Chen Yuan class Frigate

 Tons: 5000 Td (AF Short Rnd Cylinder Hypersonic)
 Crew: 123/179
 Cargo: 54 Td (1 x Large Cargo Hatch, Handling: 2 x 280 ton)
 Volume: 70000m3
 Passengers High/Med: 2/4
 Cost: 10447.79 MCr
 Mass (L/C): 104486t/102334t
 Passengers Low: 2
 Maintenance Points: 4209
 Dimensions: 73.1m x 36.3m x 36.3m
 Troops/Science: 0/0
 Tech Level: 11
 Size: 9
 Frozen Watch: 0

 Controls: Dynamic, High automation. 15 x FibComp (CM: 0.4 CP: 2.5).
           Terrain following sensors (TF: 450, NOE: 150). Bridge.
 Communications: 1 x Radio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 2 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
 Sensors: 1 x PEMS (14 [50mkm], 0.2MW). 1 x AEMS (11.5 [0.5mkm], 5MW).
          2 x LIDAR (14.5 [500kkm], 1MW).
 ECM: 1 x Radio Jammer (1,000AU, 0.4MW). 1 x Area. Jammer (11, 390MW).
      1 x Decp. Jammer (11, 0.78MW). 1 x Pas. Jammer (15, 3.12MW).
 Signatures: Vis:0, IR:0.5 (0.5 at 12247MW, 0 at 1977MW), Act:-0.5, Neu:1,

 6 x Heavy Laser Turret (+3) 1/0-0-0-0 [1,800/17-9-5-2] (LR)
 2 x Light Laser Bay (+3) 1/6-4-2-2 [20,800/5-3-1-1] (LR)
 1 x Missile Bay Auto 8/8 (Mag: 104 MFD: 500,000km)
       w/112 Cmd DL 1d6/3 [94] 7.2G/11 500,000km
 1 x Light Spinal PA (+3) 2/11-11-11-8 [1,300/446-446-446-243] (LR)

 2 Jump (500 Td/pc fuel)
 4/4 Manoeuvre (Thruster: 10325MW)
 1/1 Contra-grav (1392MW)
 3749kph/3780kph Atmosphere (Cruise: 2812kph/2835kph)
 8 Power (Fusion: 19765MW, 1yr)
 0 Battery
 1211.8 Fuel (Scoop: 6, Purif: 24, 30MW)
 0/170/15/2/0 Accommodations (200 x Sanitary Fittings)
 2600 Person/Weeks Life Support (Type: Extended, Normal Food [Stored])
 2 G-Comp (GTanks: 56 Passenger, 129 Crew)
 0 ESA
 0 Sandcasters
 0 Damper Turrets
 0 Damper Screen
 0 Meson Screen
 0 Force Field
 0 Gravtics
 30 [136] Armour, 38 Structure

 32 x Airlock
 18 x Decontamination Airlock
 2 x Docking Umbilical
 1 x Electronic Shop (6 Td ea.)
 1 x Machine Shop (10 Td ea.)
 2 x Sickbay (8 Td ea.)
 1 x Ship's locker (2.5 Td ea.)
 15 x Prisoner Capacity (0/12/3)
 1 x Armoury (1.32 Td ea.)
 2 x Gym (2.5 Td ea.)
 1 x Ordinary Galley (Cap: 20)
 2 x Full Galley (Cap: 100)
 37 x Drop Capsule Launcher (1 ready capsule ea.)

Small Craft
 1 x Spacious Hanger (20 Td, 1 hatch)

 Communications: 2 x Radio (1,000AU). 4 x Laser (1,000AU).
 Sensors: 1 x PEMS (14 [50mkm]). 1 x AEMS (11.5 [0.5mkm]).
          4 x LIDAR (14.5 [500kkm]).
 ECM: 1 x Area. Jammer (11). 1 x Decp. Jammer (11). 1 x Pas. Jammer (15).
 Power & Fuel:

Crew Details
 5 x Helm
 88 x Engineering
 6 x Maintenance
 12 x Gunnery
 37 x Troops
 24 x Command
 6 x Steward
 1 x Medical

Combat data card (7.49Kb pdf v3 format)

The Chen Yuan class Frigates were one of the most popular commands with Terran officers during the Interstellar Wars. Originally intended as general purpose cruising ships, the Chen Yuan class was designed during the 2nd Interstellar War, when it replaced the smaller Emden class as the standard production Terran Frigate. The design is fairly representative of the early Terran Frigate. It was built around a powerful spinal particle accelerator; utilised an airframe hull; and had relatively light armour and only modest acceleration. The class proved to be successful most of its roles, but was eventually replaced as the standard design by larger vessels after the 4th War. However the class had proven to be very successful as a deep penetration raider and remained in limited production until well after the end of the 7th War, remaining popular in this role until the end of the Nth Wars. The classes large marine contingent and their ability to insert them from orbit proved to be very useful in this role (they often carried an extra 20 Td barge in their hanger to assist in retrieval).

Many examples of the class were transferred to the Vegan Polity after its liberation in 2269 AD and large numbers of them could be found in the Polity's fleet well into the Rule of Man period. As the Terrans advanced during the Nth War many examples of the class found their way into the hands of other Vilani subject races as they rebelled against the Ziru Sirka. The class was popular with many of these subjects, several of whom even put the class into limited production. Thus Chen Yuans could be found throughout charted space well into the Long Night.

One of the best know examples of the class was the Brandywine. Built in 2228 AD, the Brandywine had a fairly unremarkable career until she was assigned to the Prometheus Project in 2248 AD. She was then employed by the CEIB to channel supplies and technical assistance to the Vegans. Present in the Muan Gwi system when the Vegan rebellion broke out in 2269 AD the Brandywine destroyed the minor naval assets the Vilani had deployed and provided vital orbital support to the rebels. Her presence delayed the news of the rebellion from reaching the Vilani provincial government for several weeks and ensured that the Confederation was rapidly appraised of the situation. After the 8th War, the Brandywine was presented to the Vegan Polity who preserved her as a memorial to the rebellion.

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