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Aragishge Drandirdiikun

by Unknown

Aragishge Drandirdiikun (Vilani: "The Architects of Tomorrow"): A quasi-religious charitable organisation dedicated to the better- ment of society for the benefit of posterity. Founded in -2484 on Daibei by a breakaway group of disciples of Dekumagi Shilaaguk. Unlike him these disciples did not reject the existence of a supreme being, but merely declared such an existence unprovable. The Aragishge thus allowed people of all faiths to join as long as they believed in the goals of the organisation. This made it popu- lar with a large section of the population and ensured its spread throughout Daibei Sector and deep into surrounding sectors. The Long Night shattered the coherence of the organisation, but it survived in the form of small local organisations on hundreds of planets.

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