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As can often be the case, the name of this party is rather innocuous. Their literature indicates a distanced reverence for life before the Collapse and nostalgia for "the good old days"; they occasionally host recreations of Imperial banquets and so forth.

As one gets past the introductory literature, however, it becomes clear that, to the League, the most important aspect of Imperial life was the human supremacy within the old Imperium. This view of history is a rather distorted one; it is more true, in fact, to say that humans had their "supremacy" in what is now Coalition Space during the Dark Years between the fall of the Imperium and the birth of the Dawn League.

The League has its roots in a pair of Dawn League-era political groups, the Fires of Dawn (founded on Fija) and Oriflamme's Humaniti Alliance. Both were responsible, in the Dawn League years, for bills denying full citizenship rights to Schalli, Chirpers and Droyne, Ithklur, and Hivers. Such blatant racism was generally voted down in planetary legislatures; those defeats served only to further fire the zealots in the two groups. As intersystem trade and communication increased, both the Fires and the Alliance saw each other as distant allies; they began cosponsoring events on other worlds in the League and working closely on other projects.

The most dangerous and ambitious of these projects was an attempt to release an engineered viral weapon upon the native Schalli residents of Aubaine in early N.E. 1; the trio responsible represented the top-level leadership of both groups, and was arrested and convicted on charges of attempted terroristic attack in short order.

A Luhtahlan woman named Sanlii Buckner has come to the fore of the pro-human movement (as it is euphemistically called) since that time. Where the Fires and the Alliance were openly inflammatory, Buckner's League of the Imperial Way is controlled, some might say stealthy.

A fairly slick marketing campaign is in place on several of the high-population worlds of the Coalition, inviting new members to come and experience the "regalia and pageantry of the old Imperium"; the commercials and advertisements show only humans. Recruitment is low-key at first, as well; the League is seen by most non-members as a social club.

Legislation put into place by the few RC Assembly members under the sway of the League is more subtle than the laws its predecessors tried to get into place. For instance, regulation of high-security RC installations may soon be locked to the voiceprints and palmprints of those allowed to enter, which will cause no end of hassle for Schalli and Hivers; some Centrist Leaguers have suggested encouraging the RCN's support staff to come up with a unified meal plan for Navy bases and ships, which could easily be skewed toward human dietary necessity; and so on.

The modern League, then, is not generally seen as a xenophobic or terrorist group, but rather as a social club. Prejudice by League members and of League actions is not overt but subtle; Buckner's hope is to give nonhumans in the RC area a thousand little annoyances rather than one spectacular firebombing.

Lastly, it should be noted that the Fires of Dawn does still exist, though the Humaniti Alliance has crumbled. The more radical members of the Fires lost interest in Buckner's large-scale strategy pretty early on, and are still playing at terrorism. Rumors abound that the Fires gets much of its funding from the League, but it is unlikely that this can be proved. Other rumors imply that numerous small, anti-alien groups have received donations and guidance from the League, but again, if such a thing is true, tracing it would be difficult; Buckner knows when to hide her tracks.

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