Galamlur Type 1
(Dingir class) Attack Cruiser

 Tons: 50000 Td (SL Med Disc Hypersonic)
 Crew: 2249/2485
 Cargo: 120 Td (2 x Large Cargo Hatches, Handling: 3 x 492 ton)
 Volume: 700000m3
 Passengers High/Med: 10/35
 Cost: 204031.795 MCr
 Mass (L/C): 1253942t/1241440t
 Passengers Low: 0
 Maintenance Points: 43338
 Dimensions: 164.1m x 164.1m x 33m
 Troops/Science: 0/0
 Tech Level: 11
 Size: 10
 Frozen Watch: 0

 Controls: Dynamic, Standard automation. 15 x FibComp (CM: 0.4 CP: 2.5).
 Communications: 1 x Dir Radio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 1 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
 Sensors: 1 x PEMS (13.5 [16mkm], 0.02MW). 1 x AEMS (12 [1.6mkm], 50MW).
          2 x LIDAR (14.5 [500kkm], 1MW).
 ECM: 1 x Area. Jammer (11, 312.5MW). 1 x Decp. Jammer (12, 6.25MW).
      1 x Pas. Jammer (15, 2.5MW). 1 x Decoy Disp. (2 units ea.).
      1 x Act. Decoy Disp. (2 units ea.).
 Signatures: Vis:-0.5, IR:1.5 (1.5 at 177083MW, 1 at 19459MW), Act:0,
             Neu:2, Grav:2

 20 x Heavy Laser Turret (+3) 1/6-4-2-0 [4,800/20-11-5-3] (LR)
 4 x Light Laser Bay (+3) 1/7-7-6-4 [4,200/47-47-36-18] (LR)
 6 x Light Missile Bays Auto 16/16 (Mag: 224 MFD: 500,000km)
       w/240 Cmd DL 1d6/2 [61] 8.3G/11 500,000km
 3 x Heavy Missile Bays Auto 8/8 (Mag: 80 MFD: 500,000km)
       w/88 Ind DL 1d6/3 [113] 6G/8
 1 x Heavy Spinal PA (+3) 2/11-11-11-11 [1,100/668-668-668-668] (LR)

 2 Jump (5000 Td/pc fuel)
 5/5 Manoeuvre (Thruster: 155225MW)
 1/1 Contra-grav (16758MW)
 4853kph/4867kph Atmosphere (Cruise: 3640kph/3650kph)
 8 Power (Fusion: 194593MW, 0.25yr)
 0 Battery
 10521.2 Fuel (Scoop: 5, Purif: 72, 86MW)
 0/2498/32/0/0 Accommodations (2580 x Sanitary Fittings)
 33540 Person/Weeks Life Support (Type: Extended, Normal Food [Stored])
 2 G-Comp (GTanks: 433 Passenger, 2097 Crew)
 0 ESA
 8 Sandcasters (AV: 201 Cans: 24)
 0 Damper Turrets
 0 Damper Screen
 0 Meson Screen
 0 Force Field
 0 Gravtics
 90 [633] Armour, 53 Structure

 500 x Decontamination Airlock
 4 x Docking Umbilical
 4 x Electronic Shop (6 Td ea.)
 4 x Machine Shop (10 Td ea.)
 6 x Sickbay (8 Td ea.)
 1 x Ship's locker (25 Td ea.)
 50 x Prisoner Capacity (0/35/15)
 1 x Armoury (2 Td ea.)
 6 x Gym (2.5 Td ea.)
 10 x Full Galley (Cap: 260)

Small Craft
 2 x Spacious Hanger (80 Td, 2 hatches)

 Communications: 3 x Dir Radio (1,000AU). 3 x Laser (1,000AU).
 Sensors: 6 x PEMS (13.5 [16mkm]). 2 x AEMS (12 [1.6mkm]).
          12 x LIDAR (14.5 [500kkm]).
 ECM: 1 x Area. Jammer (11). 1 x Decp. Jammer (12). 2 x Pas. Jammer (15).
 Power & Fuel:

Crew Details
 9 x Helm
 1 x Electronics
 1694 x Engineering
 205 x Maintenance
 45 x Gunnery
 8 x Screens
 22 x Flight
 56 x Troops
 340 x Command
 85 x Stewards
 20 x Medical

Combat data card (7.64Kb pdf v3 format)

The Type 1 Galamlur (offensive patrolship, usually translated as attack cruiser) stands apart from virtually all other Vilani designs of the Interstellar Wars era. Also known as the Dingir class, it was designed as an emulation of the Terran Ships of the Line at the behest of the remarkable Diikagkarunii (Provincial Governor) Sharik Yangila. The design itself was an interesting combination of Terran and Vilani design philosophies. The most striking feature was the spinal particle accelerator (a weapon found on very few Vilani designs), along with the extended endurance (13 Terran weeks as against the Vilani standard of 4 weeks) and use of a fully closed loop life support system (copied from ancient pre-jump Vilani sublight designs). All of these features were inspired by the Terran Ships of the Line, while the class still retained the classic Vilani blocky rounded hull form, the lower level of automation (forced by the nature of the Vilani caste system), the substantial missile battery (though much lighter than traditional Vilani designs), and the extensive ECM suite. Unusually for Vilani warships, the members of the class were assigned individual names following the Terran pattern, taking their names from Vilani worlds in the Kushuggi (Solomani Rim) sector.

Though the class represented a very interesting experiment, it was not a fully "mature" design, having several weaknesses (the poor sandcaster battery, relatively low powered spinal mount, the use of multiple low powered lasers linked into "batteries" etc). Many later naval architects have speculated on the likely evolution of the type had the Vilani preserved with its development. The type 1 was replaced with the much improved type 1a during the 4th War, but further development was abandoned with the fall of Sharik Yangila. However the Type 1a continued to be produced in large numbers and examples served with the Kushuggi provincial fleet until its final defeat during the 9th War.

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