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Grand Council of Creches

by Peter Gray

RNI Annual Report, 001-1148

The Atapas-atta-wapawab (Grand Council of Creches) was the Bwap "autonomous region" located around their homeworld of Marhaban (Empty Quarter 0426). RNI analysts have compiled this information at the behest of Regent Norris and several high ranking members of the Regency bureaucracy, including Navy High Regent Vilad Ligl. Given the obsessive desire for order possessed by Bwap, the highly skilled and adaptable nature of Bwap, and the relative habitability of the Grand Councils worlds, RNI has concluded that high probability exists that the Grand Council has been able to absorb the blow of Virus, and effect some kind of recovery, at the planetary level, and maybe at the interstellar.

The following information is just a precis, covering the affected worlds in or adjacent to the Grand Council, and is without further cultural or political analysis. RNI does not, understandably, have enough information to stake any firm conclusion upon. But the Regency should consider the possibilities of a renewed alliance with the Bwap as being indispensable for the recovery of the former Imperium. Worlds marked with an (*) are members of the Grand Council of Creches. Worlds marked with a (#) possessed large Bwap populations in the antebellum period. World names are reflective of the Vilani and Solomani that explored and settled them, and do not reflect Bwap names or traditions.

Bwap Worlds in Antares
Mukusi 3129 C4579EG-C Hi 412 Im(*)
Amumakuga 3235 B99A79D-9 Wa 432 Im(*)

Lentuli Subsector (Empty Quarter I)
Teutoburger 0127 B574546-9  Ag Ni C:0  902 Im(*)
Waskuei 0128 A130334-C  Lo Ni De  323 Im
St. David's 0227 B510435-7  Lo Ni   602 Im
Mikik 0228 X450998-6  Hi Po In R402 Im
Thessalia 0229 A415244-D  Lo Ni   903 Im
Teikoku 0325 A8C7475-B  Lo De   504 Na
Hipper 0327 D656771-5  Ag Ni   120 Im(*)
Bonotsu 0328 A8B0433-B  Lo De Ni  502 Na
Akec Tedidim 0329 E475231-6  Lo Ni    903 Im
Marhaban 0426 A4697DG-E  Cp Sw    801 Im(*)
Dimashq 0627 E230521-5  Ni Po De  701 Im
Nihon Station0630 C899654-8 S Ni    203 Im(*)
Osumi Shoto 0728 C221353-7  Lo Na Po  130 Im
Resurrection 0729 D300244-7 S Lo Na Va  402 Im
Li Changhun 0828 C88A112-9  Lo Ni Wa  403 Im(*)
Li Yingkou 0829 E300300-6  Lo Ni Va  700 Im
Li Chifeng 0830 B98A677-A  Lo Ni Wa  802 Im(*)

Nulinad Subsector (Empty Quarter M)
Asaklon V 0132 B400377-8 Lo Ni Va  614 Im
El Quahira 0134 B26138C-B  Lo Ni  914 Im
Rundeau 0138 A787777-6  Ag Ri  821 Im
Zukhisa 0139 B556998-A  Hi  713 Im(#)
Longshot 0140 D435364-3 S O:0139  614 Im
Toyama 0231 C557550-6  Ag Ni  603 Im
Ci Xian 0232 D664003-4  Lo Ni  113 Im
Iternum 0234 D328578-6  Ni  201 Im
Iigaashigiri 0238 B200244-8  Lo Ni Va  200 Im
Gudina 0334 C53499B-5  Hi In Sw  513 Im
Carthage 0337 B654724-7  Ag  213 Im
Nulinad 0338 A455986-B  Hi Cx  504 Im(#)
Kashima 0339 C96A864-9  Wa O:0338  602 Im(#)
Ossa Dal 0340 B344573-8  Ag Ni A304 Im
Miser 0435 A213611-A  Na Ni Ic  302 Im
Nyambii Dal 0439 C75A462-A  Ni O:0338  902 Im
Eninsish 0535 C000ABB-9  As Hi In  113 Im(*)
Sashar 0536 D59799C-6  Hi In  204 Im(*)
Huifa 0537 C120322-8  De Lo Ni  424 Im
Pacifica 0632 A367788-B  Ri Ag  813 Im(*)
Gigdubarga 0633 B5688BB-4    134 Im(*)
Blackglobe 0636 D7C0353-8  Lo De Ni  122 Im
Rasu 0637 C760997-6  De Hi  304 Im
Cleon 0638 A98879B-A  Ag Ri A305 Im(#)
Shiikuus 0640 D539849-6    813 Im
Ayachuco 0732 C890515-8 S De Ni  914 Im
Simon's Ball 0738 C66468A-5 S Ni Ag Ri  913 Im
Arakaad 0833 E4659BC-7  Hi  502 Im(*)
Province 0834 B6157B7-9 N Ic A104 Im
Isii Shiikuus0836 D512367-A  Lo O:0638  613 Im
Tungokl 0837 A253432-9  Lo Ni Po  404 Im
Chubu 0839 C7A0646-8  De Ni  405 Im
Kyogasaki 0840 C775467-3 S Lo Ni  303 Im

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