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Church of Brotherly Kindness

by Paul Walker

The Church of Brotherly Kindness was founded in 785. The first leader of the church was an honorable psion, Garaath, who saw the coming of the Psionic Supressions of 800. Garaath had a staunch belief that if he showed kindness to others, they would be obligated by their nature to return this kindness. He referred to this as the Eternal Circle.

During the 15 years between Garaath's premonision and the Psionic Supressions, Garaath began recording his beliefs and sharing them with others. Slowly Garaath gained a following, but when the Psionic Supressions erupted, this small group wasn't enough to protect Garaath from the attack of anti-psionic mobs. The story here is somewhat fuzzy. Some records state that Garaath was killed by the attacks, while others state that he placed himself in a state of suspended animation. All accounts agree, however, that Garaath was never seen again.

The religion nearly died out, and but for a core group of believers, it would have. The small group of believers slowly recovered from their defeat and quickly developed an active mission program. The writings of Garaath were collected and published as the Words of Kindness. Many others joined the faith, and by 1100, the church had more than 1,000,000. The Final War and resulting Collapse devastated the church, and the only known surviving group is the group that settled on Helios.

The key religous beliefs is brotherly kindness. "Brotherly kindness is best displayed in helping someone better themselves." The Church of Brotherly Kindness(CBK) has one main tennent, "If your brother is hurtung or suffering and you refuse to help him, you have not only hurt your brother, but you have denied your own nature." Many of the teachings of CBK center around this idea of helping your brother. The church teaches that your brother is anyone in need. The help offered may be any number of things, but will always be offered without any desire for retribution.

A popular parable of the church tells of Jonruii, the patorn saint of Merchants in CBK, who sacrificed his early delivery bonus to aid another starship in distress. As the story goes, the starship he helped happeded to be a wealthy nobleman who attempted rewarded the merchant with double the credits of his bonus. The merchant graciously refused the reward explaining the nature of his faith to the Nobleman who was soon converted. (Reference Jonruii 5-6.)

As with many religions, The Church of Brotherly Kindness has many writings that tell of the future return of the Church's deity, the Brother of Kindness. The CBK on Helios believes these prophesies refer figurativelty to the Coalition returning to the stars to deliver kindness and justice to the oppressed of the Wilds.

Key passages from the Words of Kindness:
"Be kinder to your brother than you would be to the Brother of Kindness." - Dunroth 3:6

"When the Brother of Kindnesss returns he will restore the balance of peace and equality and kindness." - Jonruii 1:12

"The benefit you bestow on your neighbor will follow the Eternal Circle and return upon you twicefold." - II Garaath 6:36

"In serving each other, we become free." - IV Garaath 2:19

"If ye wish to be kindly treated, deluge others with manifestations of your kindness." - VII Garaath 15:22

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