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by Commander X

This is an example of game fusion. White Wolf's "World of Darkness" Seting applied and reconfiged(hacked is a better word) to fit with GDW's Traveller Universe.

(Hey Kids, Don't try game fusion at home. The ol' Commander remembers one incedent with Rifts and C'thulu that ended with disastrous results!)

Ok, here we go. First on the List. Wampyres! I mean Vampires.

Ah, vampires! Not the kind that are Virus driven ships, but the Vampires of Ancient Terran, Vilani, Zhodani, Darrien...hmm, seems that most Alien cultures have Vampire legends in there somewhere. Anyway, Vampires.

Here's the curent theory. Vamprism is caused by a symbiotic lifeform (oh those little life-forms!) This lifeform is also known as Vampiric Blood, or Dead Blood. The symbiot is hemovorous, meaning it subsists off of what boys and girls? (there will be a test later!) Yes little Johnny! thats right! Blood! It don't care if you are Human, Vargr, Aslan or whatever. All blood is good blood!

Now in return for feeding this little lifeform, it gives you pretty darn near eternal life. These little lifeforms need a host, and as the symbiots live longer than humans (Yes even longer than Vilani on anagathics!) it keeps the host alive, how it does this is not rightly known.

You must contine to feed the lifeforms, if you go without blood, the symbiot takes over and trys to find the nearest blood it can find, this is also known as the Frenzie!

That's the basics, now here come the game mechanics

Vampires have what are known as "Blood Points". The initial maximum number of Blood points is equal to the vampires CON. This blood pool maximum can be increased through experience points used in the normal fashion. (7 points to raise to 7, 8 points to raise to 8, etc...).

How are Blood points used, they are used for psionic effects. All Vampires get the ability of Self(Regeneration). Now heres the scary part. Use of Bloodpoints allow the automatic success of any Psionic talent at the same level the Bloodpoints are used. For Example, If a Vamp was delt a serious wound, he could use his Blood points to reduce that down to a scratch wound. (3 Blood points= Level 3 effect)

To Get Bloodpoints back: Drink Blood!

The Vampire has the option of drinking a lifeform "dry" and therefore getting bloodpoints equal to the lifeforms CON, or to only drink a little, geting a portion of the total BP. For animals, it's GM's Judgement. Small 1bp, medium 4bp, etc...

Powers: The Self Psionics cluster is the only cluster in which Blood points can be used, other Psionics must be learned in the normal fashion. You might want to record on character sheets as Self-Vampiric. This allows the Vampire to use bloodpoints in the following:

Also, as long as you have the bloodpoints, you might as well ignore the ageing effects chart. You stay as young (or old) as you were when you were "Changed". This main effect of the symbiots eats 1bp per day.

Limitations: As stated before, UV light affects the Symbiots adversely, damage is doubled to the Host if hit with a UV laser, direct UV like from a star, WILL KILL THEM!

Energy attacks or fire will do Agrivated Dammage, dammage which cannot be healed using the Self-Vampiric ability. This is because some of the symbiots have died off in the wounded area.

The vampiric symbiots will reject any type of food that is not blood, that is you can't digest or even tolerate real food. With experience points Vamps can learn "Tolerate Food" skill which has CON as the controlling atribute. Use of the skill is Difficult.

A stake through the heart will IMMOBILIZE a Vampire, due to the nature of the symbiots, they must be in continous flow throughout the body, stop the heart, and you stop the flow.

Vampires can exist in a vacuum for a time, up to CON x Miniutes, after that they go into a state of Suspended animation called Torpor. This also happens when the Vamp runs out of Bloodpoints and cannot find a fresh source of Blood in 24 hours. Basicaly the symbiots shut down, but don't die!

Also, When 0 Bloodpoints are reached a vampire must make a Difficult Willpower check or go into a bezerk frenzie untill he can feed.

Well, that's about that for playing Vamps in Traveller. I caution GM's out there to only use this for NPC Villians, unless you are ready to handle PC vampires. They can be powerful. Especialy if they are allowed to live a while. Even so, Vampires in Traveller should be RARE! They are just something for the GM to use once in a blue moon, for a horror adventure. But if you like the idea of a "TRULY Dark Traveller", hey It's your campaign.

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