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Grey Ghosts

by Lewis Roberts

In 1123 the Fijan Navy formed the 1st Fighter Wing out of Rampart fighters that had been left behind by the Imperial Navy after it retreated toward the safe areas of the Core. The Wing took the nickname the Grey Ghosts. Originally there were 60 Ramparts in the Wing. As time went on, they slowly suffered accidents and ran out of critical parts. They managed to keep around a dozen Rampart fighters flying through out the short night. They didn't' fly very much, but they were available in neccesary to defend the homeworld.

The Wing saw major combat twice during the Short Night. The first time in 1145 a Fer-de-Lance Destroyer Escort jumped into the system and refused to answer radio hails. Rather the suffer a possible vampire attack, the Grey Ghosts were ordered to destroy the intruder. They did so not losing any Ramparts, though several received severe damage. The other time was in 1182 when several raider ships jumped into the system and tried to pillage some of the southern most cities. The Wing attacked the grounded raiding parties and then engaged the High Guard which consisted of a modified Perry-Class Subsidized Merchant. After a short engagement, the Raider surrendered and years later was rechristend the DLS Lady Elise.

As time went on, the Wing slowly lost operation Ramparts. Many of these had to be taken out of service due to lack of critical spare parts. These were canabilized to keep the rest flying. Others were lost to accidents. Thirteen were available when the Dawn League was formed.

Once the contact with the Hivers began and shipyards were available, the Fijan navy refitted all of their operational fighters and returned to service many of the ships which had been sidelined due to lack of parts. This returned the Grey Ghosts to 22 fighters. The Navy then began trying to accumulate more Ramparts. There were only a few surviving fighters in the RC and their owners were reluctant to part with them. The Navy was able to pry some loose by showing that isolated fighters did not have the impact that a unified group of Ramparts would have. They paid hefty price for the fighters they did get.

In 1201 the Fijan delegation to the Assembly of Worlds pushed through a Salvage bill allowing the Fijan Navy to purchase all recovered Ramparts and Rampart spare parts. In return the Grey Ghosts would be available to the Reformation Coalition Navy for certain high priority missions. Now faced without the possibilty of aquiring additional Ramparts and having a difficulty finding parts, the remaining owners of Ramparts agreed to sell to the Fijan Navy. The Fijan Navy has also allowed Coalition naval architects to study the Ramparts, in order to improve current RC fighter design.

In 1202 the Grey Ghosts can muster 36 fully operation Ramparts, and have a ready supply of spare parts. Normally they are assigned to the Fijan homeworld and run regular patrols of the surrounding space. They have started training with RCN vessels and several modules are being constructed to allow the Ramparts to be carried by a Aurora Clipper. These modules are a modification of the existing fighter module. There are no current plans to use the Grey Ghosts, but they are intended for high priority, high risk missions, where the TL-15 fighters will provide a capability that the TL-12 Wildbats aren't able to offer.

The Grey Ghosts are divided into three squadrons of 12 fighters each. The squadrons are called creatively enough, 1st, 2nd and 3rd squadron. The Wing is commanded by Captain Vesto Nagata, who also commands 1st squadron.

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