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Droyne Generation
by Franklin W. Cain


Roll the attributes as for a Chirper. For a Droyne, select the caste and then add the listed modifiers.

Droyne Castes
Attr. Chirper Worker Warrior Drone TechnicianSport Leader
STR1D6/2 +3D6/2 +1D6+2 +/-0 +/-0 +1D6 +/-0
AGL 1D6+2 +1D6 +1D6+1 +1D6/2 +1D6 +1D6/2 +1D6/2
CON 1D6+1 +1D6 +1D6 +1D6/2 +/-0 +1D6/2 +/-0
INT 1D6/2 +/-0 +1D6/2 +1D6/2 +3D6/2 +1D6 +3D6/2
EDU 1D6/2 +/-0 +1D6/2 +1D6 +3D6/2 +1D6 +1D6
CHR 1D6+1 +1D6/2 +1D6/2 +1D6/2 +1D6/2 +1D6/2 +3D6/2
PSI 1D6+1 +/-0 +/-0 +1D6 +/-0 +1D6/2 +1D6/2

For example, roll 1D6/2 +1D6 for a Sport's STR, roll 1D6+2 +1D6/2 for a Sport's AGL, and so on.

As a result of career gains, an attribute can be raised, at most, two points above the original value, but in no case above the racial maximum of 15 (F).

Instead of SOC, Droyne and Chirper characters have the pseudo-attribute Caste (CST). This attribute specifies the caste to which the character belongs, and thus can never be changed once chosen. Chirpers have CST 0, Workers have CST 1, Warriors have CST 2, Drones have CST 3, Technicians have CST 4, Sports have CST 5, and Leaders have CST 6.

Weight (actually, "Mass" :-)

The weight of a Chirper or a Droyne is 40+3x(STR-AGL) kilograms.

Default Skills

All Chirper and Droyne characters have Flying 0, Homing 0, Invisibility 0, and Willpower 0. Depending on the character's homeworld, the character may also have the usual additional Default Skills (Computer 0, Pilot (Grav) 0, Swimming 0, etc.).

Background Skills

A Chirper character can have whatever four appropriate Background Skills the player wants, subject, as usual, to GM approval. Droyne character have specific Background Skills based on caste.

Worker Caste: 3x (Animal Handling, Artisan, or Engineer) 2, Service 2.
Warrior Caste: Acrobat 2, (Archaic Weapons or Gun Combat) 2, Armed Martial Arts 2, Unarmed Martial Arts 2.
Drone Caste: Instruction 2, Liaison 2, Philosophy/Theology 2, Service 2.
Technician Caste: 4x (Artisan or Technician) 2.
Sport Caste: Acrobat 2, Explore 2, Luck 2, Willpower 2.
Leader Caste: Admin/Legal 2, Deduction/Analysis 2, Leadership 2, Liaison 2.

Career Generation and Resolution

Droyne and Chirpers begin career generation at age 12 (not 17), using the standard four-year terms. The number of skills they receive per term is the usual for the term number. The following tables are for all terms.

Skills: Acrobat, Animal Handling, Charm, Explore, Interaction.
Special: 9+ for Gun Combat, Melee, Perception, Psionics, Technician.
Promotion: 9+, no DMs.
Other: None.

Skills: Animal Handling, Artisan, Engineer, Service, Technician, +1 STR, +1 AGL, +1 CON.
Special: 9+ for Acrobat, Melee, Psionics, Vehicle.
Promotion: 9+, no DMs.
Other: None.

Skills: Acrobat, Gun Combat, Melee, Tactics, Vehicle.
Special: 7+ for Archaic Weapons, Artillery, Heavy Weapons, Medical, Perception, Personal Transport, Psionics, Spacehand, +1 STR, +1 AGL, +1 CON.
Promotion: 7+, no DMs.
Other: Roll 1D6 for Initiative.

Skills: Charm, Interaction, Psionics, Social Science.
Special: 8+ for Acrobat, Economics, Fine Arts, Medical, Perception, +1 EDU, +1 CHR, +1 PSI.
Promotion: 6+, no DMs.
Other: None.

Skills: Artisan, Physical Science, Space Tech, Technician.
Special: 7+ for Acrobat, Engineer, Perception, Psionics, Space Tech, Spacehand, +1 INT, +1 EDU.
Promotion: 7+, no DMs.
Other: None.

Skills: Acrobat, Charm, Determination, Explore, Interaction, Perception, Space Vessel.
Special: 5+ for any skill (including Psionics), +1 INT, +1 CHR.
Promotion: 8+, no DMs.
Other: One ship DM per Special for a Scout. Add 1 to Initiative after the second term.

Skills: Charm, Determination, Economics, Interaction, Perception, Social Science, Tactics, +1 INT, +1 CHR.
Special: 7+ for any skill (including Psionics), +1 EDU.
Promotion: 7+, no DMs.
Other: Three ship DMs per term for a Scout.


Chirpers get just the basic amount for the homeworld Tech Level for each term of service (i.e., as though they had a SOC of 1).

For Droyne, add together the character's rank number and the number of terms served. Multiply this number by the character's CST, and then multiply this number by the basic amount for the homeworld Tech Level.

For example, a Sport of rank R2 from a High Stellar, after three terms of service, would have Cr125,000 (2 + 3 = 5; 5 x 5 = 25; 25 x Cr5,000 = Cr125,000). This money is not available as cash. Instead, the Droyne or Chirper can have equipment whose total value doesn't exceed this monetary amount.


Begin checking for losses of STR, AGL, and CON starting at age 20 (after only two terms), and for losses of INT at age 52 (after 10 terms). Sports and Leaders receive a DM +3.

Unusal Skills

Droyne and Chirpers almost never have the skills Bribery, Forgery, Gambling, and Streetwise.

New Skills

Deduction/Analysis (INT) -- Perception: This skill allows a character to piece together facts into a related whole. This skill is a combination of the skill Deduction from a back issue of The Traveller Chronicle [TTC] and the skill Intelligence Analysis presented a while ago on the TML by someone else.

Flying (CON) -- Acrobat, Personal Transport: This skill lets the Droyne or Chirper make use of mechanical wings. This skill is from Alien Module 5: Droyne [AM5:Dr].

Homing (PSI) -- Clairsentience/Teleperception: This psionic Talent lets the Droyne or Chirper find its way back to its community. This Talent is from AM5:Dr.

Invisibility (PSI) -- Telepathy/Telereception: This psionic Talent allows the Droyne or Chirper to cloud the minds of men (evil chuckle not included). This Talent is from AM5:Dr.

Luck (INT) -- Determination: This skill is from a back issue of TTC (the same one as Deduction, above), as well as from GDW's Dark Conspiracy. This skill acts as TNE's version of Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Philosophy/Theology (EDU) -- Social Science: This skill is used by Droyne for their coyn-casting ceremonies. This skill is otherwise identical to the version presented in T4. It is used instead of the new skill Prediction from AM5:Dr.

Modified Skills

Liaison: This skill is used by Droyne as normal. It's also used to cross caste barriers, instead of using the "new" skill Appeal from AM5:Dr.

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