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Vargr Generation
by Franklin W. Cain


STR 2D6-2
CON 2D6-2
INT 2D6-1
EDU 2D6-1
PRS 2D6-1
PSI As normal

The sixth attribute in the UPP of a Vargr character is called "Personality" (not "Charisma") so as to distinguish this attribute from the new pseudo-attribute "Vargr Charisma/Dominance" (see below). Personality (PRS) is used in place of the usual attribute Charimsa (CHR) in all ways. All CHR-based skills are instead based on PRS for Vargr.

Vargr Charimsa/Dominance (VCD):

This pseudo-attribute replaces Social Standing (SOC) in all ways. All references to SOC instead refer to VCD for Vargr characters.

VCD can be changed (increased and/or decreased) as a result of career resolution:

  • When making a Commission roll: When making a Promotion roll: VCD can also change as a result of adventuring. At the end of an adventure, when awarding XP, the player rolls a Difficult test of the Vargr character's Leadership skill opposed by the Vargr's current VCD


    Vargr characters do not suffer the usual DM -2 when changing careers. Instead, apply the number of points of VCD lost/gained within that term as a DM penalty/bonus.


    Luck (INT) - Determination
    This skill functions as per GDW's Dark Conspiracy and/or the article in a back issue of Traveller Chronicle. Consider this skill to be TNE's version of Jack-of-all-Trades.

    Remember that Vargr have better senses of smell and hearing than do humans. However, their sensitivity to color is not as acute as that of a human (but they are not color-blind).

    Unarmed Martial Arts
    In my campaign, this skill has the three cascades Block (for blocks and evades), Strike (for punching and kicking), and Throw (for throws and grapples). Vargr have an additional cascade for this skill, called Infighting. This cascade must be the primary cascade for Vargr. It covers the use of a Vargr's claws and teeth.

    Default Skills

    All Vargr have the default skills Leadership 0, Observation 0, and Unarmed Martial Arts (Infighting) 0.


    Vargr may chose any career listed in TNE, plus any new careers listed below. Any career from TNE that is listed below must be used as modified herein.

    Loner (New):
    Prerequisites: INT 6+ or EDU 6+. Homeworld TL = Early Stellar+.
    First Term Skills: Bargain 1, Luck 1, Unarmed Martial Arts (Infighting) 1, Explore 1, Gun Combat 1, Space Vessel 1, Spacehand 1, Technician 1.
    Subsequent Terms Skills: Charm, Determination, Economics, Explore, Gun Combat, Interaction, Melee, Space Tech, Space Vessel, Spacehand, Technician, Vehicle, Vice.
    All Terms
    Special Adventure: 7+ for Medical, Acrobat, Artisan, Crime, Engineer, Explore, Gun Combat, Interaction, Melee, Physical Science, Spacehand, Technician.
    Promotion: 7+, DM +1 if INT 8+, DM +1 if EDU 8+, DM +1 if PRS 8+.
    Contacts: One per term, any (non-Vargr on 8+ on 1D10).
    Other Effects:
    Use Streetwise asset instead of VCD for income.
    3 ship DMs per term for a Scout/Courier.

    Manager (aka "Leader"):
    Prerequisites: VCD 6+. Homeworld TL = Industrial+.
    All else as per TNE.

    Doctors ("commissioned officers") roll for Promotion to determine changes, if any, to VCD.
    All else as per TNE.

    Wealthy Traveller (aka "Aristocrat"):
    Prerequisites: VCD 10+.
    All else as per TNE.

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