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Vega Zorn
Age 34 in 1201

Vega Zorn appeared in the Death of Wisdom and To Dream of Chaos both by Paul Brunette. This is my best guess at her capabilities and character. She almost certainly had additional skills and abilities, so feel free to add what you think is appropriate.

Vega Gwyn Norn was born on 10/II/1167 on the planet Aurora. She was a lieutenant commander with the Aurora Space Navy and twice decorated with Auroran citations for bravery. She was the pilot and second in command of the Dawn League Scout Taylor the Bruce. The ship was destroyed in an encounter with several Vampires. Only she and the ship's Hiver tech advisor, Manipulator Gerald, survived. She maintains that M. Gerald manipulated the captain into a confrontation with the fleet of Vampire ships. She thinks that the Hivers were trying to draw the Vampire's attention to the Dawn League, so that the Vampires would destroy the fledgling League, thus preventing it from ever becoming a threat to the Hivers.

She resigned from the Dawn League in 1200 and took up the life of a pirate. The Coalition lost track of her after that until she was implicated in a plot to use biological weapons to commit genocide against the Hivers. She feels that the Hivers are secretly trying to destroy the Reformation Coalition and she will do anything in her power to stop them. She is not opposed to the Coalition, and in fact thinks that she is doing what is best. In the past she has had contact with Guild members and has used them to further her purposes. She feels that the Guild is the second biggest threat to the RC after the Hivers. She works as a pirate, but her main targets are Guild ships and TEDie Naval vessels. She is utterly ruthless in her goals, she is willing to accept large civilian (non-RC) deaths if it will further her goals. She does not feel there is anything such as excessive force; she once used a nuclear weapon to eliminate a few Guild agents who were in danger of being captured and revealing her plans. Zorn is not opposed to cooperating with RC crews, though most will refuse to deal with her, as she is wanted by the Coalition for acts of piracy and murder.

Her ship is the Patrol Cruiser Vi Et Armis. It is a state-of-the-art TL-15 Cruiser with a few additional modifications; it has a short range (continental) meson communicator with the ship's boat having a meson receiver; the ship is also covered in TL-15 Chameleon paint.


Aurora is agressively Federalist, and Zorn is a perfect mirror of her homeworld. Dduring her time with the Auroran Navy she had an easy rapport with competent enlisted spacers, just as she had a disdain for career desk jockeys, who she feels were unqualified to work as her superiors. She is quite charismatic and most people find her friendly.


She has a cutlass scan beginning above and continuing below her left eye. Its a souvenir of a ground battle while working for the Dawn League. Her eyes are coal grey and she has close cropped black hair.

Level Elite
Combat Assets:Slug Pistol - 15, Laser Pistol - 12
Non-Comabt Assets: Piloting - 16

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