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Imperial Swords

by Mark Urbin

Granddad's old rapier still would have been TL-10, even if he got from his Granddad, TL 9. It would light, strong, hold a good edge, and be very expensive. Engraving, craftsmenship, like the Sylean TL 10 revolver. For Nobles, made by one of a few well known sword makers. A particular sword could be associated with various noble titles. "The Snartbartfast Blade is only carried by the Count (Countess) of Snartbartfast. Ownership is passed along with the title. Knightly orders may have a blade that is presented to it's members when they are knighted. Sort of like a KofC blade, but more functional.

What's a good solid Imperial Marine Cutlass like? Heavier than the rapier, keeps an edge through the Marines hitch. Even when it's used to chop firewood, or to pry the lids off wine crates. Oh ya, it has to stay looking good. Is there an Imperial Sunburst on the bell guard, along with the Unit insigna?

A crate of surplus Imperial Marine Cutlasses would be worth their weight in gold (or any other material you want that they have) on a world with a TL less than 4.

Perhaps the cutlass a Marine receives when he musters out is an award. Top Marine NCO in the Battalion for that year. Presented to officers who complete the Advanced Ground Tactics course in the top quarter. That sort of thing. These cutlasses would be engraved with the award, and perhaps the name and unit of the owner. The information would be on the blade or inside the bell guard.

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