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Empress Wave Timeline

by Pete Grey

All times are as according to the Imperial Calendar, with Zhodani calendar in parentheses, where I figured it out. It appears that the Zhodani were posting one core expedition approx. every 350 olympiads (788 standard years) though most of the dates for the missions intermediate the first and seventh are conjecture.

-4000: (1211.1) First Zhodani Core Expedition. Empress Wave (EW) is 1590 parsecs from modern Zhodani coreward frontier.

-3210: (1511.1) Second Core Expedition. EW is 1350parsecs to coreward.

-2390: Third Core Expedition.

-1620: Fourth Core Expedition. EW should have been encountered during this expedition, as it was only 870 parsecs from the Zhodani frontier. That means the Zhodani knew about it for at least 2500 to 2700 years BEFORE Longbow detected it.

-810: Fifth Core Expedition

-20 to -30: Sixth Core Expedition

589-604: First Frontier War

615-620: Second Frontier War

700-715: Wave breaks on main portion of Vlanchiets Qlom province.

750 (3211.1): Seventh Core Expedition

830: Wave reaches Chiterabl sector, some 250 parsecs coreward of Zhdant.

979-986: Third Frontier War

994: EW breaks on Zhodani core frontier.

Approx. 1090-1115: Longbow detects unusual shipping patterns and evidence of space combat moving down Zhodani Core Axis.

1116: Longbow detects EW. Strephon's double assasinated, Imperial Civil War begins. (At this time, the EW was less than a sector away from the Imperial border.)

1119: Evidence of internal Zhodani insurrection detected at Esalin/Spinward Marches. (See survival margin)

1123: Zhodani Tozjabr hit squad rumored to be dispatched to assasinate then-Archduke Norris.

1130: AI virus released, Third Imperium collapses.

1131: Spinward Accords signed, Quarantine established.

1147: Regent Avery departs on mission to the Galactic Core to determine origin and nature of EW.

1149: Final Core Expedition fails to leave Zhodani Consulate.

1201: Zhodani Exodus begins.

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