The 4 mm Phoenix G30 Gauss Rifle

The Phoenix G30 is the first civilian gauss rifle to enter volume production. When first introduced by the Phoenix Corporation, it was initially aimed at the 'varmint rifle' market, where it's stealth features are a distinct advantage. However the ease with which the weapon could be converted to fully automatic fire rapidly lead to it's popularity with criminal elements. This in turn lead to the G30 being banned on many worlds. In response to this, the Phoenix Corporation has recently introduced the G30 Series 2, with improved tamperproof electronics and a mechanical linkage in the action. It should be noted that the G30 will be an unreliable weapon if converted to fully automatic fire (assuming a rate limiter is also used, without a rate limiter it will be very unreliable).

The G30 is a conventionally stocked semiautomatic gauss rifle, firing 4 mm ferrotungsten needles from a detachable 20 round magazine. The magazine contains 20 battery banks which power the weapon. These magazines may be recharged from any standard high energy source. The G30 is fitted with an integral laser sight, powered by an internal 5 hour rechargeable battery.

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