Orca class Raider

 Tons: 300 Td (AF Short Rnd Cylinder Hypersonic)
 Crew: 6/11
 Cargo: 3 Td (1 x Small Cargo Hatch, Handling: 1 x 42 ton)
 Volume: 4200m3
 Passengers High/Med: 0/0
 Cost: 520.75 MCr (25% bulk discount)
 Mass (L/C): 4609t/4492t
 Passengers Low: 0
 Maintenance Points: 194
 Dimensions: 28.6m x 14.2m x 14.2m
 Troops/Science: 0/0
 Tech Level: 11
 Size: 8
 Frozen Watch: 0

 Controls: Dynamic, High automation. 3 x FibComp (CM: 0.4 CP: 2.5).
           Terrain following sensors (TF: 450, NOE: 150). No bridge.
 Communications: 1 x TB Radio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 2 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
 Sensors: 1 x Sci PEMS (13.5 [16mkm] Sci, 0.02MW).
          1 x Sci AEMS (11 [0.16mkm] Sci, 0.5MW).
          1 x Sci LIDAR (15 [2mkm] Sci, 3.3MW).
 ECM: 1 x Radio Jammer (1,000AU, 0.4MW).
 Signatures: Vis:-0.5, IR:-0.5 (-0.5 at 552MW, -1 at 69MW), Act:-0.5,
             Neu:0, Grav:1

 2 x Heavy Laser Turret (+3) 1/3-2-0-0 [1,100/40-21-11-5] (LR)
 1 x Missile Turret Can 8/4 (Mag: 0 MFD: 500,000km)
       w/8 Cmd DL 1d6/3 [94] 6.1G/11 1,000AU

 2 Jump (30 Td/pc fuel)
 4/4.1 Manoeuvre (Thruster: 455MW)
 0.3/0.3 Manoeuvre (HEPlaR: 63MW, 0.5 G-hours)
 1/1 Contra-grav (61MW)
 3847kph/3887kph Atmosphere (Cruise: 2885kph/2915kph)
 5 Power (Fusion: 693.2MW, 1yr)
 0 Battery
 69.4 Fuel (Scoop: 6, Purif: 24, 2MW)
 0/0/11/0/0 Accommodations
 0/0/11/0/0 Accommodations (11 x Sanitary Fittings)
 143 Person/Weeks Life Support (Type: Extended, Normal Food [Stored])
 2 G-Comp (GTanks: 0 Passenger, 11 Crew)
 0 ESA
 2 Sandcasters (AV: 63 Cans: 12)
 0 Damper Turrets
 0 Damper Screen
 0 Meson Screen
 0 Force Field
 0 Gravtics
 10 [30] Armour, 24 Structure

 3 x Decontamination Airlock
 1 x Docking Umbilical
 1 x Ship's locker (0.15 Td ea.)
 1 x Armoury (0.39 Td ea.)
 1 x Gym (2.5 Td ea.)
 1 x Ordinary Galley (Cap: 11)

Small Craft

 Power & Fuel:

Crew Details
 2 x Helm
 3 x Engineering
 3 x Gunnery
 2 x Screens
 1 x Command

Combat data card (7.31Kb pdf v3 format)

The Orca class raiders were one of the most successful Terran warship designs during the Interstellar Wars. They were built for the simple purpose of destroying enemy commerce, a role in which they were extremely effective. First employed during the 3rd War, the Orcas continued in service until well after the end of the Interstellar Wars, even though they had become obsolete by the end of the 7th Interstellar War. During the early Wars the Orca's favoured tactic was to hide either in a gas giant atmosphere or a planetary hydrosphere, utilising their long endurance, massive structural strength and radiation shielding to await targets as they attempted to refuel. When a target presented itself they would use their excellent acceleration and manoeuvrability (due mainly to their airframe hull) to achieve a quick kill before any response could be launched. Their massive strength (the Orca's were theoretically able to withstand up to 25g's of stress with no difficulty) then usually allowed them to dive to extreme depths to escape pursuit. These tactics proved to so effective that by the 4th War the Vilani had abandoned wartime wilderness refuelling in all but the most extreme circumstances.

The Orca featured a number of unusual design features. The most obvious was the auxiliary 0.3g HEPlaR manoeuvre drive, this was intended to allow limited manoeuvre beyond the effective limitations of thruster plates to enable the ship to utilise deep space resupply depots. The ship also features a full large stateroom for each crew member and a fully equipped gym to reduce crew strain on long deployments. These features along with the ships small cargo capacity made the class ideal for inserting covert operations teams (by using double occupancy up to 11 extra individuals could be accommodated for short duration's). During peacetimes the Orca's made were extensively employed as both advanced scouts for the Terran's rimward exploration and in general patrol duties.

The most famous example of the class was the Røgede Sild. Under the command of Lieutenant Karen Atterdag, she was responsible for the destruction of more than 1,470,000 Td of Vilani merchant shipping and no less than 42 warships (including a 25,000 Td Type 71j light cruiser) over a five year period during the 3rd War. Leftenant Atterdag was one of the most charismatic Terran officers during the War and received a double bar to her Terran Cross, along with many other decorations. Her disappearance behind Vilani lines in 2152 AD still remains unexplained, despite an extensive search of Vilani records no trace of her or the Røgede Sild was ever found.

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