Ships of the Interstellar Wars

The Interstellar Wars produced a wide variety of starships. The Vilani relied on their wide range of traditional designs which had served them well for millennia, while the Terrans created many unique and innovative designs. Both races used a number of differing design philosophies, but there were some common distinguishing characteristics on both sides.

All of these ships were created using Andy Akin's excellent FFSv3.2 spreadsheet, which utilises the Fire, Fusion and Steel II design system. Each of the ships has a record card for Bruce Macintosh's MCS combat system (in pdf format). Some other examples of ships of the Interstellar wars can be found at Rob Day's website. So without further ado I take great pleasure in presenting:

Terran Warships

Terran Merchant Ships Vilani Warships Vilani Merchant Ships

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