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Raising Attributes

by Franklin W. Cain

PCs and NPCs can recover points lost from their attributes, as well as improve their attributes, by using experience points (XPs) gained specifically for this purpose. By pursuing an appropriate exercise and/or study program for the requisite number of hours during a four-week period, the PC can acquire as many as three XPs. These XP can be spent only to improve the attribute(s) for which they were earned. The PC chooses a level of intensity (directly related to the total number of XP to be earned), which then determines the minimum number of hours to be spent on the exercise/study program during the upcoming four-week period, as well as determing the base difficulty of the test of the PC's Willpower skill. Note that there is also a maximum number of hours that can be spent on this program during any one week or day.

Level of
Min. Hrs.
per 4 week
Max. Hrs
Per Day/Per Week
Base DifficultyXP
Light 20 hrs. 2 hrs. / 10 hrs. Average 1
Moderate 40 hrs. 4 hrs. / 20 hrs. Difficult 2
Heavy 80 hrs. 8 hrs. / 40 hrs. Formidable 3

If the PC didn't perform an exercise/studt program during the previous eight weeks, increase the difficulty of the test by one level. If the PC consistently worked on an exercise/study program for the previous sixteen weeks, decrease the difficulty of the test by one level (but not to below "Average" difficulty). After determining the final difficulty level, roll a separate check of Willpower for each XP to be earned. A character can try to earn more than one XP for the same attribute (e.g., a PC engaging in a heavy exercise program can try to gain 3 XPs for her CON). The PC can change the level of intensity (by one level), as well as the attribute for one of the XPs to be earned, at the beginning of a new four-week period.

The number of XPs needed to raise an attribute by one point is equal to the current value of the attribute plus one, plus all the points of that attribute lost due to aging. For example, a character with a current AGL of 9 who had lost three points of AGL due to aging would need 13 XP to permanently increase his AGL by one point (9 +1 +3 = 13). Finally, remember that characters cannot increase their attributes more than two points above their pre-career values (i.e., after homeworld modifications, but before career and/or aging effects).

(For my campaign, this replaces the Physical Development Program on page 32 of TNE.)

Addendum to the Aging Rules

When resolving aging tests during End-of-Term resolution, apply the following DMs (based on the character's homeworld).

  • If Homeworld TL is Pre-Ind, DM -4.
  • If Homeworld TL is Ind, DM -2.
  • If Homeworld TL is Pre-Stellar or Early Stellar, no DM.
  • If Homeworld TL is Average Stellar or High Stellar, DM +2.
  • If Homeworld TL = Extreme Stellar, DM +4.

    Also, a character of a mostly-Vilani bloodline may have a DM of +1 to +4. To determine the exact bonus, consult DGP's Vilani and Vargr.

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