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Coalition Contact Procedures

by Gloria

I have been thinking about this for a while now, what would be the standard for the RCES to contact a government on a world? The old, "We'll just land and see who we find was tried by the Dawn League and that failed miserable. so the RC had to have come up with something different...

  • Use radio communication to monitor, not contact. Listen to standard entertainment and news radio chatter. Try to monitor government communications if of high enough tech level, but if they are of that tech, they may have technology that detect you so run silent for as long as you can. If no radio signals are detected, move in for closer scan of planet. The Guild leaves landing signal beacons where they trade, so be on the watch for them.

  • The close surface scan can give information of general tech level, population centers and agricultural areas, and also low tech troop concentrations, places you will try to avoid.

  • Landing personal is the hardest and most difficult of the information gathering, but has the highest efficiency of gaining information. The drawbacks are that it can take months to get the amount of information and it may be easy to spot him as a outsider. One method of delivery is the meteoric entry with a reentry kit, the intel agent is to wear a pressure suit on the reentry but to bury it after landing. With any luck they will not think you were anything but a shooting star ( with the amount of junk floating in near orbit after the Collapse this will be easy!) Another method is to use a shuttle or ships boat to allow a soft landing. this allows heavier equipment to be delivered and less chance of loss. It also allows for rapid recovery of the agent in case of emergency.

  • After the gathered intel has been gone over, try to find the local ruler that would be more open to contact. Approach respectfully, remember always that this is a local ruler and his word is law ( lt. commanders take note!!). Try to give a favorable impression of the RC. Know that it's more than likely that a Guild ship has been there first and may have poisoned the waters. Unpoison them! Tell them we will help the build things for themselves! Not make them dependent on us for spare parts and maintenance.

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