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New Virus Strains

by Drifter Poolside

Captain strain

Probably deriving from the Hobbyist/Obsessive-Compulsive phyla, or perhaps a hybrid (and therefore suspect by older strains) of puppeteer and god strain.

So far, all Captains encountered inhabit starships, though other large vehicles or even static facilities are theoretically possible. Captain strains share many of the same traits of the OC or "hobbyist" phyla, (attention to specific tasks, compulsions to perfection or excellence), but oriented to their own "body". In real terms this manifests as the strain running itself as the "head" of the ship, though it in all ways attempts to mimic (or in some cases improve) the ships original functions. So a captain strain in a scout ship will attempt to run itself as a "prime example" of that ship. Given the usual Virus world view and instability, this can lead to bizarre ideas of what a ship "should be".(Motivation cards are the real decider here).

The strain was dubbed "captain" due to initial encounters with military ships infected with this strain in the Alpha Crucis-leonis sector. All carried crew, whether robot or "meat", and the quality of lifestyle, training and security amongst crews was superior to the standards encountered (amongst vampire ships)by RC forces so far. In game terms, Captain viruses are CV 5 or 6, implying that the name may either cover two differing but similar "strains", or that captains are hybrid offspring. They can be quite posessive of "their" crew, and some seem to go to odd lengths to get certain crew "types" (hi-tech trained "meat", only old imperial bots, only gravbots, etc) again, motivations decide crew composition and treatment....captain viruses seem neutral in the eater/slayer wars.

Shadow Virus

Encountered only once, but evidenced on several occasions, shadowvirus seems to be a new development of the Parasite or "Puppeteer" Phyla, or at least has been seen to be serving "eater" purposes on the highway. From what little can be gathered, shadowvirus seems to exist only as "software"(or at least is reluctant to build itself as hardware) - as befits a true parasite. It exists within an already infected system, living "behind" the resident virus (it is theorised that only low order viruses could be infected in this way, as the higher orders are too self redactive - the only example directly confronted so far was parasitising a doomslayer strain)Shadowvirus seem content to "sit" for long periods, slowly learning to exert "control" over their host, without the host being aware of this control. One theory is that shadowvirus are a "viruses virus", built by the puppeteers beyond the black curtain, but this attributes a level of forethoughtedness and planning that is not consistent with current vampire encounters.

Some shadowvirus may be "convertors", altering the mindsets of the host to more suit the shadow....according to "lancer", the only sandman to directly "combat" a shadowvirus, totally different "techniques" are needed to battle is also possible that shadowvirus do "carve out" hardware...but mimic the host so well that even Hiver diagnostics can't pick it.

The shadowvirus encountered had a CV of 7, consistent with most Curtain strain offspring.

Report to RCIS Trybec

(RCIS is an "intelligence" umbrella organisation IMTU, not too secret and more a clearinghouse for information and "oddities")

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