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Transstar Board of Directors
by Lewis Roberts

The Transstar Board of Directors runs Transstar. Since the RC incarnation of Transstar was (and still is in some minds) a fully owned division of Transstar based on Terra, it has not shareholders on Fija. Legally all profits should be going to the shareholders, who are scattered across the Virus devestated Solomani Confederation. Obviously the Collapse has made the distribution of dividends impossible; it has also made it impossible for the shareholders to elect a board of directors. So the Fijan division set up its own board of directors, and new directors are elected by current directors. In the event of a catastrophe which elminated more than half of the directors, the top executives in the company would gather with the remaining directors and nominate and elect enough directors to fill the vacant positions. The surviving directors have a veto over any nominees. Thankfully this provision has never had to be implemented.

The directors are not standard executives of the company. Instead they operate as roving troubleshooters and the managers of special projects. If a director sees a need that he company is not filling, she can petition the Board for permission and funds to pursue the goal. A fair bit of political manuvering goes on with these special projects. These special projects can range from new business divisions, investigations of fraud, new manufacturing techniques etc.

Solomani Block: These members are the children and grandchildren of Solomani who arrived on Fija during the Second Rim War/Imperial Rebellion. While they have different opinions on the Solomani Party and the policies of the Solomani Confederation, they are all proud of their heritage and feel a connection to distance Terra. There are eight ethnic Solomani on the Board of the directors: Robert Acda, Mohammed Mike Tabrizipoor, Justin Margraves, Isabelle Xuyi, Shery Horner, George Gfroerer, Janneke Lesiak and Lolita Fifer. They do not form a voting block, and there is no Solomani vs. Fijan tensions on the Board. In general there is no solid voting block on the Board. With a few exceptions politics does not play a very large role in board decisions.

The Board members are unified in their desire to have Transstar grow and prosper. They may have occasional disagreements on the best method to accomplish this goal, but in general they try to work together to further Transstar's goals.

Ann Stewart-Ventress: Chairman of the Board, 67 year old Female
9 Hearts: To most people, Stewart-Ventress appears more like a kindly old grandmother who should be home baking cookies, rather than heading one of the largest corporations in the RC. To a certain extent her actions do mirror her appearence, she has a rather large family, and does enjoy spending time with her six grandchildren. This is only one side of her personality, she is also an agressive competitor, who wants to see Transstar be the dominant economic force in the RC and beyond.

Stewart-Ventress has been COB of Transstar for 12 years, and she plans to keep the position for many more years. She does not keep her position through fear or by the ruthless destruction of her enemies. Instead she keeps it by being extremly good at it, and so far no one else has been able to show that they would do it better. Under her guidance, Transstar has steadily grown and prospered.

8 Diamonds: Stewart-Ventress seeks to agressively expand Transstar's business. She isn't so interested in the money itself; she loves the thrill of fighting to expand Transstar. She also sees her self as a mother figure to the employees of Transstar. If Transstar grows, the employees will prosper and that makes her happy.

Chung V Huynh: 63 year old Male
King Spades:Chung is an expert liar. He will lie if it serves his purposes, and sometimes just to amuse himself. If he can stir up a bit of trouble with his lies, this adds to his amusment. He enjoys competition both as a spectator and as a participant. He owns several sporting teams on Fija and is often seen in the executive sports club challenging young executives to a game of squash. He uses these games as a chance to check out the new blood and also a chance to get some exercise. One thing which he hates, is if they let him win; he loves victory, but only if it was earned. He is recognized as the best negotiator that Transstar has.

4 Diamonds:Chung likes to look his best at all times. He enjoys wearing expensive cloths, with just the right accessory. He keeps abreast of the latest fashions and makes sure he is always up to date.

Daniele Laminock: 43 year old Female.
Jack Hearts: Danielle is one of Transstar's most level headed Directors. She always keeps herself focused on the long term goal of expanding Transstar and building a better tommorow. She often gets annoyed at her fellow directors when they get distracted with short term problems.

6 Hearts:Daniele likes people and she wants them to like her. She will go out of her way to meet people. She will go to extroidenary efforts to make people like her.

Karl Stenstrud: 59 year old Male.
Queen Hearts:Karl is devoted to the people of the Coalition. He realizes that Transstar can help make the future a better place. He will fight any scheme that will harm people. He is especially at odds with some of the radical plans that some of the extremist members of the Solomani block have suggested.

2 Spades: Karl would someday like to be Chairman of the Board, but it would require alot of effort to persuade the rest of the board. He keeps on meaning to do this, but never seems to get around to it. If never makes it to the Chairmanship, it won't ruin his life.

Thanongsack Vongfykeo: 65 year old Male.
10 Clubs: Thangosaying is a fairly argumentive person. He is very touchy and is easily provoked by the slightest off the cuff remark. He'll argue over just about any topic even really minor points. He has opinions and gets fustrated and angry if someone won't concide that his ideas are better than theirs.

3 Spades: People tend not to like Thanongsack, and this has hurt his advancment. He is extremly compentent, but his personality delayed his promotion to the Board, by at least ten years. He has definite ideas about where Transstar should go, but his offensive personality make it hard for people to pay attention to his ideas.

Jayson McDowell: 46 year old Male.
Ace Diamonds: Jayson is one of the few Transstar board members who doesn't really care about money. He gives away most of the money he makes. He lives in a modest home and when travelling stays in inexpensive hotels.

8 Hearts: Jayson isn't very ambitious, he enjoys the work he does, but his family comes first. Some of the other directors feel he should be pushed out, and a more dedicated person put in his place, but they haven't been able to persuade a majority yet. Jayson does have several allies on the Board, including Wilcawskas and Xuyi.

Georgia Wilcawskas: 78 year old Female.
Ace Clubs: Georiga is the master of boardroom intrigue. She is manipulative, and ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants. Fortunatly for her personality is so outgoing and personable, that even her opponents like her. She is the lone Federalist on the Transstar board, the rest are either die hard Centrists, or moderates, who don't care that much for politics. Georgia believes that the RC and Transstar have to develop the Wilds now, before it is too late. She forced the Board to open up the Office of Economic Development, which seeks to open new markets in the Wilds, by helping them rebuild. Eventually the OED will transform the Wilds into markets for Transstar. Even though she may disagree with some of political stands that Transstar takes, she is still 100% loyal to Transstar.

10 Hearts:Georgia is a very friendly person, even her enemies like her. She uses her charm, to make contacts everywhere, she can never tell when someone will become useful.

Robert Acda: 51 year old Male
King Spades: Robert is the walking embodiment of the saying, "Divide and conquor." He will try to break up any power blocks, that may threaten his goals. He sometimes does this by spreading lies, but often spreads the truth, though not the whole truth, just enough to damage his opponent. He also feeds on peoples weaknesses and predjuces to get them to go along with him. His methods, while accomplishing his goals, often have a negative impact on the group as a whole.

7 Diamonds: Acda is a collector of unique and rare objects. He collects these items, not so much that they are worth something: more so he can brag about them to his friends and collegues. He displays many of them in his mansion on Fija; sometimes he loans them to museums. Its not just enough to brag to his friends, sometimes he has to let the whole Coalition know that Robert Acda has alot of rare stuff. He feels that having something rare and unique somehow makes him more important. Since the Coalition has started to emerge into the nearby Wilds, Acda has an understanding with several starship crews to recover valuable artwork and historical items.

Mohammed Mike Tabrizipoor: 43 year old Male
7 Hearts: Tabrizipoor wants to let the world know that the Solomani were not all that bad. His parents were both born on Terra, and moved to Fija as part of the Transstar staff. They planned on only staying for a few years, enough time to make a name for themselves and then move back home. Unfortunatly the Collapse intervened and the Tabrizipoors were stranded. They brought up Mike to respect and admire the Solomani and their culture. He is proud of Terra as the homeworld of humaniti. While he is proud of Terra, he is not a Terran supremist, and is upset that the popular image of the Solomani and Terrans has been reduced to a bunch of jack-booted thugs. Tabrizipoor tries to show that most of the people of the Confederation were good people. He is a member of several groups which are trying to show the people of the Coalition, all that is good with the Solomani. Personally he has funded a touring display of Solomani art.

7 Diamonds: Tabrizipoor likes being rich. He is very happy that he has lots of money, and tries to make more of it. He isn't obsessed with money, but would rather be rich than poor. He and his family are quite used to the luxuries that money can buy, and they live a very comfortable life.

Justin Margraves: 55 year old Male
7 Hearts: Justin is probably the most hard line member of the Solomani block. He feverantly believes in the supiority of Solomani over all other humans and in human supremacy. He only lets those closest to him know his true beliefs. He believes that most RC citizens have been indoctrinated against Solomani beliefs and it that it would cause difficulties for him and Transstar if his opinions were made available. He has given a great deal of his personal fortune to Solomani groups that try to counter act the negative perception that most people have of the Solomani.

2 Spades: Justin wants the Solomani to be lords of the universe, but he realizes that this won't be anytime soon. He is content to lay the foundation for future generations to succed.

Isabelle Xuyi: 38 year old Female
7 Hearts: Isabelle is a people person. She likes being around people, and is only bored while alone. She is the epitome of the social butterfly. She is very good at hobnobbing and lobbying for Transstar.

2 Diamonds:Isabele is always trying to throw bigger and better parties. If she sees something that will make her next party a smash, she just has to have it.

Shery Horner: 29 year old Female
Queen Spades: The only things Sherry cares for in the universe are herself and Transstar and she is willing to use and all legal means to accomplish her and Transstar's goals. She has no family and no true friends. Her only happiness comes from Transstar. She often puts in eighty hour weeks; this has made her the youngest board member in Transstar history, but it hasn't made her very happy. She feels that if she just works a bit harder she will finally be happy, but it hasn't worked yet.

3 Diamonds: Shery is basically a unhappy person, and tries to get some pleasure from buying expensive clothes, jewlery, and other items, but they don't help much.

George Gfroerer: 47 year old Male
Ace Clubs: George is the master of the corporate takeover: He was the mastermind behind the recent takeover of the Balduri machine tool company. He wants Transstar to be the dominant corporation in the RC and the first megacorp of the New Era.

3 Clubs: George is normally a peaceful man, but if anyone or anything threatens him or Transstar with violence, he will hit back with any and all tools at hand. These include illegal means.

Janneke Lesiak: 38 year old Female
Queen Hearts: Janneck loves people. She thinks Transstar should help peole when possible. She makes sure that Transstar operations help benifit the community. She insures that Transstar gives to local charities and helps run the Transstar Foundation: a non-profit foundation which helps the community by donating to worthy causes. These causes are mostly in redevelopment of the damage caused by the Collapse, such as rebuilding the Oldilay Museum of Art on Fija, which had been destroyed by arson in 1134. Above all, she seeks to protect the Transstar employees.

7 Diamonds: Janneck sees nothing wrong with making money while helping people. In fact, this is probably the best way to make a living.

Lolita Fifer: 43 year old Female
7 Hearts: Lolita has put in a long career at Transstar and has been rewarded with a spot on the Board of Directors. Now that she has reached her life long goal, she has started to reevaluate her goals and ambitions. One thing that she has never had time for, is personal relationships. She is starting to regret this. She also has started to hear her biological clock ticking away. She would like to have a family, but doesn't know where to start. She is contemplating several options, including artifical insemination, adoption, or hastily finding a man with whom she can have a child with.

4 Hearts: Lolita has a knack for remembering people and their vital statistics. She can meet a person once and years later, remember details about their personal life. She tries to keep up with people's lives, by reading the social page and by having a large network of contacts. She doesn't do this so she can impress people, or use it against them, she just doesn't want to hurt someone's feeling by making inapproriate comments: such as asking how a spouse's job is going, when the couple broke up a year ago.

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