Major Corporations of theMagellanic Empire

The Terran Magellanic Empire is a capitalistic state firmly committed to the concept of free enterprise and as such private companies flourish within it borders. These range in size from small companies with a handful of employees to major corporations with millions of employees. Companies may either local registered (in which case they only need comply with the relevant local regulations) or Imperially registered. If a company intends to conduct business within more than one local jurisdiction it requires Imperial registration. Imperial registration takes the form of a Magellanic Corporate Charter and companies hold one will have MCC after their name (eg Kanto Trading MCC). Some companies preserve older, more archaic titles such as AG, Ltd or TLC and these may be used instead of MCC.

The Phoenix Corporation MCC

The Phoenix corporation is the largest and most powerful company in the Magellanic Empire. Phoenix is a widely based industrial and commercial concern with interests in virtually all areas of manufacturing and commerce. It is the dominant supplier of equipment to the IMSC and a major supplier of the Imperial Navy and Marines. It produces everything from starships to childrenís toys.

Phoenix has Itís origins in the IMSC Phoenix Project. As the IMSC explored and recontacted lost worlds it also set about distributing technology to those worlds and building up their industries. Initially this was done in an ad hoc manner with little central planning or direction. However in 1647T the various commercial operations of the IMSC were all brought under the central control of the Commercial Branch of the Operations Office. With the slow growth of interstellar communications and civilisation the Commercial Branch came to dominate many of the new industries on the recontactedworlds. The commercial success of the IMSC greatly contributed to the organisations independence and itís ability to continue with the Phoenix Project despite the hostility of some Viceroys.

With the reformation of the Empire the Commercial Branch came to be seen increasingly as an anachronism by many and as a direct threat by some. Pressure was brought to bear on the Viceroys by the Imperial Diadochi and in 2189T Viceroy Alethea III separated the Commercial Branch from the IMSC at the behest of the Magellanic Assembly. The Commercial Branch was split into two separate companies: The Phoenix Corporation MMC which took over the Commercial Branches industrial and commercial concerns and Expidor Lines MMC which took over itís transport and shipping concerns. Whilst part of the two companies shareholdings have been sold, the IMSC still retains the majority interest in both companies and their returns still constitute the bulk of the IMSCís income, greatly contributing to the organisationís continued independence.

Expidor Lines MCC

Expidor Lines is the dominant shipping and transportation company in the Empire. Like the Phoenix Corporation it owes itís existence to the Phoenix Project. It was formed from the Commercial Branch of the IMSC at the same time and has the same lineage.

Expidor dominates the shipping and transport sectors of the Imperial core. It is the major contractor for the IMSC Courier Service and carries most of the mail throughout the Empire. As with the Phoenix Corporation, itís major shareholder is the IMSC and the bulk of itís profits go to that organisation. Recently however it has faced major competition from several smaller companies (notably Kanto Trading MCC) and its profits have fallen over recent years. In response to this Expidor has started to diversify itís interests and has recently expanded itís operations into the information technology and entertainments fields. Expidorís ships are considered to be naval auxiliaries and are all armed. Expidor receives an Imperial subsidy as a result of this.

Kanto Trading MCC

Kanto Trading was formed by the merger of several companies in 2285T to compete against Expidor Lines dominance of the shipping industry. Kanto has expanding aggressively and is now Expidorís major rival.

Kanto has a philosophy of vertical monopoly and is attempting to build as wide a production base as possible. Kanto has a widespread reputation for ruthless operations and retains a sizeable corporate security force to protect itís interests. However, despite an Imperial Ministry of Justice investigation, no major wrongdoing has been proven against Kanto.

Vickers Industries Ltd

Vickers is the oldest company in the Magellanic Empire. It can trace itís origins back to pre-space flight Terra. Itís earliest records date back to -721T. Vickers is one of the largest shipbuilding concerns in the Empire, producing vessels of the highest quality. Vickers is a leading supplier of Imperial Naval vessels and holds a warrant to produce ships for the Imperial family (though naturally none have been produced since before the Second Dark Age). Vickers is also noted for itís charitable and cultural works. Company policy reserves 5% of itís profits for such activities, though this amount is almost always exceeded by a considerable margin.


Barcleys, Essor and Galina is the Magellanic Empireís largest financial institution, with wide interests in the investment, insurance, banking and financial services sectors. Barcleys was formed by the merger of Barcleys Insurance and Investment, Essor Bank TLC, and Galina Trust MCC in 2172T to meet the growing financial needs of reformed Empire. BEG tends to concentrate heavily on itís core business and itís interests rarely stray outside the financial sector. BEG owns Travilan Print, the sole company authorised to print Imperial currency.

Miller Enterprises MCC

Miller Enterprises is the major producer of computer software and hardware within the Empire. Miller Enterprises is also heavily involved in all areas of the information industry. Miller Enterprises was formed during the early Diadochi period in 1924T. The company invests considerable sums in research and development and is at the leading edge of technology. The company has a very high public profile and that suffers somewhat due to its dominance of the information industry. Miller Enterprises is firmly committed to the free flow and availability of information; and as such is often subject to stringent local regulations by governments seeking to restrict itís availability.


Voster und Bholmstein AG is heavily involved in the mining, chemical, construction and heavy engineering sectors. Many power facilities within the Empire have been constructed by VuB AGís subsidiary Simmens Craftwerke AG. Formed in the Second Dark Age, VuB AG grew to be the dominant corporate body on Faorin {Newlands 1032}. With the formation of the Faorin Confederation, VuB AG expanded to many adjacent worlds and beyond. With the reformation of the Empire it continued itís expansion, coming to dominate the mining and heavy industrial sectors through out the Empire. VuB AG was a leading force in the attempted expansion beyond the Diska Rift in the late 2100ís and suffered accordingly in the aftermath of the First Mwoah War. As a result VuB AG retains a significant corps of regular mercenary forces to protect itís interests. BuV AG is currently a major backer of the Civtra Confederation against the Mwoah Unity.


Despite itís name, Butlaar Small Arms does not just produce weapons, though this is a major proportion of itís business. BSA is one of the leading manufacturing concerns in the Empire, producing a wide range of consumer goods. BSA is renowned for producing reliable goods at moderate prices. As with many of the major companies within the Empire, BSA predates it by a considerable margin. It was formed in 1907T as a small arms producer in the Yurt Empire. At first it only produced for the civilian market, but with the First Yurt War in 1914T it grew rapidly. In 1921T it was nationalised and became the official state small arms manufacturer for the Yurt Empire. With the defeat of the Yurt Empire in 2102T the company was returned to private ownership. In order to survive, BSA rapidly diversified into many other areas of manufacturing and quickly established itself in the Principality of Breakout and adjacent regions. Curiously BSAís flagship product is now a range of high performance racing gravbikes, widely sought by enthusiasts through out the Empire.

Iralakhy TLC

Iralakhy is an Efrip company formed on Ewolsf {Yumacuza 3121} during the First Dark Age before the arrival of the Terrans in the Cloud. Iralakhy is a leading producer of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Iralakhy is the largest Efrip company within the Empire. Iralakhy holds to several archaic Efrip corporate customs (such as holding a portion of itís shareholding as a trust fund for the benefit of itís employees) which sets the company apart from the normal Terran corporate model. Iralakhy includes itís employees at all levels of corporate policy making and enjoys the best employee/employer relations of any of the major corporations. Despite strong interests in Bioengineering and related fields, Iralakhy has consistently refused to become involved with biochemical weapons.

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