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K'rr'tik*ka ("Roos")

Geneered marsupial macropod

by Micheal Barry

During the Rule of Man, Terran colonists took a number of animals with them when they settled new worlds. One of these animals was the Terran kangaroo, which proved capable of surviving in a range of semi-arid Earthlike environments, produced large quantities of medium-quality meat and was tough and fast enough to deter or escape a large number of predators.

Late in the Rule of Man era, genetic engineers developed an intelligent variant of the kangaroo; as the core animal was already bipedal and possessed rudimentary 'arms', minimal genetic adjustment was necessary. Aside from slightly more developed arms, five fingered 'hands' and a broader and longer braincase, "Roos" (or K'rr'tik*ka as they term themselves - the symbolic '*' denotes a subsonic deep-chest grunt that humans find impossible to replicate) appear very similar to their animal forebears. Non-visible genetic differences are also minor, and are mainly biochemical and circulatory changes related to supporting an enlarged brain.

Because of their mouth and vocal structure, Roos are incapable of speaking Galanglic or any other human tongue, but have their own sophisticated languages based on tonal variations of grunts, barks, howls and clicks. Roos generally have access to electronic translators of various kinds.

Most Roos are located in the Solomani Rim; they are rarely found to coreward of Diaspora sector. Scattered pockets of Roos can be found far to rimward of Terra.

I suggest that uplifted animals have 1d6 rolls for INT, EDU and SOC; and physical stats based upon their physical abilities.

Roos - geneered Terran macropod marsupial.

T4 Rules

STR 3d6+1, max 18
DEX 2d6+2, max 15
END 3d6+4, max 20
INT 1d6, max 10
EDU 1d6+TL/4, max 10
SOC 1d6, max 10

Automatic skills: Herding-1, Athletics-1, Perception-1
Available careers: Army, Scouts, Entertainers, Barbarians

TNE Rules

STR 3d6, max 17
DEX 2d6+1, max 14
END 3d6+3, max 19
INT 1d6-1, max 9
EDU 1d6-1+TL/4, max 9
SOC 1d6-1, max 9
Automatic skills: Hunting/Guard Beasts-1, Acrobatics-1, Observation-1
Available careers: Army, Scouts, Entertainers, Barbarians, Farmers, Martial Artists (Boxers), Hunter/Guide, Mercenary, Tough and Criminal

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