Kaiilur Type 71j Light Cruiser

 Tons: 25000  Td (SL Med Disc Hypersonic)
 Crew: 839/1017
 Cargo: 70 Td (4 x Large Cargo Hatches, Handling: 2 x 414 ton)
 Volume: 350000m3
 Passengers High/Med: 3/10
 Cost: 54870.326 MCr (25% bulk discount)
 Mass (L/C): 521542t/515549t
 Passengers Low: 0
 Maintenance Points: 20301
 Dimensions: 130.3m x 130.3m x 26.2m
 Troops/Science: 0/0
 Tech Level: 11
 Size: 10
 Frozen Watch: 0

 Controls: Dynamic, Standard automation. 27 x FibComp (CM: 0.4 CP: 2.5).
 Communications: 1 x Radio (50,000km, 0.02MW). 1 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
 Sensors: 1 x Fld PEMS (14 [50mkm] Fld, 0.2MW).
          2 x AEMS (12 [1.6mkm], 50MW).
          2 x Fld LIDAR (15.5 [5mkm] Fld, 10MW).
 ECM: 1 x Fld Area. Jammer (11 Fld, 312.5MW).
      1 x Fld Decp. Jammer (12 Fld, 6.25MW).
      1 x Fld Pas. Jammer (15 Fld, 2.5MW). 1 x Decoy Disp. (2 units ea.).
 Signatures: Vis:0, IR:0.5 (0.5 at 61428MW, 0 at 6735MW), Act:0, Neu:1,

 30 x Heavy Laser Turret (+3) 1/0-0-0-0 [1,400/8-4-2-1] (LR)
 4 x Light Laser Bay (+3) 1/7-7-6-4 [4,200/47-47-36-18] (LR)
 20 x Light Missile Bay Auto 16/16 (Mag: 224 MFD: 500,000km)
        w/240 Cmd DL 1d6/2 [61] 8.3G/11 500,000km
 12 x Heavy Missile Bay Auto 8/8 (Mag: 80 MFD: 500,000km)
        w/88 Ind DL 1d6/3 [113] 6G/8

 2 Jump (2500 Td/pc fuel)
 4/4 Manoeuvre (Thruster: 51625MW)
 1/1 Contra-grav (6958MW)
 4482kph/4510kph Atmosphere (Cruise: 3364kph/3383kph)
 5 Power (Fusion: 67345MW, 0.08yr)
 0 Battery
 5057.7 Fuel (Scoop: 5, Purif: 16, 186MW)
 0/1010/20/0/0 Accommodations (1050 x Sanitary Fittings)
 4200 Person/Weeks Life Support (Type: Standard, Normal Food [Stored])
 2 G-Comp
 0 ESA
 20 Sandcasters (AV: 201 Cans: 15)
 0 Damper Turrets
 0 Damper Screen
 0 Meson Screen
 0 Force Field
 0 Gravtics
 60 [294] Armour, 46 Structure

 250 x Decontamination Airlock
 2 x Docking Umbilical
 4 x Electronic Shop (6 Td ea.)
 4 x Machine Shop (10 Td ea.)
 6 x Sickbay (8 Td ea.)
 1 x Ship's locker (12.5 Td ea.)
 20 x Prisoner Capacity (0/0/20)
 1 x Armoury (1.25 Td ea.)
 5 x Full Galley (Cap: 210)
 35 x Drop Capsule Launcher (1 ready capsule ea.)

Small Craft
 1 x Minimal Hanger (200 Td, 2 hatches)

 Communications: 2 x Radio (50,000km). 2 x Laser (1,000AU).
 Sensors: 3 x Fld PEMS (14 [50mkm] Fld). 2 x AEMS (12 [1.6mkm]).
          10 x Fld LIDAR (15.5 [5mkm] Fld).
 ECM: 1 x Fld Area. Jammer (11 Fld). 1 x Fld Decp. Jammer (12 Fld).
      3 x Fld Pas. Jammer (15 Fld).
 Power & Fuel:

Crew Details
 8 x Helm
 1 x Electronics
 598 x Engineering
 93 x Maintenance
 66 x Gunnery
 20 x Screens
 15 x Flight
 35 x Troops
 139 x Command
 34 x Steward
 8 x Medical

Combat data card (7.59Kb pdf v3 format)

The Type 71j small patrolship (Kaiilur, usually translated as Light Cruiser) formed the bulk of the Vilani fleets that faced the Terran Confederation during the early Interstellar Wars. The Type 71j displayed most of the common features of Vilani designs of the era: the flattened disk hull form, the heavy missile battery forming their main armament, the limited endurance (restricted to 672 standard hours, or 21 Vilani days), and the use of folding sensor arrays to maximise the effective surface area.

The Type 71j had served the Vilani well for the previous 1500 years, but proved to be outclassed by the Terran Ships of the Line with their powerful spinal particle accelerators. As a result of the sweeping reforms conducted by governor Sharik Yangila prior to the 4th Interstellar War, the Type 71j was largely replaced by the Type 93e in the provincial fleet. However large numbers of existing Type 71j's continued in service and more arrived from Sharurshid's central reserves after the 5th War.

The best known example of the Type 71j was the Kaiilur 453090. Deployed on rear area patrol duties during the 5th Interstellar War. Under the command of Egururir (Ship Leader) Gami Amidagiim, the 453090 reached a peak of efficiency with its rigorous adherence to established procedures which resulted in the destruction of no less than 197 Terran Raiders. Eventually the 453090 was heavily damaged in a battle with the Vanguard class [NOTE: this is an external link] Battleship Fatikh and her crew split up while the 453090 was repaired.

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