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Zhodani Sectors

by Pete Grey

This writeup is based upon CT AM#4, inside cover.

Zhodani occupied sectors are in capitals, neighboring sectors are normal. Some occupied sectors only contain Zhodani outposts and science stations, and these will be noted in remarks.

Because of space limitations I will list sectors in a spinward to trailing (left to right) row, and go down from the most coreward row to the most rimward. Non Zhodani names are in parentheses.

Row 1: Stinj Tianz, Bliardlie, ZHIENSH, SAVRIA, Datstatl, Ianshaplzdier, Zhiaqrqiats. (Bold sectors are the Zho Core Axis. Savria sector is in the Zhodani Alien Module adventure.)

Row 2: Viajlefliez, Bleblqansh, DRIASERA, DALCHIE ZDATL, CHIT BOTSHI, Anzsidiadl, Zheranzanj (Ghoekhnael). (Bold sectors are settlements and outposts. Chit Botshi is based upon V&V.)

Row 3: Brieplanz, SIDLIADL, ZDIEDEIANT, STIATLCHEPR, TLABRIEISH, Tazhdapl (Knoellighz).

Row 4: Pliabriebl, EIAPLIAL, ZHDANT, TIENSPEVNEKR, ZIAFRPLIANS, BRIAKQRA' (Gvurrdon), Dravr (Tuglikki).

Row 5: Tsadra Davr, TSADRA, YIKLERZDANZH, AFACHTIABR (Far Frontiers), IAKR (Foreven), TLOQL (Spinward Marches) Nieklsdia (Deneb).

Row 6: Chiep Zhez, Shiants (Astron), Chtedrdia (Fulani), Stelbenzh (Vanguard Reaches), Zhdiakltlatl (Beyond), Idrflanta (Trojan Reach), Bransakral (Reft)

The A&S module lists Zho territory in Fulani and Vanguard Reach sectors. These are likely to be Zho client states rather than actual Zhodani territory.

In addition to these sectors, there is Chtierabl sector, about 250 parsecs to coreward, and a number of smaller territories up to 600 parsecs from Zhdant.

The Zhodani Consulate was divided into 8 Preqlianz or provinces, which are roughly equal in population. The provinces are the intermediate council level between the sectors and the Supreme Council on Zhdant, or at least they used to be.

These provinces are:

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