AK 111 class Ketch

 Tons: 100 Td (SL Short Rnd Cylinder Hypersonic)
 Crew: 2/4
 Cargo: 38 Td (1 x Large Cargo Hatch, Handling: 1 x 54 ton)
 Volume: 1400m3
 Passengers High/Med: 0/4
 Cost: 13.956 MCr (25% bulk discount)
 Mass (L/C): 1300t/699t
 Passengers Low: 0
 Maintenance Points: 29
 Dimensions: 19.8m x 9.9m x 9.9m
 Troops/Science: 0/0
 Tech Level: 11
 Size: 8
 Frozen Watch: 0

 Controls: Dynamic, High automation. 3 x Comp (CM: 1.0 CP: 1.0). No bridge.
 Communications: 1 x Radio (50,000km, 0.02MW). 1 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
 Sensors: 1 x PEMS (12.5 [1.6mkm], 0MW). 1 x AEMS (8, 0.06MW).
 Signatures: Vis:0, IR:-0.5 (-0.5 at 30MW, -1 at 5MW), Act:0, Neu:-1,

 1 x PD Laser (+0) 1/0-0-0-0 [1,50/5-3-1-1] (LR) [Point defence ROF 800]

 1 Jump (10 Td/pc fuel)
 0.3/0.6 Manoeuvre (Thruster: 10MW)
 1/1.8 Contra-grav (17MW)
 839kph/1410kph Atmosphere (Cruise: 629kph/1058kph)
 1 Power (Fission: 31MW, 1yr)
 0 Battery
 10 Fuel (Scoop: 3, Purif: 4, 1MW)
 0/8/0/0/0 Accommodations (8 x Sanitary Fittings)
 104 Person/Weeks Life Support (Type: Extended, Normal Food [Stored])
 0 G-Comp
 0 ESA
 0 Sandcasters
 0 Damper Turrets
 0 Damper Screen
 0 Meson Screen
 0 Force Field
 0 Gravtics
 0 [20] Armour, 8 Structure

 1 x Decontamination Airlock
 1 x Ship's locker (0.05 Td ea.)
 1 x 10 Td Fuel Bladder (1 Td ea.)
 1 x Ordinary Galley (Cap: 8)

Small Craft

 Power & Fuel:

Crew Details
 2 x Helm
 1 x Gunner/Steward
 1 x Medical

Combat data card (6.75Kb pdf v3 format)

The AK 111 class Ketch was an upgraded TL 11 version of the older AK 100. Externally identical (utilising the same hull), it featured greatly improved habitability (including gravitic compensators) and a much improved electronic suite. It also replaced the AK 100'sprimitive fusion drive with a thruster unit of much greater power. However, despite these improvements and a 52% increase in cargo capacity, it was never to achieve the same level of popularity as its predecessor.

In service the AK 111 proved that it had lost none of the AK 100's rugged reliability or ease of maintaince. In 2186 AD the AK 111 was selected by the Terran Confederation for crash production in response to critical merchant losses in the opening phase of the 4th Interstellar War. One of the ships in this emergency program, the Lucky Dragon, was built in only 5 weeks; an achievement which has never been repeated. However as the situation stabilised, production was scaled back in favour of larger and more efficient designs. None the less, the AK 111 remained in production well into the period, and the last example was not completed until the late 23rd Century.

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