Arkansas class Battleship

 Tons: 10000 Td (SL Wedge Hypersonic)
 Crew: 157/246
 Cargo: 38 Td (1 Large Cargo Hatch, Handling: 2 x 220 ton)
 Volume: 140000m3
 Passengers High/Med: 4/10
 Cost: 21549.145 MCr
 Mass (L/C): 147925t/143024t
 Passengers Low: 0
 Maintenance Points: 5749
 Dimensions: 162.3m x 111.4m x 46.4m
 Troops/Science: 0/0
 Tech Level: 10
 Size: 10
 Frozen Watch: 0

 Controls: Dynamic, High automation. 15 x FibComp (CM: 0.45 CP: 2.22).
 Communications: 1 x Dir Radio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 2 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
 Sensors: 1 x PEMS (14 [50mkm], 0.2MW). 1 x AEMS (12 [1.6mkm], 50MW).
          2 x LIDAR (15.5 [5mkm], 10MW).
 ECM: 1 x Radio Jammer (1,000AU, 0.4MW). 1 x Area. Jammer (12, 3125MW).
      1 x Decp. Jammer (12, 6.25MW). 1 x Pas. Jammer (15, 2.5MW).
      1 x Decoy Disp. (1 units ea.).
 Signatures: Vis:0, IR:0.5 (0.5 at 21963MW, 0 at 2955MW), Act:0, Neu:1,

 20 x Heavy Laser Turret (+3) 1/0-0-0-0 [1,800/3-1-1-0] (LR)
 6 x Heavy Laser Bay (+3) 1/4-2-0-0 [4,400/14-7-4-2] (LR)
 2 x Missile Bay Auto 18/18 (Mag: 90 MFD: 500,000km)
       w/108 Cmd DL 1d6/3 [113] 6.7G/10 500,000km
 1 x Heavy Spinal PA (+3) 2/11-11-11-11 [1,100/710-710-710-581] (LR)

 1 Jump (1000 Td/pc fuel)
 3/3.1 Manoeuvre (HEPlaR: 21840MW, 17.5 G-hours)
 0/0 Contra-grav
 3880kph/3934kph Atmosphere (Cruise: 2910kph/2951kph)
 6 Power (Fusion: 29548MW, 0.25yr)
 0 Battery
 4379.1 Fuel (Scoop: 11, Purif: 72, 41MW)
 0/245/15/24/0 Accommodations (270 x Sanitary Fittings)
 3510 Person/Weeks Life Support (Type: Extended, Normal Food [Stored])
 0 G-Comp (GTanks: 68 Passenger, 192 Crew)
 0 ESA
 10 Sandcasters (AV: 136 Cans: 18)
 0 Damper Turrets
 0 Damper Screen
 0 Meson Screen
 0 Force Field
 0 Gravtics
 30 [136] Armour, 46 Structure

 70 x Airlock
 30 x Decontamination Airlock
 2 x Docking Umbilical
 2 x Electronic Shop (6 Td ea.)
 2 x Machine Shop (10 Td ea.)
 4 x Sickbay (8 Td ea.)
 1 x Ship's locker (5 Td ea.)
 10 x Prisoner Capacity (0/0/10)
 5 x Armoury (1.79 Td ea.)
 5 x Gym (2.5 Td ea.)
 2 x Full Galley (Cap: 140)

Small Craft
 1 x Spacious Hanger (50 Td, 2 hatches)

 Communications: 1 x Dir Radio (1,000AU). 2 x Laser (1,000AU).
 Sensors: 1 x PEMS (14 [50mkm]). 1 x AEMS (12 [1.6mkm]).
          8 x LIDAR (15.5 [5mkm]).
 ECM: 1 x Decp. Jammer (12). 2 x Pas. Jammer (15).
 Power & Fuel:

Crew Details
 6 x Helm
 104 x Engineering
 14 x Maintenance
 39 x Gunnery
 10 x Screens
 30 x Troops
 33 x Command
 8 x Stewards
 2 x Medical

Combat data card (7.51Kb pdf v3 format)

The Arkansas class was an interesting example of the various Terran capital ships employed during the 1st Interstellar War. It was both the ultimate expression of the type and the prototype of later Terran Battleships. The class was one of the first to abandon the airframe cylinder in favour of the streamlined wedge hull form that was to later distinguish Terran capital ships. They also featured a strong battery of point defence lasers which had proven to be necessary against the heavy missile armament of Vilani ships. Despite these advanced (for the time) features, the class also retained many of the characteristics of earlier Terran warships. They lacked both gravitic compensators and contra-grav drives (the later making wilderness refuelling particularly difficult in the absence of an airframe hull); The point defence lasers lack any offensive capability; and they were designed to operate for long periods with the crew in free fall.

Designed for the USSF during the 1st War, only two examples (the Arkansas and Montana) were completed in time to see service in that conflict. Of the other six laid down, one (the Maine) was commissioned shortly before the end of the war, but had not completed working up prior to the armistice; two (the New Hampshire and Kentucky) were completed after the war and the remaining three (the Texas, Oregon and Alaska) were completed to a revised design as non-jump capable guardships (jump drives removed in favour of more fuel and better manoeuvre drives). The class rapidly became obsolete after the 1st War and they had been relegated to the reserve long before the outbreak of the 2nd War. They spent most of the 2nd War engaged in secondary duties such as rear area patrols and convoy escorts, but with the heavy loses suffered in the Siege of Nusku; they were deployed to Fenris as guardships in 2137 AD when the Vilani launched their counter offensive. Forming the 6th Battle Squadron, the five members of the class bore the brunt of the initial Vilani attack and four were eventually lost. However not before they had destroyed nine enemy Light Cruisers and at least 16 smaller vessels. Eventually the heavily damaged sole survivor (the Arkansas) withdrew into the mainworld's atmosphere and survived until the system was relieved. Due to her obsolescence and the damage she had suffered, the Arkansas was not repaired; and with the end of the 2nd War she was converted into a remote controlled target vessel. Remarkably she survived in this role until 2269 AD, when she was finally expended as a target for the experimental meson gun project.

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