The Magellanic Marines

The Terran Magellanic Empire maintains the Terran Magellanic MarineService as it’s principle ground forces. The Marines were formed as a responseto the problems revealed by the First Mwoah War. The Marines are intendedas a ready reaction force able to quickly respond in a crisis; allowingfor the mobilisation of more substantial Diadochi forces.

The Imperial Magellanic Marines

The Imperial decree of 2214T that created the Marine Service lists therole of the Marines as "To act to protect the interests and stability ofthe Empire and the safety of its officials and citizens in times of crisis;and to render such assistance as may be required by the properly empoweredcivil authorities, providing that such assistance does not interfere withit’s primary role in defence of the realm". The decree further prohibitscurrent serving or reserve military personnel from holding the positionsof either Seneschal of Defence or Deputy Seneschal of Defence for the Marines,thus establishing the principle of civilian control of the Marines.

The Legions

The Legion is the basic operational unit of the Marines. Each Legionis a self contained combined arms combat unit and there are currently elevenactive Legions. Each Legion consists of two infantry battlegroups and onecavalry battlegroup (the named Albion Legion is an exception, having anadditional infantry battlegroup, giving a total of three); in additionto a reconnaissance battalion, an engineer battalion and a heavy artillerybattalion. Currently during peacetime one Legion is deployed with eachNaval Station and the remaining Legions are held as a central reserve.

In addition to these forces there is the Jneril Eiahya Legion and theQuerad Brigade. The Eiahya Legion is organised as a standard Marine Legion,but while it is under the tactical command of the Marines, administrativelyit is a completely separate organisation; recruited from and funded exclusivelyby non-Imperial Jneril. The Querad Brigade is an ad hoc unit with the strengthof one infantry and one cavalry battlegroup. It is manned by personneldrawn from other existing Marine units on a temporary basis; and is deployedin the Querad Union under the Treaty of Hakkon.

Regimental Organisation

The Marine regiments are the core of the Marine Service, each regimentis an independent administrative unit responsible for both recruitmentand training. The regiments fiercely retain their independence and separateesprit de corp. Regiments are assigned a seniority according to their dateof formation (older regiments have a higher seniority) and some fiercerivalries exist between the various regiments.

There are currently two types of Marine regiments; infantry and cavalry.Both are in fact balanced combined arms forces, differing only in the proportionsof troops. Each regiment is organised into a number of battalions; currentlya line regiment will consist of 3 active line battalions, an artillerybattalion, a reconnaissance company, an engineer company, a reserve battalionand a training battalion, numbered sequentially (by tradition the reservebattalion is always numbered as the 13th battalion and the training battalionas the 14th battalion); the reconnaissance and engineer companies are numberedsequentially as independent companies. The combat units are then organisedinto a battlegroup and assigned to a Legion. During peacetime, a regimentwill only maintain one battlegroup, but during wartime, additional battlegroupsmay be raised in order to form additional legions. Each line battalionwill consist of 4 line companies, a reconnaissance platoon and an artillerybattery. In an infantry regiment, a line company will consist of 2 infantryplatoons, a cavalry platoon and a support platoon; whilst in a cavalryregiment the proportions of infantry and cavalry are reversed.

During peacetime the reserve battalion in mainly an administrative unit,maintaining records of the regiments reserve personnel and ensuring thatthey attend regular reserve musters (generally 3 or 4 weeks a year) toensure that their skills remain current. During wartime it will musterand retrain the regiment’s reserve personnel. It will then act as an additionaltraining battalion. The training battalion’s function is to train the regiment’srecruits and to ensure that it’s current active personnel are fully conversantwith the most up to date tactics and equipment.

In addition to these units, each regiment also maintains a ShipboardService Command. Theoretically this is a purely administrative unit whichdraws troops from the line units for temporary service aboard Navy ships.In practice the Shipboard Service Units have evolved into permanent units.Thus a Marine regiment may also produce several shipboard units (rangingfrom squad to battalion size); and though the personnel for these unitsare drawn from the regiment’s line units on a rotating basis, the regimentis deliberately kept sufficiently over strength so that there is no effectiveloss to the line units. Shipboard Service Units are named for the shipon which they serve (thus the Marine company serving aboard the ship ofthe line "Warspite" is called the Warspite Company). Shipboard units areentirely composed of infantry.

Non-Human Units

Whilst the majority of the personnel serving in the Marines are TerranHumans, numerous other races are also represented. In the case of non-TerranHumans, these generally serve in the same units (though the Corps of Guidesand the Ekahkg Rislfelir are composed entirely of Imperial citizens ofEfrip and Akhrini decent). Non-Humans generally serve in support unitsso as to ease the logistical problems. However three Marine regiments arerecruited entirely from non-Humans. The Frontier Regiment (recruited fromvarious Imperial non-Human citizens); the Voidward Musketeers (recruitedfrom Imperial Dk’arek citizens); and the Jlinaa Arquebusiers (recruitedfrom Imperial Jneril citizens). In addition the entire Eiahya Legion isrecruited from non-Imperial Jneril.

Current Marine Regiments

Cavalry Regiments

Infantry RegimentsEiahya LegionProvisional Units

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