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ANTARES/ANTARES (2421 A762ADA-D) Date: 012-1120

Based on an analysis of the neutrino admissions and the increase in pulsation rate of the star Antares, we believe the chance of Antares going supernova within the next 250 years is about 55 percent," stated Dr. Shen Gakivin of the Uucha Astronomical Observatory, located in the red giant's inner belt. "Now that the Circumsolar Neutrino Sensor Network is online, we have been able to refine our data tenfold over our previous work."

Cashin Cam-Cinn, science advisor to Archduke Brzk, replied to the UAO announcement, saying, "We've heard these kind of negative predictions for decades on end from the Uucha Station. Such grandiose predictions seem designed more to justify increased spending for the station than to conclude anything useful." [Challenge 43]

ILELISH/ARRELI (2707 B877831-8) Date: 023-1120

At the Federation Natural History Conference, held at Gitaaz Center in Concarraffi, Dr. Javin Stark presented the findings from his recent archaeological digs on Ilelish. The centerpiece of the presentation was a fossilized Droyne skull, which he estimated to be about 300,000 years old.

"This finding obviously presents us with far more questions than answers regarding the history of the world (Ilelish)," Stark stated. "The two main questions are, 'How did Droyne get to Ilelish,' and 'Why did they disappear?' Considering that the date of this skull fits with our estimates of when Suerrat were presumeably transplanted to Ilelish by the Ancients, it seems reasonable to assume that a sample of Droyne were brought to Ilelish as well.

"As to why they disappeared -- it could be that they were exterminated while competing with the proto-Suerrat for resources after the Ancients' Final War. An alternate theory proposes that the Ancients may simply have discontinued use of Droyne on this world.

"Unfortunately, we simply don't have enough facts to support any theory conclusively at this time. Our hope of understanding this find lies in locating more evidence and scrutinizing our data to make sure the answer is not before us and simply hiding in the cracks." [Challenge 43]

CAPITAL/CORE (2118 A586A98-F) Date: 027-1120

The unveiling ceremony for The Enemy Of Dreams, a special sculpture commissioned by Emperor Lucan, took place today. The piece has received a lot of attention even before it was publicly presented since it was created by the prominent sculptor Trow Shadii-Eriskany, noted for her controversial works portraying anti-Imperial themes.

The sculpture presents a menacing image of Dulinor with a pistol in one hand, grabbing the dying Emperor Strephon by the collar in the other. The Enemy of Dreams is situated in the center of the Imperial park. Though the subject is one every Imperial citizen knows well, the grotesque style of the statue has evoked strong emotion, both pro- and anti-Imperial.

Shadi-Eriskany was noticeably absent from the unveiling. Representatives of the throne report that she left shortly after completing the sculpture to join her husband, who has been vacationing in a nearby system.

VLAND/VLAND (1717 A967A9A-F) Date: 032-1120

The Vilani Ministry of Technology today announced that it had issued to the major megacorporations of the empire a Request for Proposal (RFP) to reimplement the traditional technological patent system of the First Imperium.

Gashina Enerish, spokesperson for the ministry, said, "The control of technology by the First Imperium was one reason why it was able to endure for more than 5000 years. The shadow emperor and the minister of technology are united in their belief that the reimplementation of the traditional patent system will be an important part of this empire's foundation." [Challenge 43]

TAURI/VLAND (1817 A130998-E) Date: 034-1120

Makhidkarun, Sharurshid, and Naasirka held joint news conference today to discuss their support for the traditional system. They also announced a technology-sharing agreement and cross-licensing pact which would allow each to use the technology developed by the others under the traditional system.

The holding company, to be jointly owned by the three megacorporations, would be administered from a new corporate headquarters on Tauri. The announcement concluded with a dramatic ritual announcement of the name selected for the new organization -- Aarmikep. The name is a now-archiac Vilani word for patent law. [Challenge 43]

ANAXIAS/DELPHI (1724 A253A85-D) Date: 047-1120

During a routine press conference today, Duchess Margaret announced that she is pregnant, confirming rumors of the past several weeks.

Margaret went on to say that she is carrying twins.

Her husband, Count Blaine Tukera, is said to be looking foreward to being a father again. [Challenge 44]

KORBAK/DELPHI (0533 A332320-B) Date: 053-1120

Several recent pirate attacks in this system have caused local naval officials to double up on patrols in the high-risk areas.

This additional effort diverts needed manpower away from the rebuilding efforts at Naval Base Kirbak and will likely lengthen the military occupation of the civilian starport. [Challenge 44]

CAPITAL/CORE (2118 AS86A98-F) Date: 054-1120

The pirate video source with broadcast stations in the Sylean worlds today added programming in support of Brzk of Antares as the only true contender for emperor of the Third Imperium. Until today, the video programming of the stations (although unlicensed) was tolerated because of its nonpolitical content. With the addition of political (and anti-Lucan) programming, local defense forces have been directed to shut the stations down. [Challenge 43]

TERRA/SOLOMANI RIM/SOL (1827 A867A69-F) DATE: 159-1120

An archaeologist helping with the restoration of the Cheops Historical Site has found the oldest Terran writing known.

Dr. Daniel d'Aidre announced today that cave paintings found in the excavation date back 23,000 years. No translation has yet been made, but the marks and designs clearly point to their being writing, probably for use in a religious ceremony.

The Cheops Historical Site, under the care of the Terran Historical Administration, was flooded in 1106 when terrorists destroyed a dike holding back the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. [Challenge 46]

KNABBIB/CORE (2115 A331758-F) Date: 168-1120

Julian Trane, distinguished professor of interstellar history, was arrested yesterday on treasonous publication charges by agents of the Emperor Lucan.

Trane's epic historical work, The Inevitability of Night,/I> was published clandestinely despite a ban by the Imperial Ministry of Information. That publication led to his arrest on a charge of treasonous publication.

The Inevitability of Night hypothesizes that interstellar civilization progrssses through a continuing cycle of expansion and regression fueled by economic and technological factors which cannot be avoided by any intelligent culture.

In his last interview before his detention, Professor Trane commented he saw parallels between the beginning years of the Long Night and the present Rebellion.

Imperial authorities refused to comment. [Challenge 44]

SHARIM/GUSHEMEGE (1038 A435967-F) Date: 194-1120

Doubt continues as to the truth behind the reappearance of Strephon in Gushemege sector, despite the virtually absolute evidence that he died in Dulinor's assassination plot on Capital in 1116.

Recent conjectures in the press have provided three distinct explanations for the individual calling himself Strephon. He could be a surgically altered actor, a pseudobiological robot, a clone, or the real Strephon (whose double died in the assassination).

No firm evidence has been presented for or against any of these conjectures.

Surprisingly, several leading nobles (including Brzk and Margaret) have made public statements leaving open the possibility that the individual in Gushemege is really Strephon. On the other hand, the only thing that Lucan and Dulinor seems to agree on is that the "real" Strephon is an imposter. [Challenge 44]

ZUIAR/DAGUDASHAAG (0705 B450967-A) DATE: 199-1120

Following more than a year of violent civil war, Zuiar declared allegiance to Lucan and the Third Imperium on 090-1120. Loyalist forces answering to Strephon today delivered an ultimatum demanding that Zuiar declare allegiance to Strephon.

The ultimatum calls for an electronic referendum of all population with a deadline of 210-1120. [Challenge 45]

DIISHALUM/DAGUDASHAAG (0714 B120988-F) DATE: 200-1120

Forces loyal to Strephon have seized the orbital starport of this world and delivered an ultimatum demanding allegiance to Strephon.

The ultimatum calls for an electronic referendum of all population with a deadline of 210-1120. [Challenge 45]

STIJN/VERGE (1809 A324658-E) Date: 201-1120

In a lightning raid, unidentified forces attacked this world and sacked the capital, carrying off arttreasures, refined precious metals, and technological components, while leaving the city in flames.

Initial reports that the forces were Imperial Marines (reflecting their initial radio identification) have been discounted as a ruse. [Challenge 44]

REGINA/SPINWARD MARCHES (0310 A788899-A) Date: 206-1120

The archduke of Deneb today announced the establishment of an Imperial force dedicated to maintaining the secure borders of the Imperium.

"After careful consideration," the archduke stated, "the government has determined that a special force -- to be known as the Patrol -- can best be executed the policies of the Domain of Deneb in securing the Imperial borders from the incursions and invasions which are common of late."

Patrol ships will cruise the borders of the domain with powers to repel invaders and to pursue them into non-Imperial territories. Armed Patrol ships will carry troop units capable of boarding actions and planetary surface missions. While the Patrol may call upon Imperial and Reserve Navy forces, it will be equipped and trained to deal with most situations with its own strengths.

Planetary positions will initially be filled by reserve naval and military personnel. Additional positions are open to enlistment.

As an enlistment incentive, Patrol retirees will recieve up to 100 square kilometers of land on an agricultural or other suitable world. This is expected to be especially attractive to Aslan enlistees and is being announced in Aslan.

The Aslan translation of Patrol is Trekhyalr, or Land Protector. [Challenge 44]

KNABBIB/CORE (2115 A331758-F) DATE: 212-1120

Julian Trane, distinguished professor of interstellar history, has committed suicide in prison, according to police.

Guards delivering lunch found Trane hanging from a hand computer strap in his cell.

Trane was arrested almost two months ago for ignoring an Imperial Ministry of Information ban against the publication of his new book, The Inevitability of Night.

Imperial authorities expressed their regret at the death.

"Professor Trane's suicide is another in the list of crimes for which the ultimate responsibility belongs to Archduke Dulinor," a spokesman said. [Challenge 46]


Archduke Norris today officially named Mora as the capital world of the provisional government of the Domain of Deneb.

"From this beautiful world, we will together be able to build outward, beyond our current borders, toward the full Imperium as we once knew it," Norris said in prepared remarks.

Mora, already the capital of the sector and subsector, is expected to undergo a healthy increase in employment and construction to keep up with its new responsibilities.

The cebtral location of MORA within the Domain of Deneb was seen by analysts as a principal reason for the move.

The duchess of Delphine was represented at the ceremonies by her grandniece, Elane, next in line to rule Mora itself. [Challenge 47]

WARINIR/DAIBEI (0507 A889978-F) DATE: 261-1120

The Solomani Navy has been driven back with heavy losses by three fleets of the Federation of Daibei Navy after a series of engagements along the border.

The initial penetration by Federation forces reached the industrial complexes at Uston/Daibei (0139) and neighboring Aston/Daibei (0140), and spent more than a month destroying the Solomani manufacturing installations of the system before being forced to withdraw.

The pursuit drew the Solomani Navy into Daibei territory, where it was ambushed at Sineli (0127). [Challenge 45]

TRIPOLIS/VERGE (2612 B885A98-E) DATE: 269-1120

Unidentified forces attacked this world recently and looted the population centers of the western continent. Initial reports indicated that the attacks were carried out by Ilelish Army troops, but post-attack investigations have disproven that theory. [Challenge 45]

ANAXIAS/DELPHI (1724 A253A85-D) DATE: 270-1120

Duchess Margaret gave birth to twins today, sparking an air of celebration around the world.

The first child, a girl, was born at 20:00 exactly. Her name is Julia Iphegenia Cassir Tukera. Following his sister by 12 minutes was a son, Paulo Trulia Strephon Tukera.

Both children and the mother are in good health. [Challenge 45]


The patrol has begun security sweeps along the traditional Imperial coreward border of Deneb in the Domain's continuing effort to repulse Vargr corsair invasions.

The Patrol, newly established by the Archduke of Deneb, began active operations almost immediately using naval reserve ships and crews. In a show of force, the first sweep was assigned the border from L'oeul d'Dieu/Spinward Marches to Corfinium/Deneb. [Challenge 45]

WAIR/MAGYAR (0116 C89A98C-E) DATE: 301-1120

The Solomani Navy has driven back with heavy losses the invading Daibei fleet forces which were marauding the industrial complexes of Uston and Aston in rimward Daibei sector.

Initial dispatches calling for assistance were answered by two Solomani task forces under command of Admiral John Charles.

Once the Daibei fleets were driven off, a portion of the force remained at Uston to secure it from further attack and to render assistance. Admiral Charles continued the pursuit of the enemy fleet into enemy territory. [Challenge 45]

ANAXIAS/DELPHI (1724 A263A86-D) DATE: 309-1120

Speculation and rumors about Duchess Margaret's children continue to flood the local press.

Dr. Bakala Setree, a physician with over 40 years of service in the duchess' household, claims that therecent birth of twins was a result of artificial insemination.

The father of the children, according to Dr. Setree, is the late Emperor Strephon.

Dr. Setree said Duchess Margaret will soon file a petition with the Moot to act as regent in behalf of her daughter, Julia Iphenenia Cassir Tukera, who as the direct descendent of Strephon would be next in line for the throne.

Spokesmen for the duchess refuse to confirm or deny Setree's allegations. Neither of the children has been seen in public since their birth, but holorecordings of the twins have been released. [Challenge 46]

CAPITAL/CORE (2118 A586A98-F) DATE: 342-1120

Capital police are investigating the recent death of Viscount Roberto Avery, a member of the Moot.

The viscount was killed instantly when his air/raft exploded in the air while approaching the home he shares with his wife and two daughters.

Assassination is suspected, but police have no leads at this time.

The Moot has not met since the assassination of Emperor Strephon by Archduke Dulinor more than four years ago. Viscount Avery was known to be a strong and vocal supporter of Margaret. [Challenge 46]

HEXOS/SPINWARD MARCHES (2828 B534420-8) DATE: 343-1120

Imperial authorities under Archduke Norris are investigating claims that Asdlan Ihatei using biological warfare have slaughterd more than half the population of this world.

Spokesmen have not released complete details, but said "more than a dozen" warships drove away Aslani insurgents upon arrival at the system.

More than the 35,000 people have died in the last week, most of them in the capital city of Dione. Deaths of livestock are also reported. [Challenge 46]

CAPITAL/CORE (2118 A586A98-F) DATE: 351-1120

Naval spokesmen for Emperor Lucan have announced continued success in their rimward campaigns.

"Solomani forces cannot stand up to the technological developments that our weapons researchers have recently completed," said Rear Admiral Daadushaa. "We are, in fact, calling back some of our fleet elements in other areas so that those ships can be retrofitted.

"The emperor is preparing an ultimatum to be delivered to the false claiments around the Imperium once this update has been accomplished."

Daadushaa said he could not comment at this time on the nature of the experimental weapons, but said Lucan's message would be announced publicly at the same time that ambassadors carried it to outlying regions. [Challenge 46]

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