979500-A) DATE: 063-1112

Informed sources today leaked information indicating that the group of renegade Vargr which have eluded capture since the end of the recent war has probably fled the Spinward Marches for parts unknown. Several alleged members of the group were reputed to have been captured when they attempted to hijack a merchant ship near here late last year, and have been held incommunicado since that time.

Admiralty public relations officer Captain Gaviin Ammern refused to comment when asked why the capture of some of the renegades has been kept secret for so long. [Challenge/JTAS 25]

QUAR/CHRONOR (0808-B532720-B) DATE: 092-1112

In an official statement issued today, the Imperial government formally declared all worlds in the Regina, Jewell, and Lanth subsectors to have reverted to their pre-war travel classifications.

With this proclamation, the last of the emergency proclamations promulgated during the recent war are withdrawn, and life in the Marches returns to normal. [Challenge/JTAS 25]

REGINA/REGINA (0310-A788899-A) DATE: 102-1112

A dispatch from Terra/Sol (0207-A867A69-F) dated 121-1111 reads "The first known victim to survive direct exposure to hyperspace arrived at Terra today, suffering from what medical experts are calling 'Hyperspace sickness'. Naval commander Ansel Churner, an engineering officer on his way to retirement on Prometheus, is being held in strict quarantine until specialists can determine the specific effects the exposure will have. Doctors working on the case are qouted as saying that preliminary tests indicate that Cdr. Churner is in good condition, but is not mobile".

"Three members of the engineering department on the Tyrol, a Rome, Inc. luxery liner, were killed. Circumstances of their deaths have not been released at this time".

Admiralty spokesmen at Regina refused to comment on the dispatch. [Challenge/JTAS 26]

REGINA/REGINA (0310-A788899-A) DATE: 140-1112

A dispatch from Terra/Sol (0207-A867A69-F) dated 130-1111 reads: "The Starship Accident Inspection Team (SAIT) of Australia Down Starport has been officially relieved of its duties in the inspection of the Tyrol, a Rome Inc. Luxery liner which suffered mysterious damage while in hyperspace en route to this world/ The Naval Attache to Terra, Captain Winston of Duncanhood, Earl of Lardher, officially relieved the SAIT and replaced them with his own team of specialists, including a number of civilian representatives from the Beta Draconis Industries. Heavy security measures, including marine guards, have been implemented, and all access to the Tyrol has been cut off to observers.

Meanwhile medical specialists at the Demosthenes Naval Hospital have confirmed the gradual recovery of Commander Churner from the almost total loss of equilibrium he suffered as a result of exposure to hyprespace." [Challenge/JTAS 27]

REGINA/REGINA (0310-A788899-A) DATE: 142-1112

A dispatch from Terra/Sol (0207-A867A69-F) dated 132-1111 reads: "The remains of the three engineering crew who were killed in the mysterious mishap on board the Tyrol were identified today as First Mate Jerrance Willan of Hell/Sol, Second Mate Elizabeth Maeer of Prometheus, and Cargo Specialist Albaret Michaelsson of Terra/Sol. Their remains are being held pending the conclusion of medical investigation, after which they will be released to their families. [Challenge/JTAS 27]

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