Vilani colonisation of the Rim

The rimward provinces of the Ziru Sirka were placed under the control of the Sharurshid Bureau and the colonisation patterns followed those of Sharurshid throughout the Ziru Sirka. Sharurshid was concerned mainly with trade and speculation and as might be expected its colonisation programs reflected this. The region was first visited by Vilani influenced traders around 1500 BC when they made contact with the Vegans. The eventually received jump drives and other advanced technologies from these traders and by 800 BC they had colonised a number of nearby worlds. With the start of the Consolidation Wars it was inevitable that the Vilani would eventually seek to incorporate the Vegans. Since the Vegans were never a major interstellar power and their worlds were on the fringes of “known space”, the Consolidation Wars came late to the Vegans. Eventually however the Vilani did turn their attention to the Vegans and in 54 BC the Vilani Sharurshid was assigned the task of incorporating the Vegans.

The Sharurshid campaign against the Vegans followed a predictable pattern established by Sharurshid against countless other minor races. The first step was the establishment of Vilani colonies nearby to provide a base of operations. Not only did these colonies provide a base for military operations when they proved to be necessary, but they allowed Sharurshid to conduct aggressive economic warfare against the Vegans in an attempt to absorb them without resort to force. This opening phase in the Vegan Campaigns lasted until 6 BC. By this stage the Vilani plan had become quite apparent to the Vegans and they tensions between them and Sharurshid had been on the increase for some time. A minor incident sparked a clash of arms that turned into a full scale war. The First Vegan War lasted only 8 years before it was clear to Sharurshid that they could not yet triumph over the Vegans. As a result Sharurshid made peace and then resumed further colonisation and aggressive economic warfare. The Vegans attempted to resist the Vilani as best they could, but increasingly the weight of Sharurshid’s resources was felt and the Vegans position weakened. In 104 AD Sharurshid had become convinced that peaceful incorporation of the Vegans was impossible and that they had built up sufficient strength in the region to allow a successful military conquest. Thus began the Second Vegan War. The Vegans put up a spirited resistance, but the superior resources of Sharurshid was unstoppable and by 114 AD the Vegans had been incorporated into the Ziru Sirka.

With the conquest of the Vegans, Sharurshid scouts fanned out through the region to ensure that the Vegans had not passed on the secret of jump drives to any other race. If these scouts had discovered any other race with jump drives the process would have begun again. When these scouts did not find any such race Sharurshid settled down to exploit the newly acquired territory in an attempt to offset the costs of absorbing it. Colonies were established on promising worlds to build up markets, valuable resource deposits were mapped and exploited, and the regions industrial base was converted from focusing on military needs to a focus on consumer goods. With that the rim slipped into relative obscurity, a breakaway Vilani state was established around Dingir in 987 AD and then forcibly incorporated into the Ziru Sirka in 1103 AD; the established colonies were allowed to grow and when it proved to be economically attractive new ones were established. But the province remained a peaceful backwater until first contact with the Terrans in 2096 AD.

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