Compiled World Names

HD 52.02

Date: 1 March, 1990

Clayton R. Bush

Doesn't include mapped worlds -- so no SolRim or SpinMar worlds listed.

Book 7: Merchant Prince

HtyaaeirlAslan Hierate. Home port of Reastirlao. [p. 8]

Wahtoikoeakh Riftspan Reaches. [p. 8]

Hla'eiHla'ei subsector of Ealiyasiyw sector. [p. 9]

Mulyosh(Ilelish 1923) Droyne world.

Erest(Spica 2529) Homeport of Star Patterns Trading.

X'kug Ghung (X'kug 1032)

Kfolaell(Gvurrdon 1421)

Dhaengae(Gvurrdon 1539)

Kedzudh(Gvurrdon 2833)

Tlebria (Foreven 1618)

Book 8: Robots

Ahetaowa(Ealiyasiyw 2604) (p. 15)

Jeuss(Spica 0917) "

Sabmiqys(Antares 2117) "

76 Patrons [Patron # or Ticket]

3. Kelabir an Imperial Reservation world.

4. Lanqua

9. Feor Imperial Reservation World. Rowain beast present. 14. Pecknel starport at Rennersdorf

20. Hadley Grant Reserve where planet bombardment weapons tested.

21. Himon

23. Mu'ong

47. "Down-Styphon starport."

48. Coquat

52. Devotan

T1. Coquet Government code 1.

T3. Jokotre B6548D9-7

T4. Requet D766734-5. Primitive world on Imperial frontier.

Usorba Nearby world that sent colonists.

Demord "

T5. Horsu


T6. Enoc C675867-6. Possible Ancient site.

T7. Hipper D656771-5. World on edge of the Imperium.

T9. Montag SuSAG produces psi booster here. {Foreven} T11. Diatrama C645777-7. Outside sphere of direct Imperial influence.

T12. Easmolian Confederation: small, multi-planet state on the fringe of the Imperium.

Easmolia Capital

T14. Gratle D655745-5. Between Easmolia and Imperium.

T13. Bentoc D868774-6. Imperial Reserve, asked for membership.

T15. Hunan C7877B8-7

DA5: Reidan subsector/Foreven

Alenzar is one parsec from Unigua, Garoo, and Raschev.

Raschev is one parsec from Garoo and Alenzar.

Library Data (A-M)

12. Tireen Vargr Extents

15. Reference Core

17. Capital (Core 0501 -A586A98-F)

28. Glea (Glea/L____ 0209 - A667800-F)

28. Guaran (Hive 0307 - A565800-F)

34. Kirur ( /Thirty 0505 - B863A03-F)

34. Kusyu ( /Kilane 0406 - A876986-E)

34. Lair ( /Grnauf 0802 - A8859B9-F)

37. Urunishu (Antares) An, undergoing Ice Age.

Named Civil War Battles

Tricanus 5 := Tricanus system.

Rakakaka := system name.

Markatch := world! Azhanti H.L. (p.11)

Arakoine := 3 battles, so Capital gas giant?

Nivzhine Belt := system name.

Sulgami := system name.

Zhimaway := Two battles. System or gas giant at Capital?

Library Data (N-Z)

Vland (Vland/Vland 0307 - A967A9A-F)

31. Zhodane (Zhodane/Gaval 0309 - A6547C8-F)


Azhanti High Lightning

Regeon Gateway. (p. 3)

Garconne In Foreven? (p. 31)

Pandrin Uthe 0610/Gvurrdon (p. 41)

Alien Realms

Llaekag (Gvurrdon/Firgr 0610 - X520100-4 Po)

Kforuzeng base.

Saell (Gvurrdon 1027 -A357AAC-F) Capital Rukh Aegz

Taknarkag (Gvurrdon 0630 - B370467-A) A single-city

world on the fringes of the Rukh Aegz.

Iakr/Foreven sector: "Iakr sector contains a plethora of small

worlds, producing anything from machinery and electronics to

exotic foods and drinks."

ParthiniaNHR: Issugar.

Spinward Marches Campaign


AM1: Aslan

Kusyu (DarkNeb G/Kilrai' 0406 - A876986-E)

Feirirlakh (Weasuirlkaoa ____) Raohkeil colony.

Aulryakh (Iiyoihuakh {Riftspan}) Jump-5 terminus.

Wahtoikoeakh (Iiyoihuakh {Riftspan}) Jump-5 terminus.

Ilekhahke (Ealiyasiyw) Loakhtarl homeworld.

Hrirohyukh (Kyatulyare')

Luakhti (Region of 14 worlds in Kyatulyare')

Htoi (Kyatulyare') Treasure world in Rift.

AM3: Vargr

Lair (Gnouf 0802 - A8859B9-F)

Scangen (Gvurrdon 2937)

Ghughi (Gvurrdon 1716) Ag, known for prized spices.

Aengvoung (Gvurrdon 1726) Ri

Khaeknae (Gvurrdon 0815)

Tsukifi (Gvurrdon 0720)

AM5: Droyne

Eskayloyt Lost homeworld

Andor p. 3.

Zeen p. 3. in Deneb p. 7.

Auitawry p. 3.

Tireen (Vargr Extents) p. 5.

Leenitakot Hinterworlds p. 5

World Builder's Handbook

MESSIER The native 'nebon' has a harmonic hum that

serves the same purpose as the Terran cat's purr. [p. 13]

ZURR The native 'lasat' are highly intelligent

despite being without manipulative members.

[TD5: Lishun]

101 Vehicles

Argonos p. 35. Inhabited by a methane-breathing race.

Sardia p. 35. TL 11 world near Argonos

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society


Caledon Reaver's(G)

Kilane DarkNeb(G)

Kyaenkha DarkNeb(E)

Lentuli Lishun(P)

Melantris Leonidae(M)

Pesek Imperium J10,pp13-

Urlaggash Reaver's(L)



Kualakhtaea Aslan Hierate

Waeoisya Aslan Hierate J20,pp28

Capital Core(2118)

Statorial DarkNeb(0615) J20,pp28

Kuzu DarkNeb(1919)

Deneb Deneb(1925) J18,pp40

Raschev Foreven(3230) J17, pp40

Kagh'kir K'Kree space J21,pp33

Melantris Leonidae(0633) J24,pp44

Marhaban Lishun(3033)

Virshash Reaver's(2724)

Scotia Reaver's(*)

Blukjere Unknown J21,pp38 {By Lorelei, Rel. Dictatorship}

Lodaer Unknown J13,pp24

Lorelei Unknown J21,pp38 (C668742-7)

New Bretagne Unkown J18,pp40

Vrirhlanz Vargr Extents J22,pp40

Argos Imperium J21,pp47 {MHR, Quicoral}

Cocta Imperium J2,pp12 {Habitable}

Cyris Imperium J10,pp13 (Pesek 0501 - B769653-A)

Drenghai Imperium J14,pp40

Gatina Imperium J18, p9 (C765876-7)

Githiaski Imperium J16,pp12

Grizel Imperium J19,pp13 (C768400-6) Near Aslan.

Gwydion Imperium J16,pp9

Jaeyeiya Imperium J15,pp13

Jagd Imperium J17,pp9

Kalga Imperium? J13,pp13 {Falcons, so 5+ atmosphere}

Krajraha Imperium J12,pp33

Lantoli Imperium J11,pp10

Malefolge Imperium J14,pp36

Moloaku Imperium J14,pp40

Nagaschk Imperium J13,pp13 {Spinward of Core, 5+ atmos}

Onicrom Imperium

Otrai Imperium J13,pp9

Phireene Imperium J19,pp47

Prometheus Imperium J16,pp46

Purfyr Imperium J16,pp40

Pynchan Imperium J7,pp36

Ranther Imperium J6,pp32 (D539598-5)

SaintFoy Imperium J15, p7 (B756733-7 Amber)

Sharmun Imperium J4,pp.12- (X86787A-5 Red)

Smaeta Imperium J14,pp40 Near Imperial Core

Sturray Imperium J22,pp37

Suevanis Imperium J19, p36 (??74???-?)

Sverdan Imperium J14,pp44 Starport is D.

Tahauri Imperium J14,pp40

Taldor Imperium J5,pp20 (C866413-8)

Vendetierre Imperium J20,pp6 (C759685-8)

Zeta II Reticuli Imperium J4,pp28


25 Launfall C765759-9 [p. 37]

26 Prt C9667C9. Spica

Beauville A867744-C. [p.38] Settled by Solomani during Rule of Man.

At "crossroads" in communication routes.

Tuktaar (K'righeck 0710 - C655AR(5)-F) A

world near the edges of the 2000

Worlds, near the Hiver border.

Lalendriss Jump-2 away, in another subsector.


27 Dzon Aeng Kho, "Society of Equals" - 50 worlds in center

of Gvurrdon sector.

Aegadh (Gvurrdon 1317 - B737AEC-B) Church of Chosen Ones.

Lloursouth(Gvurrdon 1717 - A253A9E-C) Church of Chosen Ones.

Ngoerrgh (Gvurrdon 1216 - E22065A-7)

Gurzueng (Gvurrdon 2018 - B788300-B)

Kfolaell (Gvurrdon 1421 - B86AAA6-B)

Lling (Gvurrdon 1417 - B261866-9)

Gaknau Val (Gvurrdon 1616 - A98A614-2)

Urzotssaza (Gvurrdon 1816 - B225435-D)

28 Ansenz (Antares {mapped} -B656AD8-7) [p. 28]

Nove (Antares 2712 - A56576B-A) [p. 27.]

Sabmiqys (Antares 2117 - X160056-H De)

Palantir (D886644-9 Ag G) Small Vargr

community. Place 3-4 jumps from

sector capital. [p. 45.]

29 Capella (Solo Rim ) Site of ProbTech [p. 28]

Naadin (Dark Nebula) Site of ConTech [p. 29]

30 Peroi (Trojan Reach 1219 - E360256-4) [p. 21]

Duuga Zarushagar. Desert! [p. 21]

31 Khirer Ilelish [p. 18 on]

Indeep (A-AF2527-8 512)

37 Ituxi (Delphi 0722 - AA79555-E) Lowalaa Bird. [p. 24]

Anaxias (Delphi 0724 - A253A85-D) Settled First Imperium.

41 Argol [p. 33]

Early Adventures

Irasumshu/Ian "High population, low tech world..." [p. 27]

Gishuli (Vland 0709)


5 Ishimaga (Lishun 0101) [p. 39]

"visiting Philharmonic Society of Yahya ...

musicians form Antares ...[Adapted] Grand

Imperial pieces to Antarean

instrumentation..." {Is Yahya a city on

Antares or a world?}

9 Skull A planet with truly morbid cultural

patterns. There is a saying, "Only

the dead and those joining them

dine with nobility." [p. 32]

Inthe "Natives develop a symbiosis with

air plankton (a spore-like plant)

allowing them to survive breathing

the thin atmosphere of the

homeworld without compressors."

Cogri Nobles are ceremonially blinded

upon ascension.

11 Far Trinity (Massilia 1025 - D767661-7) [p.16]

Oppenheimer (Massilia 0826 - B554400-D)

12 Inthra (Old Expanses 0607 - C422AD9-6)

Rill (Corridor 1923) "Inside Information"

Glenn (Corridor 2634) "

Terragesh (Corridor 2238) "

Torrel (Old Expanses 2818) "System Survey"

Barron (Old Expanses 2816 - B300477-8) "

Paro (Old Expanses 2917 - D9CA613-9) "

Thorell (Old Expanses 0231 - X510276-0) "Library Data"

Olxber (Old Expanses 0312 - C000505-B) "

Strat (Old Expanses 0318 - A9BA8A8-F) "

Larspri (Old Expanses 0408 - X131000-0) "

Vard (Old Expanses 0714 - X9BA997-7) "

Dorp (Old Expanses 2511 - B433100-9) "

Bourj near Dorp (Old Expanses 2511) "

Khar in Old Expanses G. "

14 Beta (Magyar 3128)

Lazlo's World (Magyar 1134)

Ungarn (Magyar 1736)

Spectrum/Blackjack (upgrade to D in a few years.)

15 Karukhi "...out of Karukhi" [p. 6]

Pierson (Daibei 1536) Scout base, habitable planet.

Population of 7000 divided into two states on

the two major land masses.

Acroplis (1336 B88856A-C)

Accent (1534 C441523-A)

Xenon (1537 AAD2347-F)

Brewin (1635 A784200-F)

Oifuerr (1637 B210AD9-F)

Stasin (1736 E000220-B)

Charon (1737 C2347A9-B)

16 Pilgra (Massilia 1203)

Irlaggur (Reaver's Deep 2624 - B6918CE-A)

Lavinia (Reaver's Deep 2621)

Coventry (Reaver's Deep 3207)

Gaajpadje (Reaver's Deep 1124) See also

[DB6: Night of Conquest]

Oihoiei (Reaver's Deep 0230)

Khyaleiftaoaoher (Reaver's Deep 0332)

Hrike (Reaver's Deep 0530)

Hrealeiwea' (Reaver's Deep 0531)

Halo (Reaver's Deep 0805)

Storm (Reaver's Deep 1404)

Sterling (Reaver's Deep 1415)

Roaa (Reaver's Deep 0237)

Virshash (Reaver's Deep 2724)

18 Alar (Fornast ____)

Woden (Fornast ____) 2 parsecs from Alar.

Shumduur (Fornast _) 10 parsecs from Alar.