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Regency Intelligence Efforts

by Pete Grey

The Domain of Deneb had psionic facilities at Wypoc/Lanth and Vanejen/Rhylanor, as per MT Imperial Encyclopedia. Since the Psionic Reforms of course, most major Regency worlds have psionic institutes, and the Regency military has open psionic training programs.

A great deal of this training was intended to deter Zhodani intelligence gathering, and to allow a means of infiltrating the Consulate. The former was quite successful. Espionage against the Consulate was much more difficult, since Zhodani proles were conditioned to recognise "aberrant" behavior among their fellows, in support of the Tavrchedl. To simply have psionics wasn't enough, as suspicious proles could tip off the authorities. In addition, civilian movements were carefully monitered, and information carefully filtered for content, further upsetting intel gathering. For the most part INI and its sisters relied upon a network of remote sensors like Longbow, Zho defectors, and Zhodani subject species spies and even a few Vargr "corsairs" to gather intel.

Its not that the Regency government is at all suprised at the problems of their neighbor: Strephon himself had given them the Longbow data, and Norris had taken that as a suggestion that the Consulate had to be watched very carefully. Moreover, the Consulate admitted to Norris in 1131 that it had "a few problems" (the Empress Wave not being one of those mentioned). But they stiffarmed Regency emissaries on the details. And for a number of political and diplomatic reasons, the Regency did not press them. Nor did it undertake extraordinary intelligence precautions, other than erecting a mini-Longbow at Pixie/Regina, and in Far Frontiers Sector within the borders of the allied Protectorate.

The Regency did have indirect intelligence about conditions in the Consulate, but they never acted upon the information they recieved, for a number of reasons.

First of all, the Regency couldn't do anything for the Consulate. The Regency was only a Domain in size, the Zhodani had 5,000 systems. And the delicate diplomatic balance required to maintain the Quarantine meant that the Regency needed to keep its material and manpower at home to deter other powers. The Regency determined in a threat analysis early in the 1130s that a Zhodani Collapse was a worst case possibility, and no one, even Norris, wanted to contemplate that.

Second, people in crisis conditions have their hands full with reality, and tend to minimise possibilities of a darker nature. The Regency needed the existence of the Consulate as a backstop for their own resistance, and were quite willing to ignore contrary evidence, and even desecrate the memory of the Imperium in order to create a smooth partnership.

Thirdly, the Regency knew that the Zho problems were connected to the Empress Wave, but explaining one would entail explaining the other, which would entail explaining to everyone why the Regency government hasn't explained anything at all.

Fourth, the Consulate didn't want any help, and attempted to deny it had a problem up until 1190. As it is, the Regency still hasn't gotten any diplomatic notification of ANYTHING since the Exodus began.

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