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Deneb Library Data: Subsectors

by Pete Gray

Pretoria Subsector

Pretoria was originally settled by Vilani colonists in the early days of the Third Imperium. Many of these were established in the shadows of earlier, First Imperium era, colonies that for the most part failed or perished after being cut off from the empire by Vargr raiders. The Vilani were supplemented by a heavy influx of Solomani nobles and their retainers in the aftermath of the Alkhalikoi Ascension. Many of these were nobles exiled for disloyalty or being troublemakers, but in a wry twist upon the "divide et impera" doctrine, they were given mostly Vilani subjects to rule. This act of political perversity created nothing but misery for the subsector in the late antebellum period, as Vilani terrorists like Rachele arose from the slums of Pretoria and Urnas to wage racially motivated violence against their overlords.

Population (1117/1202): 10.3/29.2 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 2
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 11.7/14.1
Senate Contingent: 148

Lamas Subsector

Lamas has always been a remote backwater. Facing the Vargr frontier, and having few worlds of interest, development has always been slow. The Civil War period saw heavy raiding by Vargr corsairs, and the Domain of Deneb temporarily lost control of the subsector to these forces from 1120-1126.

Population (1117/1202): 70.7/20.9 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9.0/9.0
Senate Contingent: 92

Antra Subsector

Another remote backwater subsector. Unlike Lamas, Antra did have significant trade ties with nearby Vargr states. But most of its prosperity lay through the worlds of neighboring Million Subsector, and the Civil War brought misery and destruction.

Population (1117/1202): 0.5/0.3 Billion
Industrial Worlds: None
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 14.0/14.0
Senate Contingent: 41

Namidshur Subsector

The worlds of Namidshur never attracted the same degree of interest as Vincennes or Inar, despite its oppurtune location on the Midway route to Vland. Unlike its neighbors, it has fewer resources, and its location close to the vulnerable knot of Imperial and Vargr culture worlds in trailing Deneb discouraged development. To compensate, the population of various worlds developed a heightened sense of local pride and patriotism that boosted them above the overweening pride of more developed regions. This "cowlicked pride" (as it was called in antebellum Deneb) was a source of much jocularity for travellers from the Imperial Core, and went a long way in molding prejudices held by the upper social classes regarding the "Backward Marches." This local pride has diminished in the face of the Abandonment, and the realisation that it hurt the subsector as much as helped it. But a strong residue remains, particularly along the border with the Frontier.

Population (1117/1202): 11.6/9.6 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level: 10.7/10.0
Senate Contingent: 136

Sabine Subsector

The heart of the Midway, and perhaps the best example of the wisdom of Norris' reforms. Sabine was dominated economically and politically by the feuding governments of antebellum Magash, a situation that left that world with a very advanced state of development, but left the rest of Sabine a poor backwater. While Magash was distracted trying to contest the choice of Mora as a TL-16 world, a significant amount of development money was redirected to Thingen, allowing that world to boost itself out of Magash's shadow. The growing independence and competitiveness of Thingen and the rest of the subsector compelled the Magashians to unite their world in a more moderate and responsible manner.

Population (1117/1202): 13.9/19.2 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.7/12.9
Senate Contingent: 137

Inar Subsector

Inar suffered minor population loss as a result of tensions on Ashasi, and due to Vargr penetration into its coreward portion during the Civil War. While its industrial worlds possess a high level of development, longstanding bickering and feuds undermined its attractiveness to further investment under the IDP. Only Liiri recieved aid from the program, an event that has polarised Starn and other advanced worlds in the Midway even further. The heart of these feuds are generally economic and matters of local pride, a tendency that has caused a relative decline in the region's importance compared to the emerging growth of other regions of the Regency.

Population (1117/1202): 80.0/77.3 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 4
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.4/12.9
Senate Contingent: 179

Star Lane Subsector

Star Lane was, and still is, a study in extremes. Nearly 99 percent of the population lives on Askigaak, and the rest of the subsector is a lightly populated backwater. This lopsidedness is the result of a paucity of resources, and the sexiness of the advancing Imperial frontier, that pulled money and interest away from Star Lane. This situation was little rectified when the Frontier Wars ended that expansionistic push. Severe cultural differences exist between predominantly Vilani Askigaak and the mostly Solomani populations of outlying worlds, a trend worsened by growing commercial contacts in the wake of Askigaaks development under the IDP.

Population (1117/1202): 90.3/101 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 11.9/13.9
Senate Contingent: 141

Vincennes Subsector

This subsector is split down the middle between core and rim. The coreward half is considered part of the Midway, and is dominated economically by Vincennes; the rimward half is Stronghold and is ruled by the economic and demographic weight of Dekha and Ishiri. This division shows up as a muted economic and political rivalry, with Vincennes very uneasy about the emerging might of "upstart" Dekha. Massive population growth has catapulted it into the forefront of the Regency's development, but it has also strained services and housing. The situation exaceberated by Vincennes' seeming indifference to shouldering or paying for any part of the burden.

Population (1117/1202): 35.5/150.5 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 14.0/12.9
Senate Contingent: 179

Usani Subsector

Usani was thrown into near chaos by the Collapse and Abandonment. Never a very cohesive subsector in the first place, the populations of entire worlds initially panicked as they were inundated by massive waves of refugees moving into the subsector during the 1130s. Better govermment and military organisation, and the valorous deeds of the "To Will One Thing" hiearchy on Deneb, eventually improved conditions for both refugees and the locals, reinforcing the frontier at a critical moment of the Regency's history. Usani still has large number of unassimilated refugees on several of its worlds, a distressful situation owing to chronic housing shortages and local economic problems.

Population (1117/1202): 62.2/82.9 Billio

Industrial Worlds:

Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 11.8/13.7
Senate Contingent: 133

Geniishir Subsector

Population (1117/1202): 700/200 Million
Industrial Worlds: None
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 13.0/10.0
Senate Contingent: 11

Gulf Subsector

Gulf is slowly becoming the heart of the Stronghold. While its worlds are still a long way from the lofty heights of Vincennes or Mora, its investment into industrial and educational development has been both deep and broad, and its worlds are advancing at a rapid pace even without the IDP. Liberal political views and an acceptance of basic market reforms have unshackled local businesses and institutions, and the subsequent rise in local living standards have stirred many neighboring subsectors into possibly adopting its reforms.

Population (1117/1202): 96.5/99.0 Billion (Assuming that Beaxon is still at 1117 levels)
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.3/13.7
Senate Contingent: 113

Zeng Subsector

The most heavily populated of the Regency's subsectors, and its most fractious. Zengians are a touchy, often factionalised lot, and a tradition of misrule was institutionalised. This was further exaceberated by previous Imperial meddling in local affairs, and a deliberate indifference towards its development affected by local and sector nobility. The advent of the IDP and Representational Reforms unleashed a lot of unexpiated anger and resentment upon the old ruling elites of the region. This rage has taken a long time to abate, and even the subsequent rise in living standards has only lessened the sting.

Population (1117/1202): 144.6/167.7 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 4
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.9/14.3
Senate Contingent: 200

Kamlar Subsector

Kamlar is a buffer region with Zeng and Usani, and its culture is reflective of that mixing. The subsector has never been very important, and development has only picked up in the last decade. Mostly this is due to anticipation of the reopening of the Regency Frontier has caused a speculative landrush to buy up properties on worlds that would link it with the industrial might of the Stronghold. A line of worlds from Pikha, through Kamlar and the Usani frontiers, and into Namidshur and Atsah, have seen their landprices nearly quintuple. With the recent reopening of the Frontier, business has been reportedly quite brisk.

Population (1117/1202):
Industrial Worlds: None
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9/10
Senate Contingent: 23

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