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Zhodani Naval Fleets in Iadr Nsobl Province
by Peter Gray

All data as of 1198, the last year in which Regency National Intelligence (RNI) had reliable information on fleet dispositions. Units marked as (*) are thought to have either disbanded, redeployed to fight the Zhodani Civil War, or been destroyed in the fighting.

First listing is the fleet, and the second listing is for the associated Consular Guard Regiment(s)

Ziafrplians Sector
Subsector Fleet: Consular Guard:
A: Eshiensdiazh 103rd(*) 1909th, 312th
B: Apbisharzie 24th(*) 576th(*)
C: Atla 28th 888th(*), 1123rd
D: Asepsedvl: 29th 63rd
E: Zhdensh: 91st 9th Heavy, 506th
F: Keditlye: 91h 10th Heavy, 201st
I: Anshnieprlenzh 104th 11th, 213th
J: Dlazdiaz Shtiaklbo 2nd 9th, 45th(*)
K: Tliaqlvie 26th 87th
L: Ianshepl 16th 110th, 40th Aerial
M: Anshernieprlenzh 94th Chodzdiabl, 502nd
N: Dintzhdevrieziz 1st Hero Guard, 10th
O: Iavdeiev 19th 75th Heavy
P: Zdiadlevepra 15th 404th(*), 405th
Swing Fleet(Dlaz. Sht.) 25th 96th, 411th

Subsector Fleet: Consular Guard:
A: Shiva 116th 88th, 333rd
B: Lieber 90th 07th, 4th Inter.
C: Shial 7th 70th, 87th
D: Massina 21st 101st, 281st
E: Pieplow 65th 22nd Heavy
F: Anika 10th 34th
Swing Fleet(Shial) 162nd 164th, 2nd Heavy

Spinward Marches
Subsector Fleet: Consular Guard:
A: Cronor 12th 3rd Heavy, 14th
B: Jewell 11th 68th, 72nd, 237th
C: Querion 17th 11th Heavy, 40th

Subsector Fleet: Consular Guard:
M: Llanic 3rd 53rd Heavy, 1045th

Note: While the Zhodani mirror the old Imperial organisation of one fleet per subsector, rarely do they assign just a single intervention regiment to a subsector. Mostly this is because each regiment includes bureaucratic and Tavrchedl units that oversee all military units, whether Consular or planetary, within their districts.

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