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A.N.V. Argo

by Lewis Roberts

The Argo is a Princess Allianah Class Far Trader. From the outside the Princess Allianah class looks exactly like an Empress Marva class far trader. It is only when you get inside the engine room and see the size of the jump engines that you realize that this isn't your average tramp freighter. The class was designed by Solomani Security (SolSec) for use as a secret courier in Imperial Space. Several dozen of these ships were active in the rimward sectors of the Imperium.

The Argo was active throughout the war period, ferrying agents and intelligence information throughout Old Expanses and Delphi Sectors. In the later stages of Hard Times, SolSec agents discovered hints that the Imperials had discovered a large cache of Ancient artifacts. The Argo was able to recover one of these, using this and several other clues, they were able to track down an undiscovered Ancient base inside of the second gas giant in the Arvid system (0131 Old Expanses). The crew used the artifact to teleport themselves to the base. After that they disappeared from this universe. Several weeks later Virus swept over the Arvid system eliminating all life on that planet. The Argo had been hidden powered down on one of the thousands of small icy bodies orbiting the gas giant, because of this it was not infected.

Note: I plan on running Secret of the Ancients, but changing the location of the ancient base to Arvid. The original crew of the Argo found a teleporter, which they used to beam themselves onto the Ancient base. They died somewhere on the station, and never made it to Grandfather's pocket universe.

It went undetected until the crew of the Nightcrawler a group of lancers operating out of Trybec discovered the ship. After narrowly escaping from several Vampire ships, they were able to jury rig the Argo and pilot it back to the RC. They took the ship to Aurora, because it has a lower host cut than the other planets with high volume auctions.

Assemblyman MacBaen was trying to assemble a team of operatives to work for him and the Auroran government. He saw the Argo as a great opportunity, he got a group of investors together and managed to purchase the ship. He had to call in a lot of markers, to avoid having the ship appropriated by the RCES or RCN. After four months of being refitted the ship was ready to help rebuild civilization. It was then commissioned as the Auroran Naval Vessel Argo. A.N.V. is the designation that all ships registered out of Aurora have. For some reason, they choose not to use Auroran Star Ship. No one in the RC knows why the ship was left orbiting a dead gas giant, or what happened to its crew. Too many people went missing or died in the Collapse for anyone to worry too much about one crew.

Crew of the A.N.V. Argo

A.N.V. Argo: Ship Write Up

The crew of the Argo are mostly the players in my RC campaign. Dale Green, Erik Earhart, Autumn Klion, Slea Sorga and Ash Marler are the NPCs used to fill out the crew so that the ship can actually function. I gave each of my players some information that only they know at the start of the game. Some of this information may be false, but the players all believe it to be true. After all lots of people are mistaken and believe things that are not true. I have also assigned half of each player's contacts. There are short write ups of the contacts on the individual player's sheet.

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