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Spiri Representatives

by Lewis Roberts

Assembly people from Spires are appointed by the Archon. The Archon is selected through a week long contest. For more information on the contest see the BARD paper on Spires. The current Archon is Lizzi Meriweather. She is quite conservative when it comes to tradition and cultural values. She feels that Spiri religious values should not be lost under the tide of change that the RC is bringing about on her homeworld. She values the Spiri culture, and is reluctant to have it change. The Assembly people, as with most important posts in the Spiri government, are selected from the other contest participants. Meriweather choose to use the Assembly of Worlds as a dumping ground for several contestants who might cause trouble for her back home. This is not widely known, and even most of the contestants don't realize it. She took power in the most recent Contest, which was held in 1201. She feels that the Coalition is important, but isn't very interested in interstellar politics.

Beron Weshington- Beron is considered a bit of nut, even on his homeworld. It is why he was sent to the Assembly. He believes in the purity of spirit through physical exertion. He feels that it thins the blood and sweats out bad humours. He is very well educated by Spiri criteria, but unfortunately, most of his physical science knowledge is wrong. He has refused to learn any of the more accepted scientific theories. His knowledge of philosophy, rhetoric and theology is excellent, and he loves to discuss these topics, though he does tend to pontificate. He feels that the Coalition must address its spiritual needs, before expanding anymore. He sees that most of the member worlds are not at one with their inner being. He has become a bit of a gadfly in the Assembly, often bringing up spiritual matters, at the most inappropriate times, and often railing against the other members, suggesting that they must discover their true self, if there is any hope for the Assembly. He does talk to Rohit's non-voting representative, and finds a great deal in common with her. He has pushed to grant full status to Rohit. So far this has not gotten very far, as the Aubaini and Oriflammi try to figure out how Rohit would tend to vote.

Leeza Tomkin-Is a close ally with Archon Meriweather, and was sent to the Assembly to watch over the rest of the delegates. She is the head of the delegation. She is fairly conservative. She hates crass commercialism, and turns up her nose at conspicuous consumption. She feels that many technological devices are flashy and have no substance to them. She isn't a luddite, but feels that technology has to be carefully controlled, otherwise it can devalue the human spirit. She wants to slowly educate the masses on Spires, and bring them into the mainstream of the Coalition. She is quite dour, and has little sense of humor.

Betrand Wheeler-Bertrand is the most non-traditional member of the delegation. He wants to bring lots of off world teachers to Spires, to educate the people. Hand in hand with this, he wants to drastically raise the technological level, to improve the standard of living. He sees no value in living a primitive life style. He does value spirituality and philosophy, but sees these in many of the high tech societies of the Coalition. He is fascinated with the Schalli, and spends much of his time on Aubaine speaking with them. He believes that the Traditionalists would damage Schalli society, and they are as misguided as many of his own people. He can't stand any of the other members of the delegation, and they can't stand him. He has a big mouth, and it often gets him in trouble, this has prevented him from making alliances with the non-Spiri members of the Assembly. He has very little effective power, both because he is isolated from his delegation, and he has failed to make alliances with those outside of his delegation. He has had little success getting the Assembly to see matters his way and is becoming increasingly disillusioned.

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