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Awards and Commendations
by Eric Bould

Current RC regulations limit the wearing and display of commodations and medals to ceremonial dress; consequently, there are no service or campaign ribbons. This was a deliberate decision made to establish a clear break with the Imperial tradition of dress, which delighted in colorful ribbons and badges.

Secretary General's Unit Citation (SGUC)

Description: An award given by the Secretary General to selected units of crews in recognition of outstanding service to the Reformation Coalition. It is a small gold medallion bearing the Secretary General's Seal and the word "Excelsior." It is affixed to either the unit banner or ship's bell.

Most Recent Recipient: RCS Eos, which was lost with all hands during a battle against a Vampire ship that had attacked Nike Nimbus in 1202. Although destroyed in a catastrophic explosion, sections of the ships forward compartment were recovered, and the ship's bell brought to Aubaine. Clipper Eos' bell and award were placed in the foyer of the Assembly of Worlds.

Reformation Coalition Assembly Commendation of Merrit (CM)

Description: An award of recognition presented by the Reformation Coalition Assembly for meritorious service to the Reformation Coalition. The names of the recipiants are entered into a special book by the most senior Assemblyman from the homeworld of the recipient in a ceremony before the entire Assembly. The actual award is a bronze medal bearing the symbols of a dawning sun and fasces (the Assembly Seal), and is suspended from a white and purple ribbon. Additional recipient of the award is marked by a bronze bar on the ribbon.

Most Recent Recipient: Dalia Dever, an Assistant Commisioner of RCSA's Department of External Developement, received the RC Assembly Commendation of Merit for her key role in negotiating a trade and navigation agreement between the Coalition and the Yaban Confederation, a nation-state on Fisher's World.

Silver Star (SS)

Description: Currently the Coalition's highest award for bravery in the field, it traces its origin to a similar award of ancient Terran origin. The actual medal is a five-pointed silver star suspended from a light-blue silken ribbon, and is warn about the neck.

Most Recent Recipient: Cpl. Najeebhullah Whittaker, 51st Rifle Regt., Nike Nimban Army, attached to Task Force Marax, during the Coalition assault of Cleft Bagvoot. Asigned to provide support to the rest of his platoon while it engaged in securing the Keyhole Highway, Whittaker's platoon came under heavy small arms and mortar fire, forcing a withdrawl. Whittaker, knocked unconcious and separated from the rest of the sqaud awoke to find himself behind the Maraxian lines. Returning to his previous fighting position he found it to have been bypassed by the enemy, with his machinegun, rocket launcher and supply of ammunition still intact. Whittaker pourrd rocket after rocket into the rear of the Maraxian positions in the process destroying three enemy APC's. The enemy, convinced they were facing a surprise envelopment, fled the area in panic, leaving behind fifteen dead, several dozen wounded and twelve destroyed or abandoned vehicles.

Dawn League Service Medal (DLSM) Description: Awarded to all Reformation Coalition or former Dawn League personnel serving between 1194 and 1200. It is a golden ribbon embellished with silver inlay and a dawning sun symbol. Actual combat service during the period is distinguished by the addition of a silver wreath and star known as a combat cluster.

Most Recent Recipient: Given to all eligible personel.

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