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Deneb Library Data: Astrography

by Pete Gray

Askigaak Corridor: J-1 route connecting 14 worlds in Star Lane, Vincennes and even Gulf Subsectors (Qevar). The Corridor is entirely dominated by the huge demographic weight of Askigaak, to the point that neighboring worlds refer to themselves as either its "suburbs" or the "countryside."

Atsah Subsector: Region of Trailing Deneb contained within the Wilds. Formerly settled and controlled by the Third Imperium. Like its neighbor Million Subsector, Atsah was underdeveloped, as most of its economy supported the Midway trade routes moving out of Corridor to the far corners of the Domain of Deneb. Economically the subsector was dominated by the high population world of Atadl (Deneb 3015), but the majority of its worlds were lightly populated worlds hosting a mixture of agricultural and trade related industries.

The subsector was severely damaged by the attacks of the Dzaargh Federate, which captured several worlds in 1116, and which helped to severe the Domain of Deneb's ties to the rest of the Third Imperium. Several worlds were granted independence by the DoD in an effort to create a buffer region with the Vargr states of Corridor. The Abandonment depleted the subsector during the Collapse, and few of its worlds are that heavily populated. While many systems have fallen under primitive strongman dominated feudal states, sporadic contact with the Regency military and RQS has kept cultural ties strong, and planners expect little resistance in the subsector to resurgent repopulation.

Backwash: The cluster of economic and cultural activity, existent within an adjacent developed region, that coincides with expansion into any frontier or backwater. Nine-tenths of all colonisation is a cavalcade of merchants, transit workers, bureuacrats and hangers-on, that subsist upon the trade generated by a region undergoing colonial development. Because of the dangers and economic expense of colonisation, most people directly involved will not risk the dangers or hardship, preferring to stay based within a safe previously developed region, and wait for the pioneers to tame the colony worlds for their safe eventual settlement. Regency policymakers and demographic planners are already predicting a similar cycle in trailing portions of Deneb, and some signs are already extant in Usani.

Bon Voyage: Percieved trade and shipping route comprising several worlds running up the Regency Frontier from Pikha/Zeng, past Deneb/Usani, and into Atsah Subsector. The choice of this route is based upon the enormous economic output of the Stronghold, and the simple linear path that goods to and from this region to the expanding Frontier. Most notable in these calculations have the worlds of Gampin/Atsah (Deneb 2820) and Khishuda/Atsah (Deneb 2918)

Bon Voyage Boom: Outrageous increase in land prices on worlds in the Bon Voyage region. Many habitable worlds with small populations have been deluged by land speculators since the announcement of the Frontiers' opening. Most notable of these are Avernus/Usani (Deneb 2027) and Azed Bek/Usani (Deneb 2323).

Borderline: J-1 route connecting 14 worlds in Pretoria Subsector, running from Marz (Deneb 0201) through the Regency Safe, then the Frontier, and finally terminating at the Wilds world of Taa (Deneb 0701). This region has always been lightly developed, and the Collapse did not help economies shattered by the Civil War and Vargr raiding. Because of its overlap into both the Wilds and the Safe, military presence is very pronounced and welcomed. In many cases the military and supporting the Quarantine has become the main source of income for these worlds, and local political groups have been vehemently opposed to opening up the Regency Frontier in the past, for fear of losing this income.

Deneb Cluster: J-1 cluster of 24 worlds in Usani and Vincennes Subsector. Physically and economically dominated by the demographic bulk of Deneb itself, few of its worlds are well developed. The Abandonment caused significant population migration to many smaller habitable worlds in the cluster, most notably Amshal (Deneb 1926). It is anticpated that the reopening of the Regency Frontier will cause a new demographic shock in the form of so called backwash settlement, on several worlds. Demographers are predicting a population boom of twenty billion people in Usani alone. The trailing "arm" of the cluster is part of the romantically named Bon Voyage.

Denebian Rampart: Romantic name given to the Regency Frontier, or adjacent regions of the safe, in Pretoria, Lamas, Antra and Namidshur Subsector. In these regions normal economic activity has all but ceased due to the overriding threat of Virus, and the looming dominance of the military and quarantine forces.

Gauntlet: Codename for those systems in the Wilds within 4 parsecs of the Regency Frontier. The Gauntlet is not intended to act as a primary defense line, but as an additional barrier to detect and slow incoming threats. All of these systems contain forward emplaced listening posts and surveillance ships, with fast long range scouts located at the 100 diameter line for early warning of the Frontier should a Vampire Fleet move into the region. Those worlds with a short supply of refueling points, like one or two gas giants, often have battle rider squadrons hidden in ambush points for weeks at a time. All Regency Naval and Quarantine vessels operating in the region serve under relaxed rules of engagement. Since the Frontier's opening, the Regency Frontier Fleets have posted additional forces and patrols in the area. Some temporary facilities have been replaced with permanent base structures, hinting at a possible move of naval units.

Million Subsector: Region of Trailing Deneb contained within the Wilds. Formerly settled and controlled by the Third Imperium. Million's tenous position on the border with the Vargr and mediocre resource base did little to attract trade during the Antebellum period, and most of its worlds were entrepots of trade and intrigue between Imperial culture humans and insurgent Vargr traders and travellers. The news of Strephons' assassination caused two Vargr powers, the United Followers of Augurgh and the Dzaargh Federate, to invade the trailing and coreward portions of the subsector. Unlike Atsah, Millions was retained by the DoD during the entire Civil War period, only to Abandon it in the face of Virus and the Collapse. Today Million is a crazy-quilt of human survivors and Vargr refugees; Regency planners anticipate some problems with assimilating the region because of its fractious and scattered political factions.

Pioneers: First wave colonists. Professional and semi-professional workers skilled in taming, developing and building up a previously unclaimed world for further development by later colonial waves. In antebellum times Pioneer corporations and collectives worked under contract for the Imperial Ministry of Colonisation.

The Regency has fewer such personnel, and mostly within far spinward portions of Spinward Hinters. As such the resettlement of Corridor Sector and Trailing Deneb will probably resemble the colonisation of North America and Australia: waves of transient colonists will open up worlds through military action, tame it enough that Backwash settlers are compelled to immigrate, and then the transients will move to another unclaimed region and start the process all over again.

Plant "N#": Regency military or government owned munition, manufacturing or shipyard facilities. All of these plants are exclusively intended for forces enlisted against Virus, or enforcing the Quarantine. Most of these facilities are capable of TL-15 manufacture, and a growing number are TL-16. Nearly all of these plants are located in systems of TL-14 to 16 capability, though a few are found just about everywhere. Most of the plants are operated, under contract, by various planetary and private corporate entities according to Regency standards and policies. In many cases scientific and technical personnel come into contact with cutting edge research and development, and most plants "parole" outdated or unnecessary equipment and materials to nearby worlds; this has aided significantly the Regency's efforts at technological dispersal and development.

Sabinar Main: J-1 main connecting 42 worlds in Sabine and Inar Subsectors. Sabinar was the main conduit of the great Midway trade coming down through Deneb to spinward portions of the Spinward Marches. Consequently several of its high population worlds are rather well developed, including Magash and Starn. Many were and still are the lights of the sector's economy, even if they still bicker and compete vociferously against each other.

Spinward Main: The great J-1 main that connects most of the Spinward Marches. The Main actually starts in Star Lane/Deneb at Mater Nova (Deneb 0221) and Adapam (Deneb 0224). Those worlds of spinward Star Lane contained in the Main are considered to be culturally part of the Marches rather than Deneb.

Zeng Connector: J-1 cluster connecting 21 worlds in Zeng/Deneb and Macon/Reft. Because of previous economic underdevelopment, most worlds have independent economies that permit them to contain the economic and political struggles of Lilad (Deneb 1135) and Fessenden (Deneb 1440). Several water worlds, notably Third Mu (Deneb 1137), Ushashin (Deneb 1138) and Dawn (Deneb 1336) have recently come under scrutiny by dissident groups on Lilad, as possible worlds of settlement or refuge, in anticipation of intensified fighting on their homeworld.

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