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by Lewis Roberts

When Virus was accidently released by Dulinor's forces, it didn't just ravage the Imperium; it also destroyed the surrounding empires. The Hiver were able to protect some worlds from total devestation, and lessen the impact on others. After they dealt with the initial destruction, the Hiver, in their parental, manipulative way, began discussing what should become of humans. Should the Hivers help them rebuild, conquer them and then manipulate them into a more peaceful species, or just destroy them and let a new species have their worlds? After a decade long discussion, and probably several minor manipulations, the Hive Federation decided that they would seek out worlds that had survived the Collapse with a progressive government and help them reconquer the Wilds. The Reformation Coalition is the most famous example of this decision.

Most Hiver were persuaded that this was the best course of action, but not all. A few Hiver thought, and still think, that Humans are too dangerous, and when they form a new interstellar empire, it will only be a matter of time, before they start fighting and thereby bring destruction to the universe again. The Third Imperium had just collapsed, how many more tries would humans need before they get it right. Also, a new human empire would probably come into conflict with the Federation; before the Collapse tensions were increasing with the racist Solomani.

These Hiver's driving purpose is to protect the Federation from the ravages of the humans, but they are divided on how best to do this. Some want to keep the humans divided and technologically primitive. A few point out that several types of minor human races are members of the Hive Federation, and are upstanding members, these Hiver want to slowly absorb the humans into the Federation.

Other Hiver feel that humans are just too dangerous and should be exterminated and their planets colonized by Federation races. They all agree, however, that the Reformation Coalition must not be allowed to succeed.

These renegade Hiver have formed a secret network of several dozen Manipulators, and a couple hundred normal Hiver. They also command the loyalty of thousands of members of Federation client races. The Manipulators each have their own plans, but they communicate and many times are able to share resources and information. Some of the Hiver are secretly inside the Coalition, others have bases in the Wilds, still others remain in the Federation. Each of these so called Shadow Nests pose a serious threat to the Coalition.

Some of the Shadow Nests are working towards the extinction of humans. They plan to do this by distributing high tech weapons of mass destruction to balkanized worlds, releasing bioweapons on high population planets, and causing friction among the members of the Coalition, until civil war breaks out. Some Shadow Nests even go so far as to provide weapons to Vampire Ships.

Other Shadow Nests want to keep humans divided, they encourage xenophobia in the Wilds by encouraging the Coalition to run violent smash and grab operations that only serve to turn the people against the RC. They manipulate the Guild into expanding its slave trade and raids against primitive people to further the xenophobia.

Finally, other Shadow Nests want to bring the humans into the Federation. Most realize that there are too many humans to safely bring in and the humans need to be culled. They also encourage Federation races to colonize promising human worlds. A few Nests want to genetically engineer the humans to get rid of their more agressive features, but most Hiver find genetic engineering of a sentient species to be rather crude, and psychological manipulation to be much more elegant.

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