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Aslan in the New Era
by Dedly

According to canon, the Hierate was infected with Virus just like most of Charted Space. Other than Doug Snyder's Aslan PE in the Ustral Quadrant, I haven't seen anyone do much with them on the Web. Digging in the Missouri Archive, one can find the proposed "Aslan in TNE" sourcebook composed by Guy Garnett & a host of others. Included in that treatise is a timeline by Hans Racke-Madsen roughly outlining events in the Hierate

1134 First outbreaks of the Virus in the Aslan Hierate.

1141 Afteakhirl, a world in the Warostahe sector, successfully resists virus infection, and maintains it's technological base relatively intact. Due to timely warning and rigorous protective measures, many important worlds in the surrounding subsectors are similarly spared.

1144 The Fahrastyo is organized by the clan leaders of the surviving spacefaring clans, and begin organizing relief and technology sharing measures for their mutual benefit. Twenty nine of the most prominent form a new Tlaukhu, which meets regularly to ensure continuing inter-clan cooperation.

1157 The Fahrastyo consolidates it's position and begins the first, tentative exploration the virus-devastated regions on it's borders.

1200 Fahrastyo preliminary exploration teams enter Iwahfuah and Ealiyasiyw sectors, operating from advanced outposts in Staihaia'yo.

1201 The The New Era begins in the Old Expanses.

The Aslan on the Regency side of the Rift (hereafter referred to as the Safe Aslan) seem to be chomping at the bit to do "something." They're hemmed in by the Rift & the Regency. Unfortunately, that's about all GDW took care of before going under, unless I missed something. The Regency Sourcebook says that they're alive and well but not much more than that.

We all know that their primary driving force is the acquistion of land. So where do the Safe Aslan get it? They could squabble amongst themselves and have a series of clan wars. I would think that they'd want to expand into new territory though.

Possible scenarios:
1) The Safe Aslan do nothing. They stick to Quarantine Patrols but grow impatient with being hemmed in. The RS would lead one to believe that this was the case though I'd doubt it.

2) Pleased with their assaults upon the Florian League, the Aslan decide to expand to spinward and beat up the various small interstellar states in Beyond Sector. Possibly, they'd venture into Touchstone & The Vanguard Reaches but always stay well rimward of the Zhodani Consulate and its client states.

2A) The Regency turns a blind eye so long as the Aslan keep up their end of the Quarantine.

2B) The Regency condemns the Aslan actions but never physically acts beyond economic sanctions.

2C) The Regency intervenes on behalf of the little guys and battles their ally.

3) Back to the Hierate! 3A) With the opening of Corridor to Exit-Only traffic, the Safe Aslan protest what they view as hypocracy. Having been patient (as per 1 above), they feel that if the humans can enter Corridor, they should be allowed to cross the Rift and reclaim the old Hierate. The Regency agrees but insists that the Aslan maintain the Quarantine just as they are.

3B) The Safe Aslan have finally exhausted their patience. They threaten to expand into spinward space unless they're allowed back across the Rift. The Regency gives in (not wishing to engage in another war with the Aslan, see more human inhabited worlds taken over, or jeopardize the Quarantine) but insists that the Aslan maintain the Quarantine.

Comments? Which of these scenarios seems the most plausible? Are there other possible scenarios?

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