Phoenix La Belle racer (TL9)

Designed by Andrew Moffatt-Vallance

0.40 displacement ton cylinder airframe; 4.79 tonnes; kCr 430
5.59 kL cylinder airframe (4.4 m long x 1.2 m wide x 1.2 m high, wingspan 8.0 m); Structure: 1.39 tonnes of composite laminate, rated for 8.3Gs, body 0.02 cm thick, sealed to 1 atm
Armour: 3 front (0.07 cm), 2 sides (0.02 cm), 2 rear (0.02 cm), 2 top (0.02 cm), 2 bottom (0.02 cm), 2 wing (0.02 cm)
740 kW TL8 Turbine, MHD power plant modified for airless operation with vacuum radiators; Fuel: 222 L of high-grade hcarb (222 kg), 1 hours supply
Propulsion System: 738 kW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power; Maximum Speed: 1168 km/h; Range: 1163 km; Agility: -6DM (8.3G)
Crew roster: pilot, navigator; 2 crew stations with ejection seats
Basic life support; Hatches: 1 manual
Continental Radio (1.00 kW, TL9, SmVcl)
Active Regional Radar (1.00 kW) Resolution: 2.0 cm per km of range
Options: entertainment centre
Safety Features: licensed for orbital use, anti-hijack system, anti-theft system, Roadgrid, fire suppression system
5.80 L of cargo space
Originally designed for the grav stock racing circuit, production La Belle's are highly sort after by young enthusiasts. The La Belle is powered by a MHD turbine modified for vacuum operations and is licenccd for orbital flight. The La Belle utilises an airframe chassis and is capable of unpowered flight in emergencies.

Designed with CSC (software © Robert Prior, 1997)

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