The 12 mm ENL Libertad Combat Rifle

The Libertad is a unique weapon. It is produced in a variety of small workshops on Jakob for the Ladian National Army (Ejercito Nacional de Ladia or ENL) and is the closest this organisation comes to having a standard issue weapon. Given the circumstances of it's manufacture, most examples show a surprising degree of craftsmanship and reliability. The weapon itself is a rather unusual design. Instead of using a conventional magazine, it utilises the same principle as handgun revolvers. The Libertad is a single action revolver with a six chambered cylinder and a conventional wooden stock. The Libertad normally uses a preloaded paper cartridge containing both the conical lead bullet and blackpowder charge, but it can also be loaded with loose powder if necessary. The cylinder can be removed and replaced with a preloaded one in a matter of seconds and most users will carry several such cylinders. If necessary, it takes a trained user about 2 to 4 seconds to
reload an individual chamber under combat conditions. Despite the circumstances of its production, the Libertad has found a ready market with collectors off Jakob and several companies now produce copies under licence from the ENL (the ENL uses the licence fees to purchase more advanced weapons to be smuggled on to Jakob).

Whilst the Libertad is theoretically a reliable weapon, the nature of it's manufacture leads to considerable variety in quality. For each weapon throw 1D; a 1, 2 or 3 indicates a reliable weapon, a 4 or 6 indicates an unreliable weapon, whilst a 6 indicates a very unreliable weapon.

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