The Missile Boats

One of the notable differences between Terran and Vilani crews was the aggressive attitude of Terran small ship commanders, notably the captains of Missile Boats.

This is evidenced in the Terran practices of kill markings on the vessel's sides or nose, naming such small craft, and the publicity given to high scoring commanders and crews - much in the way that submarine commanders or fighter pilots in earlier Terran wars had been feted.

This generated a mystique around these men and women which damaged Vilani morale. Rather than seeing their opponents as rational beings who were fighting in a logical manner, Vilani came to believe that Terran Missile Boat commanders in particular were maniacs motivated mainly by a quest for personal glory, and so could not be counted on to break off when the fight was going against them. Once Confederation Intelligence discovered this belief system through the interrogation of captured Vilani, they began to deliberately foster it, cultivating the mystique both for the damage it did to Vilani morale and  the psychological boost to their own civilian population and the Missile Boat crews themselves.

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