GEnie/Sunbane Sector Regenerator

A long time ago (when the Apple II offered blinding performance), all the sectors of the Imperium were computer generated. These files were then released to an ftp site. These files are often known as the GEnie or Sunbane files. Now over time many people have expressed concern over the "randomness" of their generation and the degree to which they were checked for play balance (the 13 or so Tech Level 16 worlds in one sector were a bit of a hint there).

To deal with this I developed the Sector Regenerator. This little piece of software takes a raw GEnie sector and regenerates it. It will retain all the information that corresponds to that published in the GDW book "Atlas of the Imperium", but everything else will be totally regenerated. It also allows you to keep the population and/or tech level data intact, so enabling you to keep most of the trade routes (keeping it compatable with the various First In analyses) and to put a Tech level limit on the sector.

Download the sector file you want (Joe Heck's The Missouri Archives has them) and rename it to *.dgp. Enter any Tech Level cap in the appropriate box, select if you want to keep the Population and Tech Level data, click the "Convert" button, select your sector and click "Ok". This will then result in the generation of a new sec file.
Any system were the name starts with "Depot" will NOT be regenerated (as the UWPs for these appeared in GDW's Megatraveller Rebellion Sourcebook). Look for the "D" code in the Bases to find these, there should be one in each sector (except Delphi which has two). Nor will any line ending in a "!" (you can add these manually to preserve UWPs you want to keep). If you want to regenerate starport, asteroid belts, presence of water, bases, presence of gas giants (this data all appears in "Atlas of the Imperium"); replace them with a "?".
Update 21/02/2001
Added "Leave Physical" option. This will leave the Size, Atmosphere and Hydroshpere unaltered.
Added "Do All" option. This will force the regeneration of all data. NOTE this is overriden by the "Leave Physical" option (ie with Leave Physical selected, the physical data is still preserved).
Added "Ziru Sirka" option. This will regenerate all data except the presence of gas giants. It also regenerates the population on the following basis. Pop = 2D-1 - DMs (DMs -4 for tainted atmosphere; -8 for vacuum, trace or exotic atmosphere; -10 for insidious atmosphere, -2 for hydrosphere 0 or 10) NOTE this is overriden by the "Leave Physical" option.
Both "Do All" and "Ziru Sirka" override "Leave Population" and "Leave Tech"
Update 8/09/2001
Added "Generate Blank Sector" button. This will generate a completely blank (ie the UWP will be a row of ?) sector, with a UWP entry for every hex.
Added "Generate New Sector" button. This will generate a completely new sector based on the stellar percentage (the chance per hex of their being a world).
Generally improved the generation logic.

This utiltiy has not been fully tested and should be regarded as beta software. Current release date 8/09/2001

Download Sector Regenerator

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