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Third Armored Infantry Regiment
Oriflamme Marine Unit

by Lewis Roberts

The Third Armored Regiment is the elite group of Oriflamme Marines. Its history traces back to the original settlement of Oriflamme during the Rule of Man. While most military organizations have fanciful nicknames, the Third Armored Regiment is simply referred to as The THIRD. During the Solomani Rim War an Imperial Army General called them "the Devil's own Regiment" for their forceful resistance of the Imperial invasion. This saying has become the unofficial slogan of The THIRD.

Before the Rebellion the Regiment was equipped with battle dress. The Collapse, however, made the upkeep of battle dress difficult, and by 1153 The THIRD was forced to the conclusion that within 3 years it would no longer be able to support enough battle dress troops to make up an entire Regiment. The Oriflamme Generals decided to augment The THIRD with cybernetics instead. Oriflamme was able to produce TL-9 and a few TL-10 cybernetic devices. Most members of the THIRD possess two to four cybernetic devices. Now that Oriflamme has joined the Coalition and it has access to battle dress that has been produced off world, The THIRD has been fully re-equipped with battle dress, but still augments with cybernetics. The THIRD also equips all of its troops with both Slow and Fast drugs.

The THIRD is an elite unit, and only admits marines that have already proven themselves in service to Oriflamme. The THIRD is only used as an assault unit. If a piece of ground is to be taken and the opposition is strong, The THIRD is sent in. They are never used for garrison duty, peace keeping missions, or as show troops. The unit is often dropped in dangerous positions behind enemy lines without adequate support. Their tactics tend to emphasize speed and destruction.

The THIRD is only a Regiment, and as such it is commanded by a Colonel. There can only be one Colonel in The THIRD at any given time. If the existing Colonel is offered a promotion, he must revert to the standard Marines to accept. Most THIRD officers are too proud to transfer to an ordinary unit.

Prerequisites: Special Duty while serving as an Oriflamme Marine.

First Term

Commission: None
Officers: 2 Gun Combat, Large Blade, Tactics, Environ Suit.
Enlisted: 2 Gun Combat, Large Blade, Melee, Hvy Weapons, Tactics, Environ Suit.

Subsequent Terms

Commission: 9+, DM +1 EDU 8+,CON 8+, INT 8+.
Officers: Determination, Melee, Gun Combat, Hvy Weapons, Tactics, Interaction
Enlisted: Acrobat, Melee, Gun Combat, Hvy Weapons, Personal Transport, Technician

All Terms

Special Duty: 6+ for Spacehand, Fwd. Observer, Explore, Medical, Interaction, Vehicle.
Promotion: 7+, +1 if CON 8+, INT 7+.
Contacts: One per term, military.
Other Effects: First term select one cybernetic device. Each subsequent term roll 7+ for device. Each term in which a device is received, the Marine only gets half pay.

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