Debrovi Grav APC (TL9)

Designed by Andrew Moffatt-Vallance

4.00 displacement ton box streamlined; 44.9 tonnes; MCr 4.26
56.0 kL box streamlined (5.9 m long x 3.0 m wide x 3.0 m high); Structure: 2.88 tonnes of composite laminate, rated for 3.4Gs, body 1.0 cm thick, sealed to 10 atm
Armour: 12 front (3.7 cm, moderate slope), 8 sides (1.7 cm), 8 rear (1.7 cm), 7 top (1.0 cm), 7 bottom (1.0 cm)
2.90 MW TL8 Turbine, MHD power plant; Fuel: 1.74 kL of high-grade hcarb (1.74 tonnes), 6 hours supply
Propulsion System: 2.79 MW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power; Maximum Speed: 191 km/h; Range: 1142 km; Agility: 0DM (3.4G)
Crew & Passengers:
Crew roster: pilot, Gunner; 2 crew stations with ejection seats; 20 cramped ejection passenger seats
Standard life support; Airlocks: 1 cramped; Hatches: 2 manual, 1 power
Weapon Damage Range Shots Reloads Notes
Autocannon, Light-8 10 (7 exp) Long 100 400 +4DM, remote turret
Continental Radio (100 kW, TL9, SmVcl, MilSpec, DirAnt, DirFnd)
Regional Laser (1.00 kW, TL9, SmVcl, MilSpec)
Active Regional Radar (2.00 kW, MilSpec, DispArray, MultArray) Resolution: 1.0 mm per km of range
Passive Regional Optical (20 W, MilSpec, DispArray, MultArray) Resolution: 0.199 mm per km of range
Options: automatic sunroof, entertainment centre
Safety Features: licensed for orbital use, anti-hijack system, anti-theft system, Roadgrid, fire suppression system
388 L of cargo space
The Debrovi is a basic no frills Grav APC. Built around the "battlefield taxi" philosophy, the Debrovi can transport up to 20 fully equiped combat troops with relative ease. The Debrovi is theoretically capable of orbital assault, but lacks the defences and sensors of a dedicated assault boat. Still the Debrovi is a useful and cost efficent transport for most forces.

Designed with CSC (software © Robert Prior, 1997)

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